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Radiation Out


Radiation Out: Red pine, Niaouli, Basil, Laurel, Frankincense

To clear any negative affects coming from your cell or electromagnetic field around you.

Apply a few drops to your wrists, or behind your ears or put 3 drops on a handkerchief, or in a vial you can wear all day.

Also, Niaouli is know to protect against radiation, according to Dr. Penoel and Franchomme. It is also used to revitalize, stimulate, and help deep burns and clean wounds. ” In Conjunction with radiation therapy for cancer — according to Pat Davies — applying a few drops to the skin before each session of cobalt therapy will protect against burning of the skin and it has been shown to reduce the severity of such burns.”

Personal Experience: “I especially like the Radiation/EMF. I had lots of energy and was ‘cleaner’ aura-wise than I have been for a long time. (I have a cell phone, live about 1/2 a mile from power lines and have a microwave). It also helps me sleep the whole night — unusual for me.”



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