White Dragon


White Dragon
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White Spruce, Rosemary, White fir, C Tsuga, Eucalyptus, White angelica 

The White Dragon represents all the other 11 colors combined, thus she is the 12th Dragon and sits at the 12 position in the Faerie ring.  She is the most Experienced and has Mastered all of the other levels of the Dragon Realm. She is humble, and doesn’t think herself any higher than the others, yet she has all the Experience and Mastery of the other Dragons combined.  She is Motherly in Nature.  Some say she is Mother Nature and she creates Magick with the other Dragons as well as the Faeries, and the Elementals, for the good of ONE.

Apply 2 drops on your crown chakra

Testimonials: “The White Dragon reminds me of the forest.  It’s ONEderful!” DL

“My neck realigned itself immediately.” JR


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