At Alchemist Oils ~ our reputation for quality aromatic essences spans across 15 years of using the finest aromatic essences in the creation of our therapeutic blends. Our main supplier and distiller, Mikael Zayat, President, Canadian Essential Oils Research Center and Founder/President, Quebec Essential Oils Distillers Alliance, President, Academie Jardin de Vie certifies that all of the aromatic essences are free of pesticides, insecticides and any other synthetic products. The single oils are distilled at low pressure (except for the citrus peel oils that are cold-pressed), without solvents. They have not been tested on animals. We guarantee they are 100% pure, natural and genuine.

All of our products are completely hand bottled with care in order to maintain their subtle energies. We offer you the natural aromas as nature produces them! We put all of our expertise, our love and our joy in our blends. Actually, love, joy and compassion are the main ingredients we put in our blends! We are proud of our oils and we hope you will also love and respect them.