Personal Experiences: 

Thank you very much for an amazing energy. These energies are very helpful” LT, Japan August 2019

“I love Alchemist oils.looking forward to receiving them again” MI Japan

“Looking forward to dancing with these oils…blessings to you all for creating these oils with such love and integrity! “ Janice,  July 2019

“I’ve used your essential oils for many years – don’t remember exactly how I learned about you “

“I appreciate your great customer service!” Henry B,  March 2019

“I have enjoyed the time processing lots of emotions and starting to feel myself again. Letting go! I am so grateful for the oils you have given me. They make such a difference” Heidi H, January 2019

“Looks good! No turning back! I’m actually SOO EXCITED about your oils. I think the combinations you make are superior to the other ones I’ve tried! THANKS!, Cathy P., December 2018

“I looked at your website and that Mikael gave a great workshop in May.  I’d like to go to US and Canada to see you and Mikael this coming October. It’s been six years since Mika, introduced Mikael Zayat oils to me. I still remember the sensation when I smelled your rose and frankincense.  I’ve never experienced such healing power of plants before. Whenever I smelled essential oils, I used to feel bad as my nose was too sensitive.  But it was a life-changing experience for me as the scent of rose was my least favorite, but it turned into my favorite as soon as I smelled  Mikael’s oils.

Since then I started to collect bottles of your oils little by little, especially Rose, Lavender, Nard, SELF LOVE, FEARLESS and MARY which helped me a lot to overcome my difficulties by healing and calming my heart.

I used to catch cold almost every month, but since I started to use IMMUNE UP, it happens only once a year.   MARY brought me a deep state of silence and prayer. When I smelled MARY the first time, I felt something familiar with St. Mary even though I’m not a Christian. Since then, I started to meet Christians who were familiar with St. Mary by chance. The more I used MARY, the more I felt an affinity with St. Mary.

My life journey with oils has just started,and a world led by oils is expanding to not only plants but also people, prayer and spirituality. I believe that learning how Michael and Marie, who have dedicated themselves to plants for decades, live their lives will give us an introduction of how to dedicate ourselves to collaborating with plants and universe.

Thank you for your continued support. Michiru U., August 2018

“I’m writing to tell you how much I love your red dragon II oil since I first got to try it…it seriously WORKS. I’m a Paramedic/Firefighter put out to pasture for bad knees (climbing in and out of various rigs for 22 years, no doubt!), and being on disability, I now live on a very fixed income. I’m not complaining, it’s just the way it is and want you to know that your product is really, really superior!”, Tammy-September 2017

“Merci de m’en tenir informé, cependant je pense recommander certaines de vos Merveilleuses huiles, j’ai testé 2 d’entre elles en Méditation et j’ai un très bon ressentit et je suis Impatiente de continuer à découvrir celles-ci, Merci pour votre Partage…. Donc si, je possède un Avoir, aucun problème, c’est ok pour moi !!!
De mon coté, aussi, je parle et écris très peu l’anglais et je m’en excuse., Letitia June 2017

I have used essential oil for over 15 years.  I have used the main stream oils, and luckily found the “” website.  These oils have a very pure vibration, making them very potent, yet safe.  I have been using a combination of Blue Spruce and Balsam Fir and  my testosterone levels have gone up quickly (after using it for six weeks now).  I am aware of this as my energy levels, libido, and lean muscle tissue have increased noticeably. The level of customer care provided by Marie is excellent.  Her level of service matches the high level of the product quality offered .” Gerry G,  Toronto Ontario – April 2017

“Yes Marie….. I picked up the box and it was just what we needed! Thanks to you and the donors for buying these medicines for the kids. They are doing much better after using the oils!
Less headaches, less fever or coughing, their immune systems are much better. During night time the orphans all sleep with no problems, Dominica, February 2017

Referred by my friend, Ronnese L. Says your oils are the very best!” Lynette D. – February 2017

“Alchemist Oils has been a true blessing in our lives… There has been no need for painkillers after I started using your oils ten months ago. My ultimate favorites are Immune Up (that oil works miracles!), Digestive and Adrenals. Fearless works for anxiety so well. Peppermint is still good for headaches, but a drop of it gives a fresh flavour to home made chocolate as well. Lavender calms down my little daughter if she is restless at night. Gradually my sister gave up her preventive migraine medication and replaced it with Adrenals and Head Relief. …just to mention few of the benefits”., Henna June 2016

“I just watched your interview with Lilou. I found it very interesting and you really see that you are passionate. I live in Montreal and know well the oils from Mikael. But spiritual blended oils that you offer on your site attracts me a lot, just look at the titles that makes you want to have them all! ” Alexandra – March 2016

“Congratulations for this interview, Marie-Benoite. I use and I abuse of Immune up and Breathing Dragon and Energy to Do. Thank you “DL – February 2016

Lilou Interview Marie Allizon

“Thank you  for sending  this interview, it is very good, very  knowledgeable and uplifting. Yes ,we need  the Power. Good evening” Maria – January 2016

Hello Marie, “I received the Alchemist Oils and my nose is very pleased with them! I have some wounds on my hands and I treated them first with Lavender and after with St. John’s Wort and just overnight they got remarkably better. I got flu, but with Immune Up and Digestive it was so much milder and shorter. Peppermint works for headache. With Fearless and Spells Out my heart was not banging out of my chest, and I felt more confident and safe when I had to confront a person that I fear a lot. And this is just a beginning! My older sister put Lavender on the soles of her feet before going to bed and she could not believe she slept like a log! She couldn’t even remember the last time she slept without waking up at least ten times every night. And she still sleeps better with Lavender and absolutely loves it! She also treated her flu with Immune Up and had a lot milder symptoms. My younger sister stresses a lot for work and studies and she loves Stress Out now. Her husband is not sleeping well and now she is trying to convince him to use Lavender…” Love Henna January, 2015

“Just wanted to say I was so happy to come across your interview with Lilou Mace today.  I bought several of your oils, and am very excited to receive them. I have been living with chronic pain for many years and am on disability for it, so Spinal Cleanse and Pain Ease will be helpful for my condition. All of the blends with the spiritual properties looked very interesting, so I bought a few but was overwhelmed by the selection. Light of God, Childhood Trauma and 8th Dimension were the others I purchased. Just wanted to say hello and thank you!” Layne

Superb interview! Felicitations, Marie! I have Let Go and Innocense and absolutely love them. Gregory, December 2015

I enjoy your Frankincense so much.  After three month’s radiation therapy, a friend of mine introduced it to me. It works deeply on my body and mind.
My interest in especial oils, especially your products, is more and more.”–  K. K. CA, March 2014

“ I learned about you from a friend. The moondrops are amazing! They have improved my energy and mental focus. Thank you!- A. E., January 2014

Perfect, your oils were recommended by my good friend Rafael . I´ve been trying his ´collection´ for some time, and all I can do is congratulate you for your superb quality; there´s nothing like it. Thank you. “ Jose I,  February 2014

“Thank you so much for the Delete formulation.  I found I had been carrying around my families’ expectations for far too long.  Delete is helping me detach from their energies and bring forth my own dreams and ambitions.” KS

“I can’t express to you enough how much I enjoyed and appreciated being a part of Mikael’s workshop. His gentle, loving, supportive teaching style helped me achieve a deeper connection with the oils and the plant kingdom, as well as to gain more confidence in my own abilities to work with the oils. From the moment I walked into the workshop I felt like we were all family and that family bonding and atmosphere continued throughout the weekend. I know the bond we all shared is a permanent one. The weekend also felt like a “reunion” for many of us who came together to help each other find and deepen our inner light. I thank you so much for opening your home to us and for all your efforts in creating such a wonderful learning environment for us all. I look forward to seeing you and Mikael when you come to New Jersey to do a workshop!” Robin

“These oils are so far superior to any that I know and I know most of them. There are specific blends for organs, chakras, emotions, discomforts, disease, and desires, almost anything you can think of. You can feel the effects almost immediately. Have indigestion, a few drops on your stomach and you’re fine. Depressed, five minutes later you’re not. I have had miraculous results with these,.very deep, deep results. I cannot recommend them enough. I have never in the many years I have used the oils, had a consultation with Mikael for a personal concoction, but I think this time I might do it. I can’t imagine it being anything less than enlightening and useful. And they smell great. Check out ABUNDANCE, good luck.”

“I purchased a bottle of Strength Tarot oil at the Sacred Geometry Conference in Sedona. I wanted to let you know I find it to truly embody the archetypal energy of the Strength card, which I carry as my personal symbol. It is a powerful creation and I honor your talents. I thank you for your gifts”. Cindy

About the Aromatherapy Certification Intensive: “What a class. What a weekend. Wow! Mikael is truly a dear, loving Soul! The class was soft, slow & tender but with strong spiritual effect. I did not get what I came for. I got what I needed. For me, this class accompanied (or was a catalyst for) a long overdue bend in the road, a transformation I’ve been looking toward, hoping for, and envisioning it but ‘it’ seemed so out of reach. Hooray!! The EO information was good. It whetted my appetite to learn, read, try and experience….. and I can hardly wait to come back and hand in my homework. I have not thought of myself as intuitive. Even writing it now brings a disbelieving snicker to my lips … but in the last couple of hours, I’ve found oils that create a fragrance I really like (their properties are just what I need – I bet you’re not surprised). I’ve found hope for a fullness of life I’ve not experienced for too long. Oh thank you so much!” WB

“How do you say “WOW” in French…. or even better “My life is new”! You are an angelic conduit choosing me to read the sign of a new path to truth in my life. How truly remarkable. To some this may sound extreme but I am sure it does not to you. Tonight I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to you for your warmth and caring…not to mention opening up your home and yourself for the enlightenment of others. You are blessed and I am touched to be able to share from you. Please allow me to add…. to make this experience a true “blend” of far reaching proportions a number of people that so touched my being. What an honor to learn from Mikael. Having made this step toward a better understanding of life’s oils. I now only want to learn and experience more from him and the oils. Mikael held my hand as we walked for a while on my new path to truth. His presentation was very gentle. It was as I mentioned in a pace of loving. He so communes with the oils that they seem to be one …one that is truth in nature. Having experienced immediate comfort as I sat in your “greens room” my mind opened up and stayed that way the entire time…Thank you. Peace.” Kristi”

“Thank you for your promptness. I anxiously anticipate receipt of MZ oils orders these days as I am voraciously taking in all I can about essential oils. I had not heard of MZ Alchemist Oils until reading Lutie’s article online and assessment of several ESOs. I viewed Mikael Zayat’s video and feel his integrity, knowledge of and respect for the oils, I am enjoying learning about ESOs, using them on my first best customers – myself and my family.” MJ, Montana

“It was love at first sniff when I opened the “Endocrine Plus” bottle!” Joan H.

“The only thing I don’t like about your oils is that they are so magnificent that I have to share them with everyone, and everyone loves them so much that if they don’t try and sneak them away from me, they use them up. How many bottles have disappeared! Too many. Your fan” Maxi.

I love the new oils I ordered, especially the Frankincense. I feel ecstatic smelling it. I feel more balance in my beingness using these oils.” MH

”The oils are so precious and everything I’d anticipated! I will be releasing a story on them in my newsletter. Have a small audience of 3,000 people awaiting this discovery. So, will be in touch, must build my collection first, I want one of everything! Thanks for distributing here in the U.S., I’d like to help.” Delbra

“Your Scar Tissue makes a big difference in a scar I’ve carried since childhood. Marg

“I must tell you, I’m very satisfied with the oils I ordered a while ago, White Light & Merkaba. I also love the flower of life with diamonds I got.” Sampo, Finland”

“I would like to tell you how much I like “Wrinkle Out”-as I may have told you, I work in the cosmetic industry and I’ve never seem anything like it, the skin is fresh looking and the lines softened, it’s great! Namaste Ann P July 03

“Am really liking the SLEEP WELL so far and feel better after using Immune Up”. Nancy B

“As you know I love Mikael’s oils beyond belief. I guess you could call it obsession!” Ralbe

“I am loving all the oils that I had the pleasure of receiving from you and Mikael. The Stonaroma is absolutely wondrous for me. I had a major shift in incarnate soul aspects and the Stonaroma has made this shift happen with much more ease and grace than I had thought possible. All the oils will be my partners on my spiritual journey to Egypt and help me fulfill my spiritual service there. Blessings to you! Love and light” Deborah

“The work that you are doing providing these oils to assist in the ascension process is wondrous. Thank you both for bringing forward these oils of such rarity and purity. Thank you for your gifts that you are so graciously sharing with the world”. Deb

“We continue to use the oils every day and have had a number of healing experiences. We have both been using a lot of Fearless to get out of the scary 3D reality and stay focused on the higher vibrations and it’s worked incredibly well”.  A happy customer who bought 100 of our oils!

“Thanks for the wonderful oils. They have raised my vibrations tremendously.” Gail C.

“I will continue to petition the director to carry your oils. Every living soul on the planet should know about Mikael’s oils! Leonard”

My family and I have had absolutely amazing results with Mikael Zayat’s essential oils which I have been using for several months now. I want to share with you some of my experiences. For COLD and Flu I use Ravintsara to rub on the chest and back, Immune Up on the hands and feet, and Flu to apply to aches and acupressure pain points. It relieved my children of a flu, enabling them to get to school within 20 minutes. For a relapse of CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME due to LYME DISEASE, I rubbed Immune Up on my hands and feet, then Ravintsara on my chest and back. To my amazement, the fatigue symptoms vanished and my energy came back within 30 minutes. I used those oils two to three times a day depending of my condition, for four weeks. I have fully recovered. My family also regularly uses Joy, Upliftment, Anger Out, Stress Out, Relax, and Negativity Out with excellent results. These oils will re balance you in a positive way and set you up for a good day. I must add that I also meditate, practice Kundalini Yoga, and take hot baths with Epson salts.” Nuha

“I have several friends who had mild to severe fungus on either their fingernails or toenails and nothing they used would get rid of it completely. Their ages range from 40 to 76 years old. I recommended they use Mikael’s “Fungus Out” by applying a little on the nail or nails every day. They all have been amazed how quickly their fungus has disappeared. It really works and is not harmful to the body in any way”. AD”A friend of mine was complaining to me one day about how hard it is to find “the right one” and he was tired of the dating scene. I suggested he use Mikael’s “Valentine” oil. Guess what? He’s getting married next month! “AD

“Another friend had corrective surgery done on her toes on both feet. She used Mikael’s “Recovery” oil immediately after her operation and only had to take one pain killer. Her doctor said her recovery has been unusually rapid. She’s even starting to take dance lessons again! ” AD

“Another friend could not seem to get pregnant. After working with her with Mikael’s “Adrenals Balance, Ovaries/Uterus Oil, and Anger Out”, in addition to receiving Reflexology and Acupuncture, and after several months she has informed me she is pregnant. I use one or several of Mikael’s oils on myself every day depending on what my needs are. I feel the power and smell the pureness in each bottle and know that Mother Nature is at my fingertips ready to make me feel better. Mikael’s oils are made with pure LOVE, and love heals all wounds. Bless you Mikael. You are truly a Master Alchemist.” Annette

“I wanted to share with you how much I appreciate the wonderful essential oils made by Mikael Zayat. I started using these oils a few weeks ago and the results have been amazing. My favorite oil is VALENTINE. I use it as a perfume and whenever I put it on I feel confident that I will attract my soul mate. So far I have attracted some very nice men in my life using the Valentine oil. The HEALING oil is also very good. Whenever I deeply inhale it, I feel its healing energies permeating my body and getting rid of the aches and pains I occasionally experience. I mixed the UPLIFTMENT oil with a neutral base oil and applied a couple of capfuls in my bath. The results were wonderful. After my bath my body experienced a tingling vibration and I really did feel very uplifted. Using the UPLIFTMENT in my bath helped my body feel silky and smooth and created a very warm feeling both within and without my body. That warm, tingly feeling remained with me for several hours. It was a very healing experience. As a result I’ve decided to make bathing in one of the essential oils combined with a neutral oil a daily ritual. I really love these oils and I plan to continue using them as a tool to heal my mind, body, emotions and spirit. Please pass on my sincere gratitude to Mikael Zayat for creating such beautiful and valuable oils.” P. S. (A PHD candidate in aromatherapy)

“I had serious BREATHING problems for 3 weeks. Then cough made matter worse. I attended Mikael Zayat’s workshop. He mixed one drop of THYME with some honey. It all went away within 24 hours. Thank You!” Myra

“I can’t live without my bottle of CLEAR from Mikael. It vibrationally alters the etheric field of any debris to bring it into balance and harmony.” Dona S.

“For children with ECZEMA, I use Allergy on any outbreak and Healing on the 3rd chakra (around the navel). My young daughter has ceased to have any itchy discomfort. As a matter of fact, she hasn’t had to use any lately, and is even able to eat dairy products with no eczema symptoms! I also use ALLERGY for hives caused by food. Hives disappear within 30 minutes without any drowsiness or itchiness. I rub ASTHMA Out, on the lung area (both front and back.) My son has gotten fast relief from it. For my twelve year old with EMOTIONAL problems, I use Pituitary on her forehead, and Patience on her solar plexus and she is then able to have a good stable mood for the day. “Kim

” I often have infections around the exterior area near the vagina because of public pools. No problem, a drop of Mikael’s Black Spruce and St John Wort, (plus Lymph Nodes if they are swollen) will take care of the problem in 24 to 48 hours. I use one drop each morning and evening. ” MBA”

I am 76 years old and have had FUNGUS on my toe nail, all my life. I use 2 drops of Fungus Out every night for 5 weeks. I now have gorgeous toenails!”

” I have been using Mikael’s oils for several years now and could not live without his Backache Relief massage oil. A few drops on my back and neck allow me to work hard in my garden. For moskitoes and annoying insects, I use MOSKITO OUT to keep them away. Use a few drops in your palms which you rub on your arms and neck. TICKS OUT is also effective.” Bernadette”I just got your Allergy and Immune Up, it is the first time I can breathe in 2 weeks. Thanks” TC”I recently received your two sample bottles of the chakra No 2 and No 4 oil. Splendid… I am happy to tell you that I connected in with them immediately and our company EarthSpeak will be buying and selling your oils. They are wonderful. It’s nice to know there are others who care about the quality and integrity of the products they work with.  Keep up the awesome work.” Patti H

“I have been using scar tissue oil for two years on my two my seven inches scar on my belly since I was twelve. The scar has shrunk to one eighth of an inch wide   i am so happy   Thank you for this wonderful relief    love beauty trust” Xav

“The Spinal Cleanse is fantastic!!! I have spinal discs that have deteriorating for  more than six years. I have used so many things to stop the pain, and different things have worked at different times. But the pain would return. Not with the Spinal Cleanse. I used it and I have yet to have any pain. I have been waiting for the pain to come back, but thanks to Mikael and you, it hasn’t. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”  JK

Poison ivy is doing much better, the Arborvitae is helping dry it up very quickly, even though it is acting homeopathically and itching more for the first 20 minutes or so… but then I get relief after that and Cortisone Equivalent helps when the wounds are running!!”  Gabriele

“Please send another large bottle of Head Relief, it is great at removing the tension in the back of my neck. Also, I used the heart chakra with one of my clients when she was stuck in an emotion.. It helped to move her through the space quickly.  I am a very happy satisfied customer.” Ellen

“I know Mikael’s oils are good and I don’t think I’ve ever found an oil that Mikael made that I don’t like. All your Essential Oils affect human body, spirit, and mind.” Drunvalo,  Aug 01

“I had a deep gouge on my thumb that continued to ooze for 3 days, then I treated it with Lavender and overnight it had dried and been reduced in size by an amazing amount.  Also Pain Out is instant relief and one of my favorites.  Thanks for such great products.” Jody Dorr July ‘04

“Diagnosed with a 6cm long endometrial tumor, I was on watch by my doctor who talked about surgery.  She gave me hormones and the tumor reduced.  But I added orange oil to my diet everyday for its’ anti-tumoral quality.  It got smaller and now, two years later, it is GONE.”  LB June ‘04

“I suffered headaches for years.  My head would spin because of a fall when I was young.  Dominica gave me some Head Relief. I put 2 drops on the center of my head.  In 10 minutes, the headache was gone.  WOW!  Maria Pacheco, teacher at Dominica School in Santo Domingo

D. R.Licette is 40 years old, an orphan and retarded, she needed someone to assist her in everything.  We applied Childhood Trauma under her feet, on her wrists and back.  Amazing results:  for the first time in years, she is saying hello, bathes and eats on her own.  All in less than a week.  Thank you Mikael.  We have 5 more kids we will be using this oil with.  Dominica“Marie, you took kids to the beach who had runny noses, coughs and flu symptoms.  Thanks to Immune Up, in two days they are back in perfect health.  One drop under the tongue and on the wrists twice a day seems to do miracles.  Bless you.”  Dominica“I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoy Mikael’s oils.  Having bought more than 100 blends, it’s hard to choose a favorite, but we regularly use Fearless, Ascension, Compassion, Garden, Unity and Women’s Bliss.  All of the oils have a wonderful energy and lift our spirits.  We have shared them with many others and it’s fun to watch them become enchanted by the wonderful aromas.  Thanks!” Laura June’04

“Very, Very, Very POWERFUL these oils are!  I have to be careful not to use too much, I find my body reacts to the lowest suggested dosage.  I do vibrational therapy called Harmonic Resolution Therapy that uses a voice analysis breakdown of the persons complete “being” to send a multitude of frequencies that resonate with them personally back to them with a biofeedback system that includes sound table, color therapy, headphones, and light goggles.  These oils now are going to go hand in hand with this therapy.  Exciting!!!  Thank you Mikael.”  Jay  5/04“I have been using the abundance oil primarily and have tripled my income in the last 3 months without increasing the amount of work I do.  Just amazing.”  Cal Garrison

“The Moskito Out was wonderful!!! Take it from a “body” that attracts mosquitoes like honey to the hive…I used it all weekend in the mountains, and came away with just a couple small bits.”  Shari

“Wow!  Almine what’s in those oils, my whole crown chakra expanded with one drop of the Upliftment oil, and that Pineal oil delivers quite a wallop.”  Adrienne Richwine, Chiropractor

“When I first began as a chiropractor, I used the standard products on the market to treat my patients, which were actually petrochemical derivatives.  I was first introduced to essential oils by a distributor of a large essential oil company and found that the effects of those oils were good but spotty.  Some patients responded well and others experienced nothing.  Still, I was convinced that I had found a better adjunct treatment for my patients in addition to chiropractic.  One day, someone introduced me to Mikael Zayat’s products and I was amazed at the effectiveness of his oils.  The potency and efficacy of his creations are unsurpassed and I tested all of his oils on myself and my patients.  To us, there is no comparison.”  R. W.

“Thank you and Mikael for the magnificent Healing oil.  I rushed from the mail box and opened them immediately.  Two drops and I feel like my old self again.  I have no pain…it is a miracle.”  Idaherma