The 13 DRAGONS influence, and are very much a part of Creation.  They hold many positions of influence, guidance, and direction in what goes on in ALL of Creation. 

However, they are the Representatives of ONE, and everything they are involved in is not of their own personal endeavor, it is the will of ONE.  They don’t control anything. The very reason they sit in a ring is because no one is greater than another.  They are all Equal, as we all are, they merely have more Experience, and thus Wisdom.

They are entrusted by ONE, because of their immense LOVE and breadth of Wisdom to make choices for Creation.  They make these choices based on the feedback they receive from ALL of Creation and the Quantum Realm.  They can read the Vibration Level of the Beings involved, for instance, Humans on Earth.  They also look at all of the potential timelines, and all other factors involved before making choices, based on the will of ONE, for the Highest Good of ALL.  It is a very complex process that is done at the Quantum Level.

Creation is influenced by, guided by, looked after by ArchAngels, Dragons, Galactics, Quantums, Devics, The Divine Realm and so on.  Nothing in Creation is controlled by anything else.  ALL is ONE. Period.

Those first 6 dragons are a way to prepare, get ready. The next 6 are looking to take us into action, to come into play and go to next plateau. Then the 13th Dragon brings enlightment and will stimulate it.

DRAGONS come from the Star people. They are magical because they have knowledge of all times, wisdom. Fairies –little people for the Amerindians- are the observers.

Archangel Azrael works with the 1st set of Dragons. And Raguel with the second set.

BLUE DRAGONBlue Spruce, Verbena, Blue Chamomile

The Blue Dragon is connected to the color blue: water, sky, peaceful,  …as well as the Throat Chakra which is blue and represents your Spirit/Love/Truth.  Hence, we ‘speak our truth’.  It connects us first to the Divine Realm, then to the Quantum Realm.  It is the center of creativity. It brings fire, strength, purification. It stimulates good things, hope and joy. It stabilizes the left brain.

The Blue Dragon could help you find and speak your Truth, with Love, from your Spirit. It is to re-calibrate the blue dragon in the Quantum field and achieve balance.

Dragon energy is coming forth by connecting us to the fairies. It is getting us ready for transition.

Apply 2 drops on throat chakra.

Testimonial: “it created a quantum field on the throat” RG  $22/33/40/56—4ml/10/15/30=1oz

:  Verbena, Grapefruit, Birch, Geranium, Mandarin, Myrrh

Myrrh removes sadness.
Apply 2 drops on 3rd chakra, by the belly bottom to celebrate.


GOLD DRAGON Stonaroma:  White fir, Laurel,  Marigold, Lemon Eucalyptus, Bulgaria Rose, gold

It evokes gentleness, peacefulness, it brings about the feminine. It is grounding;  You feel it through the feet to the crown chakra. You feel the connection between Mother Earth and the creation.

Apply 2 drops to heart chakra and rub so they penetrate.

$24/35/44/58—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

GREEN DRAGON:  Rosewood, Howood, Blue Spruce, Ravintsara, Oregano, Bulgarian Rose

The Green Dragon  represents balance in Creation.  It is the Energy of the Heart Chakra which is where the portal to Love is.  The Heart Chakra represents Balance between the 7 Chakras and therefore sits in the middle.  Positionned between the lower and higher Chakras, it is the Gateway from our Soul to our Spirit and connection to the Higher Realms.

It opens the Heart, Mind and Spirit: body is gentle and balance; mind is peaceful as it stimulates the thought process in a balance way and it elevates the spirit. Good for spiritual growth and development. Rosewood facilitates the flow of the spirit to the body, and gives the courage to open our heart without fear.

Our true source is spiritual. It will elevate our vibration. We draw to us all things of higher vibration.

Apply 1 drop only to the 3rd eye in a clockwise manner. Repeat 3 times. Then spread it out. It will open you up.

Testimonial: “This is my absolute favorite”  Jean Reddeman  + PO

$23/34/42/57—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

INDIGO DRAGONLavendin , Ylang Ylang, Blue Spruce, Cypress Jasmine, Blue Chamomile, Tansy & Yarrow

Ylang-Ylang creates a feeling of peace and dispels anger.
Rub  2 drops on third eye.

$24/35/44/58—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

ORANGE DRAGONOrange, Petitgrain, Frankincense, Lime, Clove,  Cinnamon

Add a drop or 2 to 8 oz of water and sip it.


PINK (QUANTUM) LOVE  DRAGON:  Blue Spruce, Palmarosa , Jasmine, Frankincense,  Bulgarian Rose, Myrrh, Nard , Cinnamon Bark

The combination of the 12 dragons creates the 13th one.

Blue Spruce has higher vibration than the rose; Nard helps attain a sacred space within and deep inner peace.

Rub 2 drops in your hands and brush your aura while enjoying all the precious oils.
$25/36/44/59—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

:  Bergamot, Mandarin, Howood , Frankincense, Cinnamon B&C

Bergamot uplifts, calms, and brings joy. Rosewood facilitates spiritual flow to the body and reconnects to life.
Put 2 drops in your hands and rub them, then touch something you want to prosper.


Lavender Spike ,  Petitgrain, Lavendula Vera,  Laurel, Grapefruit, Neroli

And Lavender helps us to embrace love and peace at the deepest level. Petitgrain facilitates the exchange between Heaven and Earth, and establishes self-love and self-nurturing.

Apply 2 drops on your crown chakra.

$23/34/42/57—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

RED DRAGON IIClove, Oregano, Thyme, Cinnamon, Coriander

When you breathe it in, it will go to clear the bacteria, viruses, imbalances. And your energy level will go up. Then the mind feels solid; it will strengthen your thought process and get you to do it. So it tunes first into the physical, then create a blood/brain barrier. It helps with chronic challenges like MS, Lyme disease.  Good to use when you need extra strong energy.

Apply 2 drops on the back of the neck.

Testimonial: “it took me back to Ireland, to the fairies.” CS       $22/33/40/56—4ml/10/15/30

SILVER DRAGON Stonaroma:   Camphor, Tansy, Spearmint, Silver

Full of wisdom, it sits inside the ring, opposite the Gold Dragon.  Spearmint is uplifting, clears the mind and opens the vision.

Apply 2 drops on 6th chakra

$23/34/42/57—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

WHITE DRAGON:  White Spruce, Rosemary, White Fir, Canadian Tsuga, Eucalyptus, Hyssop, White Angelica, Yarrow

The White Dragon represents all the other 11 colors combined, thus she is the 12th Dragon and sits at the 12 position in the Faerie ring.  She is the most Experienced and has Mastered all of the other levels of the Dragon Realm. She is humble, and doesn’t think herself any higher than the others, yet she has all the Experience and Mastery of the other Dragons combined.  She is Motherly in Nature.  Some say she is Mother Nature and she creates Magic with the other Dragons as well as the Faeries, and the Elementals, for the good of ONE.

White works on the body and realigns it.  Yarrow is a beautiful wild flower.

Apply 3 drops to palm of your hands, rub them, smell them and brush your aura with your hands.

Testimonials: “The White Dragon reminds me of the forest.  It’s ONEderful!” DL

“My neck realigned itself immediately.” JR


YELLOW DRAGON:  Tangerine, Lemon, Laurel, Goldenrod, Neroli, Frankincense, Marigold

Laurel helps raise consciousness and liberates us from old trauma.

Rub 3 drops into your hands, and inhale them, then apply to your solar plexus
4ml/10/15/30= 1oz


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