13 Dragon Set


13 Dragon Set
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13 Dragons Set: Blue Dragon, Crystal Dragon, Gold Dragon, Green Dragon, Indigo Dragon, Orange Dragon, Pink Love Dragon, Platinum Dragon, Purple Dragon, Red Dragon, Silver Dragon, White Dragon, Yellow Dragon.

– Beautiful Black Lacquered box included

The 13 DRAGONS influence AND are very much a part of Creation.  They hold many positions of influence, guidance, and direction in what goes on in ALL of Creation.

However, they are the Representatives of ONE, and everything they are involved in is not of their own personal endeavor, it is the will of ONE.  They don’t control anything. The very reason they sit in a ring is because no one is greater than another.  They are all Equal, as we all are, they merely have more Experience, and thus Wisdom.

They are entrusted by ONE, because of their immense LOVE and breadth of Wisdom to make choices for Creation.  They make these choices based on the feedback they receive from ALL of Creation and the Quantum Realm.  They can read the Vibration Level of the Beings involved, for instance, Humans on Earth.  They also look at all of the potential timelines, and all other factors involved before making choices, based on the will of ONE, for the Highest Good of ALL.  It is a very complex process that is done at the Quantum Level.

Creation is influenced by, guided by, looked after by ArchAngels, Dragons, Galactics, Quantums, Devics, The Divine Realm and so on.  Nothing in Creation is controlled by anything else.  ALL is ONE. Period.



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