8th Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek by Marie Allizon

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Marie met with Drunvalo in an active Sedona Restaurant and some of the dialogue is interrupted, nonetheless, Drunvalo covers some important information.

Marie: Drunvalo, you have spent a great deal of time discussing the changes occurring within the magnetic core of Earth. Can you tell us how we might be impacted by the changes in the Magnetic Core? And how, we can gracefully cooperate with these changes and support our body, mind and spirit as Gaia’s core fluctuates?

Earth's Magnetic CoreDrunvalo: Well, the situation with the magnetic field reversal, that change that science feels is now happening, can actually occur at any minute. We are still learning about what that really means. The reversal of the magnetic poles normally leads to a scientific discussion about a physical pole shift, which is another aspect of all of what we are talking about here today. However, none of the scientists of the world will discuss it. They have probably been told not to. They will not talk about it.

The head of the Mayan people at the time, Don Alejandro Cirillo — he said definitely we are going to have a pole shift – a physical pole shift. That is the Mayan belief about what is going to happen. They all believe that this is going to happen – that there will be a physical pole shift. From my discussion with them, they don’t seem to understand the nature of the magnetic field and how it is the trigger that causes a magnetic pole shift to take place. No one understood that relationship until recently.

Drunvalo continues: The rhythm of our heart is dependent upon the magnetic field, our sense of balance, and our hearing depends on the magnetic field. I don’t even know all the things that are dependent upon it…but there are a lot of things within us that if you shut off that magnetic field, these dependent parts of ourselves shut off or are disrupted. Even Don Alejandro says that when the pole shifts, he didn’t understand it fully, but they remember what happened 13,000 years and 26,000 years ago, he said, at that time, we all go blind. He says, the 3 days of darkness is not caused by there not being a sun, what he said is, “we go blind, we can’t see.” They don’t see this as 3 days, they say it is 30 hours.

Marie: Yes, but that 3 days of darkness is the old thing, I thought that we shrunk that down…

Drunvalo: I just don’t know. These are all the precursors leading up to the Ascension. I am more interested in just getting through Ascension. A lot of this stuff is leading up to it right now, but still, there is another key thing associated with this that has to do with the solar flares. Remember, solar flares are magnetic. It’s the magnetic aspect of the sun connecting with the magnetic field of the earth. What science has now learned about these solar flares is quite fascinating. What NASA has discovered is the big key to why these solar flares are causing all of these problems. When a Solar flare comes to the earth, it takes 8 minutes to get to the earth, but it takes 20 minutes to get down to the surface. So it takes 28 minutes actually from the time it occurs to the time we experience it. But when, it hits the surface of the earth, it does this extraordinary thing – the magnetic field of the entire earth has this sort of mapping with the direction of all these grid like flux lines that covers the earth. Instantaneously, the entire magnetic pattern of the earth completely changes to something else. And so, we as individuals are affected. We think this is why there is an increase in diseases. Or bodies are orientated to the magnetic field, we rearrange ourselves by those magnetic lines or whatever we wish to call the magnetic pattern we are in. So when a solar flare hits and it instantaneously changes to something else, we don’t have one [a link to the magnetic field]. We are forced to make a switch over to this other one – this other magnetic field. And the speed of which it happens causes some to believe that that is the cause of the problem. The trigger – that there is this temporary shut off where the earth has no magnetic field, it causes the earth to have to reconfigure its magnetic field. While it only takes a minute or perhaps seconds to do all of this – it seems that minute (or seconds) of being without a magnetic field is the problem. I, have decided to test this out. So I have programmed into my Merkaba that when the solar flares hit and cause this disruption…

Now, let me backtrack here — we don’t even know when a solar flare does this, there is no alert system on the earth, with 28 minutes, it happens so fast we can’t tell when it is going to hit the earth until after the fact. Now, my body knows, I can tell my Merkaba that the instant that  solar flare happens to continue with the old magnetic pattern, so that I am not shocked, or do not experience the loss of anything as a result. And whatever it [the magnetic field] has been turned into, we do not want to be disconnected from field, because that is the unfoldment of the new cosmic DNA coming into us, so what I am asking my body to do, is to move slowly over to that new point in a way that my body can handle it without being shocked. And I am finding it works for me. I am not feeling any of this stuff that other people are feeling. At this point, I think it is a good idea. It is a simple thing to do and an easy way to kind of deal with some of the problems that are occurring from the magnetic field.

Marie: Can you elaborate on the interplay between the Sun and Earth’s Magnetic Core? How might they impact one another during the weakening of the core?

Drunvalo: We were actually talking about that already…

All life… everything that is alive on this planet came from the sun, every scientist agrees with this premise. And how life gets here is by radiation from the sun. And so the suns peak periods that we are experiencing now, can be understood, if we see that the Sun is male, and the Earth is female. They are married and there is an exchange between. And basically, when the sun goes through a peak solar flare phase, it is like sex between the Sun and the Earth. And these very rapid changes occur during these times. What we are seeing now are things we have never seen before. No one, anywhere upon the Earth, has ever seen this before, nor did we know anything like this was possible. The kind of changes that we are seeing now, are so huge, so massive and so fast. We have talked about how the Russians discovered all the changes going on in the solar system, not just on the Earth. The whole solar system is going through the kind of changes we would normally expect to see in a million years or more. Now the changes are occurring in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years. No one can explain it, though they have tried. Everything is going through rapid changes. I have mentioned before that there have been two planets that have already gone through magnetic pole shifts in our solar system. There have been atmospheric changes that are extraordinary. That on Mars we mentioned, that one of our satellites orbited Mars 10 years ago and measured the density of Mars, density in which we believe changes very little over larges spans of time. We returned to Mars calculating the kind of density known and measured 10 years prior and found our probe crashing on the other side of Mars. The mirrors that aid the guidance system were blown off because the density of Mars’ atmosphere had doubled in ten years. We were not prepared nor expecting that kind of change. That does not fit into anything that we have known. We simply do not understand the doubling of the Mars atmosphere or how it is possible.

And the Moon, has an atmosphere . When we first went to the Moon, there was none,  zero atmosphere, now, there is an atmosphere that is 600 meters deep. The Russian scientists had to give it a name [it is thin and known as exosphere], we had never seen an atmosphere there. Where did it come from? There are so many things that are changing. The magnetosphere that is shaped like a teardrop encircles the solar system as the sun moves. That has always been measured as the distance from the earth to the sun, which is roughly 93 million miles. That distance serves as the measuring stick equal to one unit and that magnetosphere has always been 10 units wide, now I think it is 100 units wide. This is extraordinary growth seen over the lasts 45 years. No one understands or can explain these rapid changes. The Russians say, we have entered into a new space, a new kind of space and that is the only way we can attempt to explain these changes.

And there is more, the Earth, has a new atmosphere, a new thin layer of atmosphere is around the Earth at the very top. We don’t know how it got there either. And on Earth, the earthquakes and the tectonic plate movements, like what just happened with Japan, where an entire island moved 89 feet sideways – these kinds of things are rare and they are happening 507 times higher than ever seen before. There may have been rapid changes in the past before pole shifts but in modern times it has been very calm, and all of a sudden, in the last 45 years the activity inside the Earth, on the Earth, and around the Earth has accelerated dramatically.

Marie: Let me go [in another direction] if I may…You talked recently about major changes coming in roughly 2.5 years. Could the major changes, you speak of be done smoothly? How can we move through these changes smoothly, or do we need a major shift to wake people up to help them transform?

Drunvalo: The date that we are talking about is January 1st, 2016. That is the outset. This is all based on Mayan prophecy, it is not based on science, its based on Mayan prophecy. The prophecy begins with Violence. There will be a rapid change on Earth, etc.  That is when the prophecy begins. We haven’t seen this yet. We are seeing lots and lots of changes all over the place, like climate change, and all kinds of change. But they are talking about really rapid changes that usually come off as violent. Life was born in violence, we are born out of volcanoes, we, come out of collisions of asteroids forming planets. The last asteroid that hit here, killed all of the dinosaurs. It killed a whole spectrum of life, and then it turned right around and created smaller, faster kinds of life forms that came out of that very violent situation.

And so, in my discussions with Mother Earth, …she does not intend to change anything. She is going to be who she is and we are probably going to see some very violent things.

Marie: Interesting, because the last message from Matthew, says we have reached quiet waters. Do you feel that way?

Drunvalo: This person thinks we have reached quiet waters and everything is going to calm down?

Marie: Yes, the big violence we expected is not likely to happen. Can we raise our vibration…?

Drunvalo: I don’t think there is even a remote possibility of calm….We haven’t even begun. That’s my feeling. I am just one person. I know, I have been watching carefully all the things going on, on the Earth. If the magnetic field goes to zero, the violence that will come from that is unspeakable. It’s a silent one. And there are other things that go with that. What follows that — is a pole shift. If there is a pole shift, there will not be a building left on earth. Maybe the pyramids will make it through and a few other things. Most things did not make it through the last pole shift.

Drunvalo: The transition is easy if you are prepared. If you are prepared, you make the transition ahead of time, ahead of the collective.

Drunvalo: You know how they are trying to understand the crop circles. The Russians claim that they know exactly what they are saying, they have decoded them. There are 7 catastrophes. The first one is manmade. You know how we were concerned about Y2K? It never happened and so what did we do? We bound ourselves more completely to computers. We have try to warned the world for the last year and half. Computers will go down for one to 9 months and the memories will be wiped out. The least vulnerable will be the poor…

Drunvalo: The moment we shift in consciousness we are not in this place. It is already done. The Ascended Masters have set everything up on the 4th Dimension. We will all shift.

7th Interview with Drunvalo

Melchizedek by Marie Allizon

Marie attended January 07 Earth-Sky Living in the Heart workshop in Washington, DC,  and was granted an interview with Drunvalo.

Marie:  During our previous interviews (December 2000 & July 2002), you did not seem as optimistic about what is happening in the world as you are today.

Drunvalo: I know we are going to make it because I have been allowed to see into the future.  However, even though I optimistically say “we make it” we are still going to pass through this little “eye of the needle” where it is going to look like it is hopeless.  And they [my guides] wouldn’t let me see what this was – but something happens and what looks so hopeless turns around very quickly.

Marie: Is it like the three days of darkness that we used to talk about?

Drunvalo: No,  this doesn’t have anything to do with that. It looks as if the outer environment we live in will completely and totally die, and everything in it.  We are going to come to that stage.  So it is going to look hopeless.  My angels didn’t show me that part of it.   All they would say is that you are going to witness in your life a place where it looks like it is just over.  Then this “thing” is going to happen.  And the world situation is going to be quickly and completely turned around .

Marie: In the workshop you spoke about “waves” of people who will die. Can you explain what you were talking about?

Drunvalo: The waves are spoken about in Native American prophecy. There was an American Indian from a long time ago that was allowed to go to all the various tribes – mostly in the United States and to the secret societies (the Grandmother societies) and to collect and write down  the prophecies from these tribes to find out what they had in common.  He found one thread which ran through all the prophecies which talks about the time which is approaching. There are three waves of  people on the earth who are said to die in a very short amount of time.  I don’t know what that is about exactly, but when I was reading about it, it felt like it occurs in about 10 days time. Something very quick, something VERY BIG happens and kills an enormous number of people.

Outwardly it looks horrible.  It could be Atomic war, the bird flu, or who knows what. Outwardly, to the survivors, it looks like a catastrophe, but inwardly the people who leave this way have planned it.  They want to leave, and they want to leave together. When they collect over the top of the earth, the first wave goes to a specific place in time/space/dimension so they can be with their own kind. Because they are not really in tune with the Earth, they can be in harmony together (elsewhere).

Then it is said that there is another bigger change coming with another wave of people leaving the planet. Again this is by choice on the inner levels -.not a kind of suicide- but  on the inner these people know something is about to occur and they come together in order to go to another place in space/time.

Then there is a third wave where a massive amount of people die. This group called “hitchhikers” in the prophecies does not know where their home is so they leave, looking for that place and eventually they do find there home.
After these waves pass, there are only millions (not billions) of people left in the world – a much smaller number.  The people that are left over will  come together in one heart, according to Native American prophecy.  They become as one living being. Regardless of race or religion, all the divisions are dropped and the remaining people become as one family. Then, with this new found higher consciousness, those that are left take the earth and they fly it – as if the earth is turned  into a space ship which is flown to a new place, and a beautiful new way of living emerges on earth.  The prophecies actually use the word, space ship.

Marie: So the actual earth is used as a space ship… so do you mean Mother Earth is going to clean herself  in this process?

Drunvalo: Yes, everything is solved.  We totally fix everything through pure Consciousness, not through technology or anything like that, but through our very being.  From a Melchizedek point of view, we actually change orbit.

Marie: In our last interview, you said that we move into a parallel earth, and then another parallel earth, and so forth.  Has this theory changed or evolved?

Drunvalo: All I am saying is this is a Native American prophecy.  The Melchizedeks believe there is more to this – a lot more.  But the idea with the Native American prophecy is that most of the people are going to die and leave the earth and go somewhere else. This may very well happen.  I don’t know for sure.  I am just saying that many tribes have this in common.

Marie: But hearing you this week, it feels like humanity (we) will be  “going home”…

Drunvalo: Oh yes, because after that, we leave the earth altogether. There comes a point where we completely leave the earth, we transcend it, we go into another level of existence and that is the beginning of a very rapid, but very long journey.  And we end up completely beyond the stars and planets.  We end up existing in another way and in another octave of existence.

Marie: Do we leave with our body?

Drunvalo: Initially we do.  We leave with our body and then our body mutates into something that would look more like an ET. After that we become Everything.  But that is only the beginning of the journey.

Marie: That’s exciting.  That is what Barbara Marx Hubbard is talking about in her new DVD “Humanity Ascending”.  We can’t keep going  in the way we are today. It is sick.
You mentioned that in the case of the-end-of-the-world prophecy of August 1999, that they were wrong for the first time.  I was wondering… since everyone seems to be saying that something is happening “soon, soon, soon”, do you feel this end-of-the-world scenario will be happening before February 2013?  Or much sooner?

Drunvalo:  Yes, and for many South American tribes, there is even a prophecy about this year – 2007.  I don’t want to say what that prophecy is –  I’ll let them say it, but there is many indigenous tribes expecting much change to take place this year.  So I think between now and 2013, we will be going  through a lot of transformation.

Marie: I personally watch the galactic center and Pluto at 29 degrees Sagittarius.  So I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens around those dates (12/28/07).  So are you saying  there may be several stages, you know like Phase I, Phase II, Phase III?

Drunvalo: It does go in stages. It isn’t something that goes like that (Drunvalo snaps his fingers).  You never see a plant grow from a seed to a big tree instantly. Life always moves in segments  though sometimes those segments can be pretty big and sometimes very violent.  But the primary thing I hope people will realize is that they will be fine.  The most important thing right now that I can see is to find the sacred place in the heart. ( See Drunvalo’s book “Living in the Heart” go to ).

If you can remember the ancient way of living and get into that sacred place, and just sit and watch all of this like a movie and not have to be concerned in any way at all. Remember Mother Earth knows who these people are that are going to become the one heart.  Really the better way to say it is one lotus.  This place in the heart  has always been referred to as the lotus.  And when you find your way there, Mother Earth will completely take care of you and protect you and provide everything for you.  Even though everything outside seems to be insane, it will be miraculous.

Marie:  How can we best prepare?

Drunvalo: I don’t think anybody can prepare on a physical level.  It isn’t possible to prepare for what is about to happen. You see, nobody knows.  The preparation is inside of you.  That’s the primary place.

Have you read about what the Pentagon says is going to happen? The Pentagon gives us one to three years left of normal life on this planet.  That’s their guess.  Everybody’s guessing.  No expert on this planet can tell you what’s is going to happen or exactly when.  In the last 250 million years, we only have two examples we can understand to see what is going to happen.

You have all the ocean currents of the world slowing down, and definitely the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean appears to be  stopping.  The last time it slowed down was in the 1300s, and it did exactly what it is starting to do now.  The crazy weather: hot/cold, dry/wet. (see  Record Storms Sweep Entire Northern Hemisphere 1/10/07).  In the 1400s, especially the West went through a period where there were 47 years without a drop of rain. Every river, every lake, every tree burned to the ground. And that’s why the Anasazi had to leave.  They couldn’t live there.  This is all on record.  And the East became extremely cold.  If you look at George Washington crossing the Delaware, there are blocks of ice floating in the river, recorded in paintings of this scene.

We think that our weather has always been this way.  But this weather has only been this way since 1850.  It took 550  years for the weather to come back to the way it is now.  Okay.  I could go into great detail and spend hours on that subject, but that’s being pretty much what is projected down the road.  Or folks could look on the Spirit of Ma’at website and read about Dry/Ice/Global Warming Revealed  http://spiritofmaat.com/announce/ann_dryice.htm.
Now you have Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth, whom I find very optimistic, as he gives us ten years.  But I don’t know a single scientist on the planet who gives us ten years or anybody else who gives us that long.

What the Pentagon talks about is the rapid changes in climate, making it impossible to live in certain areas. Exactly where those areas are, they don’t know.  All they can do is go back to those last two times in history and see what happened.  But will it be the same?  Maybe and maybe not.  What they do know is that there will be areas that will be uninhabitable.  The time before last, where it stopped, which is what we think it is doing now,  the place which is now New York City was uninhabitable.  It went under about a mile of ice.  You can’t live under a mile of ice.  It’s just not possible.  In fact, Norway, Denmark and Sweden went under ice and the Pentagon’s predicting that they’ll also be under a half mile of ice soon.
Marie: Does very soon mean within three years?

Drunvalo: It will begin soon.  There will probably be a constant storm that never goes away – a time when it is winter, all the time.  So, people will have to leave that area.  It is the migration patterns that the Pentagon is mostly worried about.  Because you are going to have billions of people forced to leave from where they are and will have to try to survive somewhere else.  This causes everything to collapse.  No more food in the grocery stores, the economy collapses, etc.  You can’t grow food when this begins, because there’s no beginning and ending to the growing seasons.  Plants go crazy, and food then becomes one of the most important commodities.

Marie: So a solution may be to learn how to breathe and stop eating?

 Drunvalo: It is a good stepping stone. There is a book in Germany,  published by my new publisher showing how in 9 days you can learn to go without food and water.  You totally get your nutrients from the prana and air so you can live completely without anything. (For more information go to: www.selfempoermentacademy.com.au or get a copy of Life from Light by Michael Werner, Clairview books. ISBN 978 1905570 05 8.
Yogananda is about to demonstrate that to the world.  Everyone thinks he is dead.  He’s not dead.  When Yogananda “died” in the 1950s, all of his bodily functions stopped. After 20 days, according to mortuary officials, his body appeared completely normal, but he wasn’t breathing, no heart beat, nothing.  At some point  he’s going to wake up and say, See?  I’ve been sleeping for 50 something years with no food, no water, nothing and I am fine.  That’s Kriya yoga.  That’s the effect of working with the devas and light energy of Mother Earth. That’s our God-given right  though most people don’t seem to believe this.

Marie: You were talking about Goddess Amaterasu (in earlier interviews).  How old is she now?

Drunvalo: The Japanese see Amaterasu as the light of the sun.  She is the energy that gives light to the earth, and consciousness. Amaterasu is in everything that is alive, at this point. And she is linked to everything coming from the Sun, solar flares included.

The spirit of the earth is a different thing, and Mother Earth is roughly 23 or 24 or 25 years old. Really smart, really aware.
Marie: During your workshop we learned about getting out of our mind and into our heart and operating from the sacred place in the heart.  You explained how the mind works in duality and while existing in the heart, we just “are” pure being.  If all the participants of your workshops practiced your heart meditation, would this energy expand exponentially, helping all of us to eliminate fear and transition smoothly?

Drunvalo: It will help get rid of fear but that is not exactly how it works. Mother Earth is changing the world.  She is in control now, so we don’t have to do anything but just be of service.  If she says to do something, okay we do it, and if she doesn’t, then we can relax.  We’ve won the game, everything is almost in place.  Everything is in balance.  There are things to do, but they will be taken care of … We just have to keep moving.  But a time is coming when sitting in a restaurant like this is going to be a memory.  We won’t be able to do this and the most important thing I’m concerned about in this time is that good light workers don’t go into fear and think “oh, it is all over”.  No, it is just beginning.  Stay out of fear and just believe in the presence of God.  We will probably lose a few people during that time, because if you go into fear then it is over.

When everything starts breaking down, the Taos Indians say, go into your house, and pull the drapes so you don’t see all the craziness going on, which could cause fear.  And just stay in your heart and let Mother Earth and all the energies that you are intimately part of do their job and stay in trust.  It is easy to say and harder to do.  It is just like when you get cancer or something like that and people are told that they are going to die, then they get really worried.  But we are immortal, we’ve always been alive, we are going to get through this one. Remember it is a time of transition.  Transitions always get crazy. Stay out of fear and be in the presence of God.

Marie: I personally believe that people back home, once you leave the flock, will miss you.

Drunvalo: Are you talking about me?  Oh, no!  I’m staying with Earth.  Where we are going to as a planet is where I came from.  That’s why I was sent here, because there had to be a memory connection to it.  So now, the ascended masters have made their way back to that place, some of them HAVE come back here, so humanity has already got the path and the understanding.  It is already in us.  It is in who we are, it is our very DNA, at this point.

Marie: I was fascinated by your sharing about the earth’s kundalini energy moving out of Tibet. Then being stuck at the Panama Canal for a while and finally released –thanks to the help of hundreds of tribes five years ago– and reaching Peru and Chile.  Can you tell us more please, especially about the White Pyramid?

Drunvalo: There was a White Pyramid in Tibet which the explorers have found.  There was also one before that in Atlantis. Now the energy has moved to Chile.  Somebody will physically build one there because it will become the most important place in the world.

Marie: So when was the energy released from Panama?

Drunvalo: It was September 2001.  Right about 9/11.  But it took a longer period of time for it to reach South America, so it was sometime in mid-2002, when it actually arrived in Chile.  There were 112 tribes forming a circle waiting for the energy.  Since 2002, everything has been completed. I’m writing a book about this now — so all these stories and everything around this whole subject will be coming out in print soon.

: Can you then talk about your next book then?

Drunvalo: The book about the Kundalini of the Earth, its movement and everything that has happened with the indigenous tribes and the ceremonies relative to this new energy.  It is a story of hope and inspiration because this is a very POSITIVE EVENT that is taking place. This is also a story of inspiration for females because it is a story about the change of energies moving from the male to the female.

Marie: Could you comment about Mikael Zayat new oils, like the Archangel Series?

Drunvalo: I did not try them all but I really like the oils called Archangel Metatron, and also Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalen. Divine Feminine and Fearless had a nice aroma too. If you are drawn to something, then that is good for you. But you know me, I like all the oils created by Mikael Zayat. I like also crystals, but somewhere down the line, we need to come to realize that the human body has everything all by itself.  We don’t even need food.  You will reach a point when you don’t need all this. You will just stay in your heart and just BE.

Marie: Thank You so much Drunvalo.

Drunvalo’s wonderful web magazine

Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek

Excerpts from an interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek in Fourth Dimensional Shift, December 1999

Marie: At Omega and Earth Sky, you talked about the importance of the Pineal, Pituitary and Thymus glands. Here is the transcript: 

The pineal gland is your third eye. Jacob Lieberman, author of Light, the Medicine of the Future, is a prominent light expert worldwide, along with Malcom Lillywhite. He describes the pineal gland as an eye, literally. It’s a round ball; it’s hollow, it has color receptors in­side of it, and has a lens that is fac­ing up. Its field of view is up—it can’t see down as our eyes can. Though there is no scientific docu­mentation, I believe the pineal gland—just as our eyes—can see 90 degrees this way around the horizon. In other words, our eyes can look up and also look around. The pineal gland can do that, too. There are three primary fields of view: one straight out the top to the crown, another one at a 45 degree angle, because there’s another gland here, the Pituitary, and the last one right off the horizon.

When the pineal gland looks through the pituitary gland, is when your high psychic energy takes place. The pineal gland is the key to all psychic energy; I am con­vinced of this. There are six beams of light that come out of your pineal gland, and if you know where they are and how to adjust them, you can aug­ment your psychic abilities tremen­dous­ly. Because most people beam instead of being, these straight little beams of light are all mushroomed out or bent or crooked. They are all messed up, in almost everybody. You can fix them in just two or three min­utes. It’s really easy and it will also stop all your head­aches. Even if you have migraine headaches, they will disappear in most cases, unless it is a disease causing the headaches and then you have to heal the disease. If it is a stress-related headache it’s gone immediately. The pineal is key…At the time of puberty we grow a calcium shield around the pineal gland. A calcium bone, a sphere grows around the pineal and blocks these energies. How heavy the shield at the pineal gland is will very much determine how your psychic abilities are. Why we do that, I don’t know.

Marie:  You also tried many Essential Oil blends formulated by Mikaël  Zayat. Would you say that his Pineal, Pituitary and Thymus oils help open and balance those vital glands?

Drunvalo:  I’ve only tried them recently. Pituitary seems to go straight to the pituitary. Pineal seems to surround the gland—and it may just be me, I don’t know—rather than actually going into the center. And that’s a trait of the pineal gland—to avoid the center.  Also, the four sets of Mikaël ’s oils that I bought before are incredible and the best I’ve come across so far. My favorites are Compassion, Energy, Heart Chakra, Flower of Life, Inspiration, Merkaba, Peace, Stress, Warrior Spirit & Women’s Wisdom But also Clear, Forgiveness, Healing, Immune Up, Indigo, Joy, Light Of God, Grounding, Om, Relax, Sinus, Spirit of the Temple, Thymus, Voice of our Ancestors, White Light, and Lavender