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Nard, Nardastachus Jatamansi – Nepal


Nard, Nardastachus Jatamansi – Nepal

Nard, sometimes known as SpikeNard, is native to northern India and Nepal and has been highly prized in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions since antiquity. It is mentioned in the Bible in the song of Solomon and in three gospels, we find the story of Mary Magdalena anointing Christ’s feet with Nard. Physically, the oil has an effect on the person as a whole. It is helpful for allergic skin reactions and all kinds of rashes. It rejuvenates and balances the skins Physiology. Nard is wonderful when dealing with tension and anxiety. It stimulates and supports the immune and nervous systems. Like Frankincense, Nard assist in letting go of fear and old emotional wounds. It is very good for chakra energy or auric massage and helps those who are nearing death in transition. Nard acts on the brain and helps regenerate mental functions wherever you lack concentration,

Spiritually, Nard helps us realize that our life on earth is not separate from the true purpose of creation. It helps strengthen the alchemy between matter and spirit, symbolized by the cosmic serpent that links the beginning and the end of biting its tall. Nard reveals the secret path to the one who seeks intently with an open heart. The exceptional quality of its spiritual forces are expressed in this flower which comes directly from its roots It is a PRECIOUS OIL.

Application: Put 2-3 drops on your heart chakra in the morning to connect you to your innerself or on each or on each foot to ground you or your clients.

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