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Labrador Tea, Ledum Groenlandicum – Canada


Labrador Tea, Ledum Groenlandicum – Canada

Ledum is a strong aromatic herb found throughout the cold areas of North America. As suggested in its common name, it was used as a tea infusion, as a general tonic, and to treat kidney-related problems. It grows about 1 to 2 feet high. It likes peat moss and is frequently found near the Black Spruce. The leaves on the top are dark green and shiny and the bottom of the leaf is furry . It attracts the sun from the top, but the bottom is covered and protected from the coldness of the soil. Ledum is a very hardy plant, yet able to flower very early, in early June.

Today, Labrador Tea is commonly used to treat prostate infections, liver dysfunctions, thyroid regulation and all types of skin problems. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral, antibacterial and a decongestant. In an herbal infusion the plant has a mild narcotic effect therefore it is also very good for insomnia and nervous disorders.

Application: 1 drop where needed: liver, thyroid, etc. It is quite expensive to diffuse.

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