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Beam of Light ~ StonAroma
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Beam of Light: Rosewood Laurel, Lemongrass, Lime, Camphor bathed in Calcite, Herkimer and Opal in a Cobalt Blue Bottle

This blend awakens the center of the cerebellum and brings joy and clarity to all mental processes. It reduces the separation between dimensions so we may be more aware of the truth through our third eye.

Herkimer Diamond is a vision and dream crystal and a manifestation of pure, solidified Spiritual Light. It stimulates visual capacities to deepen meditation and dream work, clears subtle bodies and emanates very high energies and pure vibrational frequencies. Helps purify the energy field and attunement to the White Light of the Divine Essence.

Calcite awakens vibrational frequencies, opens Third eye and crown chakras. It helps one receive energies from the higher vibrations.

Apply on the lower back of the skull in the occiput area or on the two secondary chakras in the lower back of the head. Or just smell/sniff it. Good to diffuse.

Personal Experiences: “It is a tsunami of Divine Love that permeates all the body. Super powerful. Thank you.” Regis

This blend provides the frequency which facilitates a process to release earthbound spirits and send them to the light. Take 6-8 drops in your hands and apply on spots of body where such presence is felt. Re-apply every 15 minutes till it leaves” May assist the mentally sick!” LT




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