Spinal Cleanse


Spinal Cleanse
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Spinal Cleanse: Black Spruce, St John’s Wort, Arborvitae, peppermint, ravintsara, clove, eucalyptus, Hovozo, Geranium

Gives instant relief. With the Black Spruce, it will start to warm up and relax the spine. Known for its deep anti-inflammatory action and ability to clear the spine of its fungus and viruses. By far the favorite of massage therapists.

Apply 10 drops to the spine and massage into skin.

Personal Experiences: “The Spinal Cleanse is fantastic!!! I have spinal discs that have been deteriorating for more than six years. I have used so many things to stop the pain, and different things have worked at different times, however the pain would return. Not with Spinal Cleanse — I used it and I have yet to have any pain. I have been waiting for the pain to come back, but thanks to Mikael, it has not. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” JK



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