Special box autoimmune (10x4ml)


Special box autoimmune (10x4ml)
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MY FAVORITE OILS a lovely box of 10x4ml =$230

Digestive- 2 drops under the tongue; put a drop in your juice or tea, or after heavy meal

Turmeric- reduces inflammation. 2-3 drops/day

Ginger- takes out the bad bacteria in the gut that causes many digestive issues 2-3 drops/day

Lymph Node- Apply 3 drops around neck, or on top of the feet

Candida- Apply on lower belly or on a pad. Can mix with oils

Liver- Apply 1-3 drops on the liver area

Thyrobalance- 2 drops on throat 1/day for 3 weeks. Stop for 2 weeks and start again

Immune up- 2-3 drops/day on the wrists or stomach

Adrenals- 2-4 drops/day on the adrenals for 2 to 3 months

Virus out- 5 drops to wrists, stomach, lower back and solar plexus


– Beautiful Black Lacquered box included


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