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Sinus: Eucalyyptus, Ravintsara, Balsam Fir, Red Pine Niaouli, White Spruce

Give instant relief to clear head and sinus. One of the BIG favorite as it allows your sinus to clear immediately and start breathing again! it can also stop a runny nose with minutes.

Inhale the oil deeply; apply 1-3 drops to sinus; if it is too strong, rub on top of fingers and toes ( sinus reflex points).

Personal Experiences:I used to have a sinusitis every winter for years, until I came across Sinus from MZ 4 years ago. My French docor can’t believe how fast it works. Now I can’t live without my bottle. ” Francoise

I have used the Sinus and Immune Up during the past week on my 23 month old granddaughter with a bad cold and high temperature. It seemed to help her recover from the worst part of the cold. She would come to me and ask me for be ‘breathe’ and ‘mune‘.  Catherine


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