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Pet Force Supplement


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A Daily Pet Supplement for Cats and Dogs

At Miakota, we know that your best friends deserve the best. For the first time ever, there are now quantum, interdimensional supplements and pharmaceuticals that many humans put into their bodies these days! PetForce Z represents the same high quality and nano technology that’s available in the products we supply for human beings. It’s true, with depleted soils and so many toxins in our air, water, and food, even human beings have a difficult time getting the kind of nutrition that’s offered in PetForce Z. This truly “space age” supplement represents the best nutritional technology on Planet Earth today.

This “Nutritional Technology which focuses on four basic requirements:

  1. Contains complete organic nutrition with every mineral, trace element, amino acid, and enzyme that your pet’s body requires in order to maintain health, youth, and vigor, and heal a wide range of pathological conditions and symptoms of aging. These nutrients are absolutely pure, natural, organic __ totally free of toxic chemicals or man-made molecules of any kind.
  2. Complete cellular absorption. It’s easily absorbed by your pet’s digestive system, but once in the bloodstream, it enters into each and every cell, delivering all those life-giving nutrients right where they’re most needed.
  3. Quantum Life Force energy. It’s prepared with a proprietary quantum-physical technology that actually captures life energy from the source and brings it directly to your pet’s genetic material. Your pet’s DNA and RNA are literally re-directly to your pet’s genetic material. Your pet’s DNA and RNA are literally revitalized with youthful vigor and the power to heal.
  4. Removal of toxins. The Super-Safe PQE Zeolite contained in PetForce Z assures that your pet will never suffer the many symptoms that mimic old age but really reflect heavy metals and assures that your pet will never suffer the many symptoms that mimic old age but really reflect heavy metals and toxins in the system. Your pet will enjoy its long life in a state of super health and vibrant aliveness.

What Goes into PetForce Z?

PetForce Z begins with ancient vegetal deposits laid down millions of years ago, when the forests of Earth were pure and overflowing with all the building blocks of life. Over the eras of geological time, this primeval living matter went through a fermentation process that actually ‘packaged’ this life energy in a series of humic compounds that have kept the aliveness intact. These rich deposits reside in our Earth now. They are God’s magical gift of life and healing, just waiting for us to open the package. And while some manufacturers use harsh procedures and toxic chemicals to ‘blast’ open this package, thereby destroying precious life within, PetForce Z, delivers these magical nutrients and healing compounds to your pet with all the Life Force energy intact. It also contains Sper-Safe PQE Zeolite __ a compound originally created by volcanic action — primordial conditions where the components of  life itself were first formed. This product contains the only guaranteed pure zeolite on the market today that’s been evaluated and approved by the FDA as safe. Zeolite pulls toxins and heavy metals out of your pet’s cells, allowing the body system to function at peak efficiency. Finally, PetForce Z contains all the specific additional elements needed by cats and dogs that are different from those required in human nutrition.

Why Pets Need PetForce Z?

If you love pets enough to be with them a long, happy & healthy life, with brighter eyes and shinier coats, then PetForce Z is an indispensable addition to their diet and if your pet is aging or ailing, you can use it in therapeutic, quantities and watch the symptoms disappear. It has even been known to heal serious illnesses like cancer. Oh, and one more thing! This precious liquid tastes as though it came from a clear, bubbling spring. You can add it to your pet’s food or water and they won’t even notice it’s there.

Use 1-3 drops per day.

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