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Moondrops/Toxins Out


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Moondrops/Toxins Out for Cellular Rejuvenation

A new anti-aging formula with a very special kind of humic zeolite, a quantum, inner-dimensional humic zeolite to help deficient memory, balance your PH and cellular system and DNA, chelate heavy metals, etc. It is not an essential oil but an energy solution. It is a daily anti-aging and detox supplement with all the minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, and amino acids your body needs.

TOXINS OUT = is manufactured in an environment that:

  • Utilizes PQE — Proprietary Quantum Energy Enhancement — the highest level of sophisticated, quantum,
  • holographic waveform technology. PQE is a Tesla-technology type process that structures our Miakota supplements with the energetic waveforms of health, longevity, and spiritual strength,
  • Creates only supplements designed for consumption,
  • Uses only authentic, pure, natural ingredients
  • Processes those ingredients in  holistic, natural way, without chemicals or harsh conditions and
  • Draws inspiration from spiritual principles

The Super-Safe PQE Zeolite in TOXINS OUT is suspended in concentrated quantum humic acid, so that every single molecule is 100% bio-available.

Laboratory tests show that heavy metals and other toxins are absorbed by the quantum-energy enhanced zeolite. At the same time, results indicate that the cells are re-mineralized through the action of the quantum humic acid — a miraculous. God-given substance that contains all necessary minerals, elements, trace elements, and amino acids needed for cellular growth and regeneration.

Based upon our experience, laboratory results, and our understanding of cellular communications and metabolism, we can say that TOXINS OUT basic anti-aging formula may: re-mineralize your cells, regenerates your DNA, balances your PH, acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, chelates heavy metals, removes heavy metals and toxins from your body, balances your digestive system.

“The swelling of my ankles and legs is completely gone” mba

If you seek to restore your body’s balance, youth, and vitality, TOXINS OUT basic anti-aging formula is perhaps the most important supplement you will ever take.

Out of stock

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