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Mary: Lavender, Laurel, Rosemary, Marjoram, Bulgarian Rose

She was the bearer of the energy of the Divine Mother Goddess, and in serving her, the Male would find his path to Divinity by embracing, through her Purity and Beauty, the Divine Feminine within himself.

In the same way, each one serving the principles of Beauty and Grace, learns to walk the creative path of the Divine Feminine, and to access the Golden Flame of Ascended love that united the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine in the Heart of God.

She is the Beloved Mother who guides us on the Divine Path to Spiritual Oneness with Source through service to the Principle of the Divine Feminine or the Mother aspect of God.

As a Divine Mother element of Source, she shows a path of spiritual service to the Light of God within our hearts. As a collective, you will learn to serve Beauty and Truth and Love, and through this service to integrate the gentle, loving and supportive energies of the Mother aspect of Source into our society once again. This will enable us to create support and abundance for all. Part of the process of Ascension has been to once again empower the Feminine so that the Creative Power of the Mother God can once again be felt by all. And to empower the Masculine, so that men can once again claim their gentleness and beauty, and to be not only warriors but also poets and troubadors of the Beloved. Inspired from Archangel Michael channel in April 2008

Being the Mother of Love and protection, this blend will help us receive protective love and surrond us with a shield of it.

Apply 5 drops on the heart and then wipe your hands and give yourself a mother hug.


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