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Blue Spruce, Ylang Ylang, Angelica

What a blessing the Colorado Blue Spruce is as it has one of the highest vibration, even more that the rose!

Good for releasing tension in the neck, the spine and stressed muscles, as it regenerates spinal nerves. It also is beneficial for post menopause and/or more libido

Put a few drops on your wrists and lower abdomen. For spinal effect, put 3-5 drops on the spine and enjoy the release.

 Q: Do you have something for loss of Libido?

A: Yes, there is hope!  Try 2 to 3 drops of Blue Spruce (Picea pungens), like the Colorado Blue Spruce.  Also good  for a rise in testosterone in men or woman post menopause.  It also helps to regenerate nerve damage along the spine.   Use 2 drops of our new Erotica formula  on wrists,  if you want  more excitement and send us your testimonials.


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