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Divine Feminine
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Divine Feminine: Bergamot, Geranium, Canadian Tsuga, Red Pine, Goldenrod, Ylang-Ylang, St John’s Wort, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, Nard

To manifest the feminine in each one of us. It is good for women to recover their power but you have to balance it with the divine feminine. This oil will soften the resistance and you will come to new levels of love and appreciation towards yourself and others. It will give you protection and guidance.

Mikael Zayat just created this Essential oil with: Bergamot, Citrus Bergamia, known to uplift, calm and bring joy. It assists in healing and to open the heart after grief, or radiate joy and healing to others. Geranium Rosat, Pelargoniium Asperum, brings courage. It calms the mind so you can move through changes easily with joy and divine happiness. Canadian Tsuga, Tsuga Canadensis, will dissipate fear and facilitate change and transformation. Goldenrod, Solidago Canadensis, brings love of life. It adds the masculine aspect to the blend. St John’s Wort, hypericumperforatum, helps healing and facilitate the penetration of the oil in the body. Ylang-Ylang, Canagaodorata, helps to create a feeling of peace and dispel anger. Bulgarian Rose, Rosa Damascene, helps you come to terms with your divine self. You are an incredible being of light and wisdom. it will soothe the heart. Jasmine, Jasminiumgrandiflorum brings euphoria and wisdom; it unites apparent opposites. It is a potent aid to spiritual development. “It has the power to transcend physical love”, Marcel Lavabvre

Nard, Nardastachusjatamasi, brings deep inner peace and the realization that humans are a bridge between the earth and the heavens. It helps attain a sacred space within.

Apply 1-2 drops on wrists and heart as often as you wish.

Personal Experiences:What a fabulous blend, opening vistas I did not know were there. Plus the precious oils are truly divine.” Arlene

My intention for creating this oil was to honor the Divine Feminine in myself & other women. This represents the sacredness of the feminine mysteries and gives us a sense of languishing grace, exquisite beauty and serendipitous intimacy. When we anoint with this oil, on the heart center, it opens our heart to love and compassion; on our belly to feel our connection to our instincts & nurturing; behind our ears to hear with our hearts and trust our ‘gut’ and the bottoms of our feet to walk firmly on this sacred earth and fulfilling our mission in life.” Ku’uipo Latonio, the original creator of this blend.

Divine feminine is incredible – complex, simple and hitting different notes depending on the time of day and my moods. Very beautiful, even profound. Thank you. ” Karen




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