Divine Feminine ~ StonAroma


Divine Feminine ~ StonAroma
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Divine Feminine ~ StonAroma:

Divine Feminine Blend of Bergamot, Geranium, Canadian Tsuga, Red Pine, Goldrod, Ylang-Ylang, St John Worts, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, Nard immersed in the energies of the Raspberry Garnet and Herkimer Diamond

“My intention for creating this oil was to honor the Divine Feminine in myself & other women. This oil represents the sacredness of the feminine mysteries and gives us a sense of languishing grace, exquisite beauty and serendipiious intimacy. When we anoint with this oil, on the heart center, it opens our heart to love and compassion; on our belly to feel our connection to our instincts  nurturing behind our ears to her with our hearts and trust our ‘gut’ and the bottoms of our feet to walk firmly on this sacred earth path and fulfilling our mission in life.” Ku’uipo Latonio, the original creator of this blend.”


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