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Clear: Eucalyptus, Balsam Fir, Verbena

Clear in Spray bottles can be purchased in: 1oz and 2oz sizes: Clear, Spray to order.

Removes any issue, vibrations and odors. It allows you to function with all your power. It can clear anything from your mind, your house, etc. Plus verbena is delicious. The favorite by far to diffuse at shows and exhibits.

Apply a drop to 6th Chakra; put 1 to 3 drops in your hands, rub together, inhale the oil deeply, brush all of aura, then touch the ground with your hands.

Personal Experiences: “I can’t live without my bottle of Clear from Mikael. It vibrationally alters the etheric field of any debris to bring it into balance and harmony.” Donna Smith

“I must tell you that I personally, really love Clear. It takes me to levels in the morning that remain with me all day.” Janis

“This oil snaps my 8 year old out of nasty moods.” Debra P.

“Add some drops to your paint and your lungs will love it!”


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