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Immune Up: Black Spruce, Ravintsara, Thyme Thymol, Linalol, Rosemary, Niaouli

Helps support and restore the immune system. Good to combine with Allergy, Sinus, Virus. Super successful oil. Could be a preventive for many childhood diseases.

Apply 2-3 drops on the wrists and rub them together. Twice per day or more if quicker results are desired. Or rub on the soles of your feet.

Personal experiences:I can’t live without my bottle of Immune Up. I recommend to everyone feeling under the weather. It is magical.” Elizabeth

You took kids to the beach who had runny noses, coughs and flu symptoms. thanks to Immune Up, in two days they are back in perfect health. One drop under the tongue and on the wrists twice a day seems to do miracles. Bless you.” Dominica

I have used it during the past week on my 23 month old granddaughter who has had a really bad cold with high temperature. it seemed to help her recover from the worst part of the cold. She would come to me and ask me for the ‘breathe’ and ‘mune’. Thank you so much.” Catherine

I love IMMUNE UP too. i use it more or less everywhere. I put drops on a damp cloth and rub it all over my body. it tingles a little, but this feels very good. I also take it under the tongue, a drop or two once or twice a day when I am acutely ill. During the day I put it on my wrists and in the crook of my elbow, and the soles of my feet. I feel supported and uplifted , and protected from viruses and bacteria that I seem to be so susceptible to. I have been taking so many herbal remedies and supplements for my dysfunctional immune system, but nothing really seems to work I feel the oils are reaching places that supplements do not. And, I smell fabulous!” Sandra



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