Nayumi brought again a japanese group to attend a workshop with Mikael in Bromont, Quebec.

They thoroughly enjoyed it: we touch the conifers and picked up St John Wort (yellow) to put in a jar with sunflower for 2 months. We clipped  Arborvitae then crush them before distillation, while enjoying GOOD food, walked his labyrinth, or danced like ISIS in a gold outfit.  And we all experienced a personal blend created by the Alchemist.

It was fun, fun, fun as Nayumi kept them laughing.

Here are some pictures from the Workshop in Bromont – Quebec – Canada with Mikael Zayat


canada11 canada25 canada5
canada20 canada22 canada4
canada7 canada3 canada16
canada26 canada29 canada14
 canada34  canada18  canada10