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Innocence: Canadian Tsuga, Rosewood, Balsam Fir, Lemongrass, Nard

The Purity of Life

Innocence blend was created to return us to a pure and simple life enhancing style. Visualize the color white as a lamb and the purity of an infant. Innocence reflects a sense of cleanliness, clarity, freshness, newness and healthiness. It also speaks to vitality, integrity, ethicality, piety and honor. Ultimately, it is the perfection with the oneness of the Universe.

Innocence is being in the flow with the universal energy like the primordial sounds of nature; like the whistling of the wind as it brushes one’s face, or rustles the leaves. To experience and see with clarity, safety and freshness the beauty of God’s creation.

The new blend has Canadian Tsuga which helps dissipate fear; facilitate change and transformation. It opens the heart without fear and allows one to let go of stress and negative thoughts. Rosewood will bring strength, courage and facilitates the flow of the spirit to the body. Balsam Fir brings enlightenment and joy. Nard brings deep inner peace and realization that we serve as a bridge between heaven and earth. It helps attain our sacred space within. Lemongrass is also a sedative for the central nervous system.

Application: Inhale and rub 1-2 drops between your heart and solar plexus (spleen area – left on the bra line)

Personal Experiences: “This blend is needed by all people at this time of change. My clients have experienced a state of clarity, trust and love.” Ralph




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