Summer 2018,

Long, humid days of summer? it seems like it’s impossible to step outside without getting a mosquito bite? WE HAVE the answer…



Also, we want to share a wonderful testimonial from a special customer, Michiru

“I looked at your website and that Mikael gave a great workshop in May.  I’d like to go to US and Canada to see you and Mikael this coming October. It’s been six years since Mika, introduced Mikael Zayat oils to me.

I still remember the sensation when I smelled your rose and frankincense.  I’ve never experienced such healing power of plants before. Whenever I smelled essential oils, I used to feel bad as my nose was too sensitive.  But it was a life-changing experience for me as the scent of rose was my least favorite, but it turned into my favorite as soon as I smelled  Mikael’s oils.

Since then I started to collect bottles of his oils little by little, especially Rose, Lavender, Nard, SELF LOVE, FEARLESS and MARY which helped me a lot to overcome my difficulties by healing and calming my heart.

I used to catch cold almost every month, but since I started to use IMMUNE UP, it happens only once a year.   MARY brought me a deep state of silence and prayer. When I smelled MARY the first time, I felt something familiar with St. Mary even though I’m not a Christian. Since then, I started to meet Christians who were familiar with St. Mary by chance. The more I used MARY, the more I felt an affinity with St. Mary.

One day, my husband suggested that I go on a pilgrimage for St. Mary, and we ended up going to Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ostrog in Montenegro for three weeks. We were very impressed by the deep silence and prayer of Catholic and Orthodox Christians. We’ve never experienced such deep silence, which makes people’s minds calm and peaceful, at any temples, shrines and churches in Japan.

Just being together with them, we were able to learn the depth of history and love of GOD, that I had been looking for throughout my life.  After that, whenever I smell MARY, it brings a deep calmness and prayer back in my heart.

I’m so thankful to Mikael Zayat oils.

My life journey with oils has just started, and a world led by oils is expanding to not only plants but also people, prayer and spirituality.

I believe that learning how Marie and Mikael, who have dedicated themselves to plants for decades, live their lives will give us an introduction of how to dedicate ourselves to collaborating with plants and universe.

I admire both of you for creating a new world by sharing the highest primitive intelligence of plants through Mikael Zayat oils.

Thank you for your continued support. Without your effort, we wouldn’t have had  a chance to meet Mikael Zayat oils and experience the spiritual healing through plants.

I hope to hear from you.”



MOLD OUT: Conifer, ArborVitae, VA Cedarwood

If you come out of a catastrophic flood/ hurricane or if you want to fight mildew in your shower or under your sink, it is important to eliminate mold or even black mold, so your health is not at risk. IF there is water leakage in your basement, black mold could flourish. It also likes air conditioning system.

the best is to diffuse or spray essential oils, as it will reach the mold spores.

MOLD OUT , made of conifer blend –a natural antibiotics synergy—plus arborvitae, –called cedar by Native Americans–, and cedarwood. You will feel like walking into a forest after eliminating the musty or mildew odor.  This is our recommendation.

But you could also use Clove,  Lavender, Cinnamon, Grapefuit seed Extract, Tea tree, Lemon or Orange and spray or diffuse for smaller or newer areas. A mold is a type of fungus that cannot be seen by the naked human  eye and spreads like wild fire in damp and humid environment. The spores float around in the air and can produce toxic toxins.

Black Mold Symptoms are headaches, fever, eye irritation, sneezing, irritation to the mucuous membranes of the mouth, nose and throat, chronic coughing and fatigue and potentially nausea and vomiting.

Ideally use a good diffuser so the mist of very tiny droplets of essential oils fights bacteria and fungus.

2 to 4 times a day for 10 minutes will do wonder.

4ml-$23; 10 ml-$35;  15 ml-$44; 30 ml-$59; spray of 2 oz-$99


June 2018,

The Thyme  borneol  (thymus satureioides)  is softer and can be taken internally. Put a few drops on a vegetable or piece of bread.

– works very well on internal fungus, good for detox and parasites

-also good to calm arthritic and rheumatic pains


Spring 2018,

The Alchemy of Ascension – A two day workshop with MIKAEL ZAYAT


January 2018,

SUNSHINE: Orange, Lemongrass, Black Spruce, Laurel, Marigold, Neroli

Good to bring sunshine in and combat depression.

Orange is the symbol of the sun that everyday rises in the East and helps us find our direction. Black Spruce gives vital force to the spine. Lemongrass helps us move beyond our  limiting beliefs. Laurel  is highly anti fear; helps manifest courage and heroism; it helps us helps raise consciousness and liberates us from old trauma. Marigold, a sunny Egyptian flower shines the sun in the brain. Amber dissolves negativity.

1 drop on heart and Chakra 7; Rub in.

December 2017,

MOLD OUT: Conifer, ArborVitae, VA Cedarwood

If you come out of a catastrophic flood/ hurricane or if you want to fight mildew in your shower or under your sink, it is important to eliminate mold or even black mold, so your health is not at risk. IF there is water leakage in your basement, black mold could flourish. It also likes air conditioning system.

the best is to diffuse or spray essential oils, as it will reach the mold spores.

MOLD OUT , made of conifer blend –a natural antibiotics synergy—plus arborvitae, –called cedar by Native Americans–, and cedarwood. You will feel like walking into a forest after eliminating the musty or mildew odor.  This is our recommendation.

But you could also use Clove,  Lavender, Cinnamon, Grapefuit seed Extract, Tea tree, Lemon or Orange and spray or diffuse for smaller or newer areas. A mold is a type of fungus that cannot be seen by the naked human  eye and spreads like wild fire in damp and humid environment. The spores float around in the air and can produce toxic toxins.

Black Mold Symptoms are headaches, fever, eye irritation, sneezing, irritation to the mucuous membranes of the mouth, nose and throat, chronic coughing and fatigue and potentially nausea and vomiting.

Ideally use a good diffuser so the mist of very tiny droplets of essential oils fights bacteria and fungus.

2 to 4 times a day for 10 minutes will do wonder.

4ml-$23; 10 ml-$35;  15 ml-$44; 30 ml-$59; spray of 2 oz-$99

August 2017,

SUMMER SPECIAL: 13% OFF on all 4ml blends (100 of them)

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We are also launching a new service:

Create your own personal blend, or perfume (all natural).  We will need the purpose for your new blend, most of the essential oils you would like to have in it.  Ideally, we would need you here, in Virginia.



May 2017,


BLUE SPRUCE, my new favorite

Blue Spruce –Picea Pungens– is distilled  around Colorado/Idaho and Canada. This incredible oil contains high percentages of alpha-pinene and limonene.   Its main benefits are (1) to balance  testosterone level, –the Power Hormone—and (2) increase frequency, spiritual awareness, intuition since it  has a higher frequency than the  rose!
Other benefits: It reduces  muscle pain and nerve pain; it has natural antiviral and antibacterial properties; it assists with weight loss, and heal pineal gland (1 drop). It is high in d-limonene which is known to fight cancer and can release emotional blockages’

Where testosterone is produced is dependent on age and whether you have had surgery to remove the ovaries or not. In males and females under the age of 40/50 years old most of our production occurs in the testes and ovaries respectively. But at some point that emphasis shifts towards the adrenal glands. This shift is the main reason why our hormone production drops and is the reason for menopause and andropause. Therefore which oils to take is dependent on what age you are and what level of stress you are under. As our adrenals react to stress and inflammation in the body, the more stress and inflammation we have, the  lower our ability to produce estrogen and testosterone from the adrenals. But rather than take hormone replacement therapy because our hormones are low, you should support the adrenal glands that produce our hormones -much safer than hormone replacement and much  longer lasting as you fix the root of the problem.

Therefore before the age of 40:

Blue Spruce and Pituitary oils are strongly recommended to increase testosterone directly.
After the age of 40 or during menopause and andropause:

Take our Adrenals blend. The main ingredient is blue Spruce but the additional ingredients also have the benefit of stimulating the adrenals which help with balancing all our hormones (estrogen. progesterone and testosterone) to combat fatigue, migraines, pain, blood pressure problems, weight  and lack of sleep.

Testosterone levels are also connected to the female low libido, depression, obesity or osteoporosis.  For men, low dose of testosterone cause headaches, or even migraines.
Pour 5-6 drops in a capsule or rub the sole of your feet with 2-3 drops, once a day for 2 weeks. Results could reach an increase of 30%.

Apply 1 drop of Blue Spruce over Pituitary Gland for cleansing purposes. It is especially effective to enhance the sensing of energy and increase intuition during meditation or  healing work.

You can also add Balsam Fir and/or Copaiba, especially if you have chronic stress.

Personal Experiences: “ I have used essential oil for over 15 years.  I have used the main stream oils, and luckily found the “www.alchemistOils.com” website.  These oils have a very pure vibration, making them very potent, yet safe.  I have been using a combination of Blue Spruce and Balsam Fir and  my testosterone levels have gone up quickly (after using it for six weeks now).  I am aware of this as my energy levels, libido, and lean muscle tissue have increased noticeably. The level of customer care provided by Marie is excellent.  Her level of service matches the high level of product quality offered by 4DShift.com.” Gerry G,  Toronto Ontario

“With 2 drops of Blue Spruce on my lower back and adrenals, I could feel the immediate boost of energy.” Marie

February 2017,

Are you being Grainwashed?

By Dr. Stewart Gillespie*, Osteopath, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive

Since 2003, The Human Genome Project announced results to its study that was groundbreaking. It broke the mold of the origin of disease and how disease was inherited. Anyone ever heard of it?

Not surprising. Before these results came out it was believed that disease was as a result of our inherited genes. We could not avoid it, just bad luck. There was no known reason for it and there was no known cure as we could not alter our genes.

But this study altered that paradigm, maybe not for the drug companies, or the food industry, the health industry, but certainly for those people that were looking for a way out of chronic disease, or for those who were looking for a different way other than just consigned to years of taking drugs for an incurable disease.


The gist of this study was that our genetic code was not responsible for our function but instead it was how these genes were expressed that determined our health.  Its now known that disease that result from errors in the sequence of a gene are extremely uncommon, with less than 1% of diseases falling into this category, even Celiacs disease is not one of them!

Therefore disease is not written in to our genetic code, we cannot blame the parents anymore!

As a result of this, expanding research has produced a whole new way of looking at disease and genes based upon expression of genes rather than gene mutations, this science is known as Epigenetics. The study of genes has changed the way we think about eating.

Changes occur in organisms due to changes in our internal environment the majority of the time. So diet, environmental toxins, infections and hormonal changes under stress has made researchers look at metabolic syndrome, celiacs disease, cancer, alzheimer’s, dementia, ADHD, autism, autoimmune diseases and even allergies, a completely different way. So conditions that were thought incurable may actually be prevented or healed through the use of food rather than any modification or alternation of genes themselves. This article is going to focus on grains and the inflammatory cascade they produced if eaten on a consistent basis and their role in disease particularly brain disease like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD, depression etc.

So grains, rather than a “must have”  in our diet that we have been told since the days of the industrial revolution, is now being seen as the trigger of gene expression in so many inflammatory disease we see today.

So if disease is not written in our genetic code, why is humankind plagued with so many diseases. It’s not the genes, but what they are exposed to that forms disease, and that includes our food and environment. Therefore it’s the food and what they are contaminated with. Wheat today is so different from ancient wheat which is why gluten allergies and sensitivities are on the rise. but there also other factors too. Although grain has been consumed for thousands of years, modern wheat is making people sick. What is different about wheat today, even the spelt and the kamut etc, that did not exist in ancient wheat-JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING!

  1. Modern Industrial Milling
  1. GMO and food alteration
  1. Irradiation
  1. Chemicals


Links To Modern Disease

Since that 2003 study, and the growth of epigenetics and Functional Medicine we are looking at the connection between wheat, inflammation, immune response  and modern disease. what your body does under this stress is what I figure out and then reverse it. Removing the trigger is only half the battle. More on that in later articles. But why does inflammation in the gut cause brain problems. Why does inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease eventually cause inflammation in the brain like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS ADHD etc.


The Gut Brain connection.

A little bit of science is required for this, but necessary in order to realize that everything in the body is connected and not separate entities as the multitude  of different “specialists” would have you believe.

Think of your gut as an extension of your brain as that is exactly what it is. Therefore disease in your brain is as a direct result of what is in your gut. What happens in your gut is a direct correlation to the foods that you eat. Your food determines your internal environment that determines what happens to your genes, your brain your immunity, and ability to fight off disease.

Here is what you need to remove from your diet if suffering from any brain disease.


 Found in nuts and seeds that prevent absorption of minerals. To help break them down, acidify your water with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar and soak them. 


 Forms gas cells as it contains enzyme inhibitors particularly amylase and  trypsin that stop us from breaking down food.  Ever wonder why we bloat after wheat? These inhibitors also drive part of the immune system that is catabolic and breaks collagen down.


Damage lining of gut: “Intestinal permeability” or leaky gut syndrome

Cause leptin resistance: ie make you fat

Are enzyme and heat resistant, therefore cause IBS.

Stimulates pro-inflammatory immune responses and antibodies: autoimmunity

What are some healthy alternatives?

  1. Replace grain flour with almond, tapioca or coconut flour
  1. Soak RAW nuts and seeds in water with lemon and vinegar to neutralize the enzyme inhibitors. Leave overnight and drain the water. The layer of film in the water are the enzyme inhibitors.
  1. Sprouted granola: Soak raw almonds, macadamia nuts, and chia seeds in water overnight. Add some raw organic honey. Add organic raisins, coconut flakes, cinnamon and sea salt. Place in oven

In conclusion: 

Our internal environment not our genetic code is responsible for gene expression.

Diet is a factor for our internal environment, particularly wheat and lectins, and nuts and seeds that are inflammatory.

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to stress. Stressors are:



Physical Injury or surgery

Poor food choices

Infections and Viruses


Excess Medications

Excess Exercise.


When we get stuck in that stress response we activate hormonal and immune responses that is associated with all our chronic disease like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and autoimmune disease.

They are preventable and treatable diseases. I am an expert in figuring out what the body does under stress and then reversing that process. Everyone has a different response which is why everyone needs a different drug-free non-surgical solution.

Recommended oils for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s etc: Any of the healthy gut oils set:

 Digestive: Anise, Fennel, Peppermint, Tarragon, Basil, Cardamom

Immune up: Black Spruce, Ravintsara, Thymes, Rosemary,  Niaouli

Large intestine: Peppermint, Fennel, Aniseed, Beautiful, Cumin

Stressed Out: Lavendin, Rosewood, White Spruce, Balsam Fir, Ylang-Ylang, Chamomile

Candida: Balsam Fir, Ravintsara, St John Wort, Laurel,  ArborVitae

Clove for detox

Ginger it soothes the digestive system

Lavender –  calming

Balsam Fir or Black spruce –anti bacterial, antiviral

Peppermint  it strengthens


Dr Stewart Gillespie, [email protected], — his website at  fabinforty.com  Feb 2017

Further reading:  Dr William Davis: “Wheat Belly” ; Dr David Perimutter: “Grain Brain”;


Holidays 2016,

Remember essential oils are a gift that lasts for a long time.

Frankincense, Myrrh & Joy to honor the season

Abundance, Self Love & Gratitude, all time favorites

Frankincense for inflammation, immune system, join paints, degenerative diseases

Stress out & Adrenals: 2 drops on temples and kidneys

Digestive to help with food excess etc 2 drops in mouth or rub on stomach

MiraClay for detox and rejuvenation – half a teaspoon

Set of favorites in a beautiful black lacquered box:

  1. Aura Booster: Rosemary, Frankincense, Lemon, Clary Sage, Lemongrass, Juniper, Eucalyptus, Camphor, Myrrh, Cinnamon

     2. Blue Dragon: Blue Spruce, Verbena, Blue Chamomile – helps the 5th chakra

     3. Clear: Eucalyptus, Balsam Fir, Verbena – anything

     4. Peppermint Mentha Piperita — Canada – for energy, headaches, nausea, insects

     5. Love: Rosewood, Palmarosa, Geranium, Bulgarian Rose – one drop on 4th chakra

     6. Spinal Cleanse: Black Spruce, St John’s Wort, Arborvitae, peppermint, Ravintsara, Clove, Eucalyptus, Hovozo, Geranium – 3-4 drops to relieve tension on and around the spine



Marie and Rusen


October 2016,

New creation: Focus II (concentration, mental clarity)

Ingr: Balsam Fir, Rosemary, Verbena, Ylang-Ylang, Mandarine, Lemongrass, Frankincense

 To help with lack of concentration, focus & mental clarity. ADHD kids already love it.  But also adolescents.

Use Roll on lightly on temples when needed.

Testimonial:  “ I just love the smell and how I feel afterwards. I no longer change subjects constantly.” Khaled

Below are some of our gorgeous Night Blooming Cereus, the last of the season. The fragrance is so incredible, and it lasts only 7 or 8 hours. One day I hope to capture this smell so it lasts more than a night.










September 2016,


With the coming of Fall, many experience gum challenges. Gum Tonic: was created to alleviate gum related issues. This exquisite blend combines Lemon, St. John’s Wort, ,Cinnamon and Aniseed.

Lemon: was used to prevent scurvy by our ancestors who traveled the seas.  It is known to refresh and uplift, to cleanse the body or to disinfect. It balances the nervous system but may cause skin sensitivity to the sun or irritate sensitive skin.  It may relieve bitter resentment, distrust, irrational thinking.
St John Wort  is used for massage as it makes a wonderful carrier oil. A few drops mixed with honey or on a piece of bread may help you fight depression and may be an energy booster. It also helps with burns, cuts and bruises etc. If it hurts somewhere, go get your bottle of SJW. I recommend everyone have some at home for emergencies.

Cinnamon  is used for tooth and gum care, warts, poor circulation, arthritis, anorexia, diarrhea, intestinal infection, sluggish digestion,  childbirth (to stimulate contractions), frigidity, colds, flu, infections, nervous exhaustion, stress conditions.

Aniseed is a stimulant which helps digestion, circulation and respiration and is used for food flavoring.

Rub 2 – 3 drops on your gums. It tastes delicious. Or put a couple drops on your tooth brush! You can also use a pipette, as it is easier to pour.

Personal Experiences: “Gum Tonic was part of a program that rescued my gums from severe dental disease.” Jan Z   — “It took care of the infection in my gums and saved me many $$$.” Deb — Gum Tonic has been a great help with several bouts of gum infections. Great taste.” R Tomita

July 2016

Living Healthy series with Essential oils: IBS/IBD article

By Dr. Stewart Gillespie*, Osteopath, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive

Hippocrates said that “all disease begin in the gut”, and “let food be thy medicine”, and this was back in the days when chronic stress and toxic overload  were not as prevalent then as they are in  today’s toxic and stressful environment. Today with the advancement of specialized testing we are seeing more and more that  most chronic diseases and inflammation are caused by Gastrointestinal (GI) dysfunction more commonly known as IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
This is a  very real problem for the 60 million people — that’s 20 percent of Americans — who have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). These people are plagued by uncomfortable and often disabling symptoms like bloating, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, and pain, that can be at first fairly mild, and therefore ignored as a passing thing, to something that is so severe that you cannot even leave the house. But IBS if ignored or untreated for many years (very common) can be a precursor to more serious disease, as inflammation, immune and destructive processes have now begun to take hold. Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis are examples of inflammatory bowel diseases as they start  to break down the gut.

When the gut breaks down,  your immune system becomes involved, and remember 80% of the immune system is in the gut separated only by a single layer of cells. There are many modern theories out that autoimmune diseases are thought to start in the gut, and can only be helped when gut dysfunction is addressed and gut health restored

One of the first questions I ask of patients is can you remember having digestive symptoms or problems while growing up, or ever given a diagnosis of IBS by their medical Doctor.

More often than not that’s a yes, and then I ask how was it treated. Their previous Doctors couldn’t find the cause of the illness, as  their blood work always came back normal. So they were told to just get more fiber or take Metamucil, or were prescribed sedatives, anti-spasm drugs, or even anti-depressants! Yes anti-depressants for a digestive problem, as it is a “psychosomatic,” disease — meaning that it’s all in your head!

These medications help in the short term to get rid of a symptom, but all this time the underlying cause is still raging on in the background, sometimes silently, only to present later on in your life as a much more serious problem like Hashimoto’s or depression, autoimmune disorders.

So bottom line do not ignore IBS symptoms!

Here is a testimonial to help you understand.
<<Trish came to me after suffering for 3 years with Crohns an inflammatory bowel disease. She had been to see her top Drs multiple times over the years and told she had IBS and gastritis or inflammation of the gut and possible ulcers. Take some anti-inflammatories and aspirin when the pain gets bad.

She was on disability and about to start a course of Humira to suppress her immune system and bring down her inflammation. As a strong believer in alternative protocols she really was afraid to start down that path, but was given very little choice other than surgery. She had lost about 35lbs and was down to about 88lbs and had to crawl into bed sometimes as the pain was so bad. She never had a history of allergies but ran an extremely stressful life due to over work and lack of sleep. She was taking a ton of supplements and ate a clean diet but still nothing was working.

This was a situation where Trish stress levels were so high that her cortisol or stress hormones were tearing down her gut and inflaming her immune system. This was not really infection induced but chronic inflammation caused by hormonal imbalance and years of antibiotics and pain relievers.
Her protocol was to reduce the stress with a wonderful oil called Stressed Out, take some Miraclays to help heal the ulcers, and calm the immune system with the immune balancer Immune up, and Turmeric oil to calm the inflammation. Within a few weeks she was out of pain and over next 3 months her weight increased to 125lbs which was great for her.>>

the research tells us that these are the two main causes of irritable bowel — food allergies and overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine — but there may be others, including stress, a lack of digestive enzymes, parasites living in the gut, zinc or magnesium, heavy metal toxicity and more.

  1. Food allergies most common food allergens are dairy, gluten, yeast, eggs, corn, soy, and peanuts. These cause inflammation and swelling or bloating and can trigger immune reactions.
  2. Infections: the microbial ecosystem in the gut must be healthy for you to be healthy.  When your gut bacteria are out of balance — when you have too many pathogenic bacteria and not enough healthy bacteria — it makes you sick. If the bad bacteria guys take over — or if they move into areas that they shouldn’t (like the small intestine which is normally sterile) — they can start fermenting the food you digest, particularly sugar or starchy foods. How many people feel worse after ingesting carbohydrate meals like breads, rice or pasta? This is called small bowel bacterial overgrowth, and it’s a major cause of IBS. The major symptom it causes is bloating, or a feeling of fullness after meals. What causes this bloating? The overproduction of gas by the bacteria as they have lunch on your lunch.

Guess what these infections do not show up on blood tests and often a breath test called  lactulose breath test,   which measures gas production by the bacteria, or by a urine test called an Organic Acids test that measures the byproducts of the bacteria after they are absorbed into your system.

Sometimes these infections can be serious microbes from food or water contamination like clostridia and E.coli and require more detailed analysis from a stool test in order to find.

Candida is extremely common and is found in patients with a history of recurrent yeast infections, think itchy skin or rectum, white coated tongue and sugar cravings.

How I Helped Renee Heal from IBS

<<At age 46, Renee came to see me with extreme fatigue. Her major symptom was sudden, painful, cramping diarrhea. She was doing the best she could to prevent it. She didn’t consume dairy, didn’t drink or smoke. Yet nothing helped.

She would go to the bathroom 4 to 5 times before she even left the house in the morning. That wasn’t her only problem … She also felt full and bloated after every meal, which starchy foods made worse. “oh I have always had that, since I was a teenager, isn’t that normal?”

She had taken many antibiotics over the years and had many yeast and urinary tract infections. She also had severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS), with irregular periods, breast tenderness, sugar cravings, headaches, and agitation. She also had unusual symptoms like rectal itching (often a clue to yeast infections or food allergies. And she was tired all the time.

I gave Renee, Oregano oil and Lavender for her yeast problem, and had her eliminate the foods to which she was allergic. I believe in treatment that addresses the underlying cause of the problem. Some Miraclays to help repair the gut and absorb toxins, and replace the minerals that she was losing due to her increased bowel movements. Thyme and Rosemary to help balance those hormones. A probiotic and some enzymes to help her digest food more easily.

Renee came back to see me two months later, and she was a different person. Not only did she lose 20 pounds, she was having normal bowel habits for the first time in 33 years! She also had more energy, and her PMS vanished.
She looked and felt 10 years younger and was free of the suffering she had endured for over three decades.”>>

With acid reflux, “heartburn” and bloating quite often the culprit is H. Pylori a bacterial infection which again is often missed on a blood test.

ACID REFLUX Testimonial:
<<Shelley had been taking PPIs for years. PPIs are a class of drugs that block acid in the body. She was extremely worried about the side effects of bone loss and heart disease, but was powerless to stop them as every time she did, the acid would come back with a vengeance. She complained about her bloating and inability to lose weight.

Herein lies the problem with antacids. You need acid in your system in order to break down food, hence the bloating after meals, but also to breakdown pathogens or bad bacteria within the gut, otherwise your gut becomes a toxic wasteland where these bacteria thrive giving you a whole host of problems that come with not producing enough acid!

So basically her solution was rather than blocking acid all together, to help the body break things rather than suppress the process. To this end I gave her some enzymes but also some essential oils that have the power to heal the gut lining and relax the system. Acid relief oil is a combination of Ginger and Turmeric to heal and calm the digestive tract and also has the power to rebalance the gut bacteria. I also gave her a powder containing glutamine to repair, aloe to calm gastritis or inflammation of the stomach, a probiotic to increase good bacteria, and licorice root to help the immune system.
Within days she felt relief and felt comfortable to wean herself off of her medications she no longer required.

  1. Chronic stress: produces a hormone called cortisol that — if high for a long period of time– is extremely catabolic and breaks down protein structures like muscles, tendons and the whole lining of the gut.
  2. Medications:

Over prescribed antibiotics, antacids, aspirin, Advil, steroids are often given out to treat symptoms which again help in the short term but can tear down the gut lining. If that lining breaks down your immune system will be exposed to foreign particles from food and bacteria and other microbes.  This will trigger and activate immune response, allergy, and will irritate your second brain (the enteric nervous system) creating havoc that may lead to depression

  1. Get tested. Try to get a test for IgG food allergies and then eliminate the foods that test positive for 12 weeks. Alternatively try an allergy elimination diet for a few weeks, as testing can be expensive. Just eliminate the most common food allergens for 4 weeks — that’s dairy, gluten, yeast, eggs, corn, soy, and peanuts. And then reintroduce them to see if they cause symptoms. This is an effective way to isolate the foods that may be causing you problems.
  1. Get rid of the unwanted visitors in your small bowel –like parasites.  This is often the best way to deal with the chronic bacterial overgrowth that causes bloating and irritable bowel syndrome. As a Dr who loves essential oils, I find that these are the most gentle yet effective way to get rid of infections as they are extremely antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-parasitic

My Favorite oils for a Healthy Gut are:

  • Digestive:  a blend of Aniseed, Fennel, Peppermint, Tarragon, Basil, Cardamom  Take 4-5 drops internally before or during a meal, or rub your tummy with it afterwards.
  • Immune up:  Thymes, Ravintsara, Black spruce, Rosemary, Niaouli – Take 2-3 drops internally before or during a meal. Thyme Thymol is extremely effective in not only suppressing microbes but also healing the gut.
  • Large intestine: Laurel, Ravintsara, Balsam fir, ArborVitae, Cumin Take 2-3 drops before or after a meal.
  • Stressed out: Lavendin, Rosewood, White spruce, Balsam Fir, Ylang-Ylang, Chamomile Elevated stress and gut dysbiosis are extremely common, and Lavender has been shown to be a very effective anti-anxiety oil and extremely calming.
  • Peppermint helps digestion overall – 2 drops in the mouth or rub your tummy with it
  • Fennel:  4 drops internally or rub your tummy with it. NB: it is not recommended if you have estrogen problems (like cysts, fibroid, endonitriosis). So consider Thyme or Rosemary as a substitute.
  • Ginger: to soothe the digestive tract and help nausea — 2 drops internally
  • Cumin: 1-2 drops internally for bloating and elimination problems.
  • And add Miraclays that cleanses and heals ulcers as in Crohns and ulcrative Colitis. Mix the clay with water, preferably in a jar with a lid where you can shake the clay and make it dissolve. Then drink it right away. Drink 1/2 to 1 teaspoon once per day as many days of the week as you’d like.
  • You can also add Candida to reduce yeast: Balsam fir, Ravintsara, St John’s Worth, Laurel, ArborVitae – rub 2-3 drops on your tummy or inside vagina with a Q-tip
  • OR
  • Parasite Out: Balsam fir,  Eucalyptus,  Cinnamon, Myrtle, Clove, Laurel, Oregano
  1. Repopulate your digestive tract with good bacteria. I don’t usually recommend brands, but when it comes to probiotics the quality varies so much that I suggest taking two specific brands.  or other high potency probiotic twice a day for one to two months. This probiotic has over 450 billion organisms per packet. I also recommend a probiotic called S. boulardii take two capsules twice a day for two months. This is a special probiotic that helps to further normalize gut function
  2. Digestive enzymes with meals to help break down food while your gut heals.  You also may benefit from nutrients that help heal the lining of the gut including fish oil, GLA (from evening primrose oil, zinc, vitamin A, glutamine, collagen and colostrum).
  3. Heal the gut lining:  Miraclays is a clay that I recommend that has tremendous properties including antibacterial, nutrient rich, heals ulcers, absorbs heavy metals. See success stories with Miraclays http://alchemistoils.com/our-newest-blends/


So while these natural products and oils carry evidence, backed by science, of benefit to overall gut health and gut healing do use caution if you are in a disease state or approaching disease states as these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always seek a Doctor for advice before commencing these natural products.

*If you feel that you have been helped by this article but are still unsure how to proceed and how to get the proper testing please feel free to sign up for a free 15 minute consult on my website fabinforty.com or email me at [email protected]


Here is the list of SPECIAL SETS AVAILABLE for a Healthy Gut.


June 2016

How to Effectively Start Using MIRACLAY

Miraclay normally comes in a gray or cream color and should also be odorless and not have much of any taste at all.

If you plan on consuming  clay by mouth (ingesting it either by eating or drinking the clay), try this:

  • Drink 1/2 to 1 teaspoon once per day as many days of the week as you’d like. Mix the clay with water, preferably in a jar with a lid where you can shake the clay and make it dissolve. Then drink it right away.

This is extremely effective for healing internally. Think of inflammation in Irritable Bowel Disease, or ulcers from an acid reflux problem, Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis. You are not treating the disease but healing the damage caused by this extremely debilitating inflammatory disease process.

” I used Miraclay as part Dr Gillespie’s  healing the gut protocol when I suffered for years from Crohns Disease. I had dropped almost 40lbs was in intense pain daily and couldnot hold down any food at all. But within 2 months of using these supplements and clay I was pain free and gained 30lbs and was back to work. It really was a miracle!” T.G Washington DC


If you plan on only using it externally on your skin, try this:

  • Enjoy the  Miraclay benefits by adding a ¼ of a cup of the clay to your bath and massage your skin with it. Or just allow the clay to dissolve into the water and soak it in for as long as you’d like, then rinse your skin well with clean water.
  • Try gargling the clay in your mouth with some water for 30 seconds to 1 minute, similarly to using mouth wash. Then spit out the clay and rinse your mouth with clean water.
  • Try creating a face mask by smearing the clay directly onto your skin, especially anywhere where you have blemishes, red spots, irritations or scarring. I advise some clients to add a few drops of essential oils like Frankincense, Black spruce or Tea tree oil Allow the clay to dry (this usually takes about 20 minutes) and then rinse it off with warm water. It’s recommended to use the clay mask one or twice per week for best results.
  • For scrapes or bug bites, apply a concentrated amount of the clay directly to the trouble area and cover with a Band-Aid or gauze, then let it sit for about 2 hours, then rinse it off. 


I had been suffering from Rosacea and had been taking steroidal creams for many years to heal the scarring on my face. I had diarrhea daily and constant stomach cramps. After consulting with Dr. Gillespie he was the first Doctor to actually tell me that these two problems were linked by way of an auto-immune process that essentially emanated from my gut. Of course I was sceptical as I had been to many top Doctors who told me I had a skin problem and that it was untreatable and never be cured. So cautiously I first started using the Miraclay in water as he suggested to help with the diarrhea that he felt was from an inflammatory gut process. Within days I started having at least 1 good bowel movement a day. Then he suggested the Miraclay mask with the essential oils and after a month or so did not have to resort to the steroidal creams anymore, amazing!” Ron E. Charleston SC

April 2016

OUR NEW PRINT CATALOGUE will be out (and on the web) on April the 10th. Please take note that the new prices of 10/15/30 ml will be in effect. Very few of the singles changed. This represents a 5 to 6% in 2 years and our prices from Eloi & Mikael certainly took a jump.

Here is the new catalog 2016 : http://alchemistoils.com/catalog/

As always, THANK YOU for your support!


Winter 2016

“Masters, what we tell you now may surprise many of you, but the host of Ascended Masters that tangibly reside in the Banff and Yoho regions also includes that you may term the sacred angelic Dragon. These benevolent and fully conscious beings exist, and are as much a part of your Earth as humanity. They possess supreme divine intelligence and are extremely advanced. They are protectors of humanity and of the planet, and are awakening into greater role in the New Earth of 2016 and beyond. . These beings are Masters of what is termed kundalini and as such are involved in engineering aspects of the aptly names dragon lines and ley lines which are in fact arteries of life force on your planet. They are awakened into greater role, and involved in the formation of new energy lines within the electromagnetic surge of the Crystalline Shift, and it is thus logical that these benevolent beings would reside in the piezo energies of Banff.”  Excerpts from Archangel Metatron on January 10 2016. Channeled by James Tyberon.

13 Dragons

The 13 Sacred DRAGONS influence, and are very much a part of Creation.  They hold many positions of influence, guidance, and direction in what goes on in ALL of Creation. 

However, they are the Representatives of ONE, and everything they are involved in is not of their own personal endeavor, it is the will of ONE.  They don’t control anything. The very reason they sit in a ring is because no one is greater than another.  They are all Equal, as we all are, they merely have more Experience, and thus Wisdom.

They are entrusted by ONE, because of their immense LOVE and breadth of Wisdom to make choices for Creation.  They make these choices based on the feedback they receive from ALL of Creation and the Quantum Realm.  They can read the Vibration Level of the Beings involved, for instance, Humans on Earth.  They also look at all of the potential timelines, and all other factors involved before making choices, based on the will of ONE, for the Highest Good of ALL.  It is a very complex process that is done at the Quantum Level.

Creation is influenced by, guided by, looked after by ArchAngels, Dragons, Galactics, Quantums, Devics, The Divine Realm and so on.  Nothing in Creation is controlled by anything else.  ALL is ONE. Period.

Those first 6 dragons are a way to prepare, get ready. The next 6 are looking to take us into action, to come into play and go to next plateau. Then the 13th Dragon brings enlightment and will stimulate it.

DRAGONS come from the Star people. They are magical because they have knowledge of all times, wisdom. Fairies –little people for the Amerindians- are the observers.

Archangel Azrael works with the 1st set of Dragons. And Raguel with the second set.

BLUE DRAGON: Blue Spruce, Verbena, Blue Chamomile

The Blue Dragon is connected to the color blue: water, sky, peaceful,  …as well as the Throat Chakra which is blue and represents your Spirit/Love/Truth.  Hence, we ‘speak our truth’.  It connects us first to the Divine Realm, then to the Quantum Realm.  It is the center of creativity. It brings fire, strength, purification. It stimulates good things, hope and joy. It stabilizes the left brain.

The Blue Dragon could help you find and speak your Truth, with Love, from your Spirit. It is to re-calibrate the blue dragon in the Quantum field and achieve balance.

Dragon energy is coming forth by connecting us to the fairies. It is getting us ready for transition.

Apply 2 drops on throat chakra.

Testimonial: “it created a quantum field on the throat” RG  $22/33/40/56—4ml/10/15/30=1oz

Verbena, Grapefruit, Birch, Geranium, Mandarin, Myrrh

Myrrh removes sadness.
Apply 2 drops on 3rd chakra, by the belly bottom to celebrate.



GOLD DRAGON StonaromaWhite fir, Laurel,  Marigold, Lemon Eucalyptus, Bulgaria Rose, gold

It evokes gentleness, peacefulness, it brings about the feminine. It is grounding;  You feel it through the feet to the crown chakra. You feel the connection between Mother Earth and the creation.

Apply 2 drops to heart chakra and rub so they penetrate.

$24/35/44/58—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

GREEN DRAGONRosewood, Howood, Blue Spruce, Ravintsara, Oregano, Bulgarian Rose

The Green Dragon  represents balance in Creation.  It is the Energy of the Heart Chakra which is where the portal to Love is.  The Heart Chakra represents Balance between the 7 Chakras and therefore sits in the middle.  Positionned between the lower and higher Chakras, it is the Gateway from our Soul to our Spirit and connection to the Higher Realms.

It opens the Heart, Mind and Spirit: body is gentle and balance; mind is peaceful as it stimulates the thought process in a balance way and it elevates the spirit. Good for spiritual growth and development. Rosewood facilitates the flow of the spirit to the body, and gives the courage to open our heart without fear.

Our true source is spiritual. It will elevate our vibration. We draw to us all things of higher vibration.

Apply 1 drop only to the 3rd eye in a clockwise manner. Repeat 3 times. Then spread it out. It will open you up.

Testimonial: “This is my absolute favorite”  Jean Reddeman  + PO

$23/34/42/57—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

INDIGO DRAGON: Lavendin , Ylang Ylang, Blue Spruce, Cypress Jasmine, Blue Chamomile, Tansy & Yarrow

Ylang-Ylang creates a feeling of peace and dispels anger.
Rub  2 drops on third eye.

$24/35/44/58—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

ORANGE DRAGON: Orange, Petitgrain, Frankincense, Lime, Clove,  Cinnamon

Add a drop or 2 to 8 oz of water and sip it.


PINK (QUANTUM) LOVE  DRAGONBlue Spruce, Palmarosa , Jasmine, Frankincense,  Bulgarian Rose, Myrrh, Nard , Cinnamon Bark

The combination of the 12 dragons creates the 13th one.

Blue Spruce has higher vibration than the rose; Nard helps attain a sacred space within and deep inner peace.

Rub 2 drops in your hands and brush your aura while enjoying all the precious oils.
$25/36/44/59—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

Bergamot, Mandarin, Howood , Frankincense, Cinnamon B&C

Bergamot uplifts, calms, and brings joy. Rosewood facilitates spiritual flow to the body and reconnects to life.
Put 2 drops in your hands and rub them, then touch something you want to prosper.


: Lavender Spike ,  Petitgrain, Lavendula Vera,  Laurel, Grapefruit, Neroli

And Lavender helps us to embrace love and peace at the deepest level. Petitgrain facilitates the exchange between Heaven and Earth, and establishes self-love and self-nurturing.

Apply 2 drops on your crown chakra.

$23/34/42/57—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

RED DRAGON II: Clove, Oregano, Thyme, Cinnamon, Coriander

When you breathe it in, it will go to clear the bacteria, viruses, imbalances. And your energy level will go up. Then the mind feels solid; it will strengthen your thought process and get you to do it. So it tunes first into the physical, then create a blood/brain barrier. It helps with chronic challenges like MS, Lyme disease.  Good to use when you need extra strong energy.

Apply 2 drops on the back of the neck.

Testimonial: “it took me back to Ireland, to the fairies.” CS       $22/33/40/56—4ml/10/15/30

SILVER DRAGON Stonaroma:   Camphor, Tansy, Spearmint, Silver

Full of wisdom, it sits inside the ring, opposite the Gold Dragon.  Spearmint is uplifting, clears the mind and opens the vision.

Apply 2 drops on 6th chakra

$23/34/42/57—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

WHITE DRAGONWhite Spruce, Rosemary, White Fir, Canadian Tsuga, Eucalyptus, Hyssop, White Angelica, Yarrow

The White Dragon represents all the other 11 colors combined, thus she is the 12th Dragon and sits at the 12 position in the Faerie ring.  She is the most Experienced and has Mastered all of the other levels of the Dragon Realm. She is humble, and doesn’t think herself any higher than the others, yet she has all the Experience and Mastery of the other Dragons combined.  She is Motherly in Nature.  Some say she is Mother Nature and she creates Magic with the other Dragons as well as the Faeries, and the Elementals, for the good of ONE.

White works on the body and realigns it.  Yarrow is a beautiful wild flower.

Apply 3 drops to palm of your hands, rub them, smell them and brush your aura with your hands.

Testimonials: “The White Dragon reminds me of the forest.  It’s ONEderful!” DL

“My neck realigned itself immediately.” JR


YELLOW DRAGONTangerine, Lemon, Laurel, Goldenrod, Neroli, Frankincense, Marigold

Laurel helps raise consciousness and liberates us from old trauma.

Rub 3 drops into your hands, and inhale them, then apply to your solar plexus
4ml/10/15/30= 1oz


TESTIMONIALS “All of The 13 Dragons emanate a surprising softness  “JB

“With the help of those blends, take action to move you in the direction of your higher purpose.” mba

“Your ’13 Dragons’ just arrived. They smell ‘beyond Divine’… all 13 are Quantum… all 13 are Unique.  Beautiful Box and I loved how you spelled your name using ColorsLOVE” PO



The set of 13 x 4ml in a box = $333

The set of 11x4ml in a box =  $ 289



November 2015


Using oils to Defeat ADHD &  Sharpen Your Mind,

by Dr. Stewart Gillespie*, Osteopath, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive  , for Living Healthy Series,

ADHD: in my opinion probably the most over-diagnosed condition in the US.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD) are neurological and behavior-related conditions that cause difficulty in concentrating, impulsiveness and excessive energy.

According to the NIH’s National Institute of Mental Health, “the number of children being diagnosed with ADHD is increasing, but it is unclear why.” Most physicians and research indicate the increase in ADHD is directly linked to the food we eat.

Symptoms of ADD/ADHD

The severity of symptoms can vary greatly from individual to individual, depending on environment, diet, and other factors. Remember we do not treat these symptoms but use them as guides to help us discover the underlying cause.

Children may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms of ADHD/ADD :

  • Difficulty in concentrating and diminished focus
  • Easily distracted
  • Easily bored
  • Difficulty organizing or completing tasks
  • Prone to losing things
  • Doesn’t listen
  • Difficulty in following instructions
  • Fidgety behavior, squirming
  • Extreme difficulty being still and/or quiet
  • Impatience

Adults may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms of ADD/ADHD

  • Difficulty focusing and concentrating on a task, project, or conversation
  • Overwhelming emotional and physical restlessness
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Prone to anger and a hot temper
  • Disorganized
  • Low tolerance of people, situations, and surroundings
  • Unstable relationships
  • Increased risk for addiction

Root Causes of ADD/ADHD:

Without treating the cause we become dependent on the medications that are designed to suppress rather than increase ones vibration.

#1 Environmental factors: by far the most overwhelming factor, as your internal environment affects everything from your gut to your brain.

ADHD Foods to Avoid

  • Sugar – This is the primary trigger for most children, and some adults with ADHD. Avoid any forms of concentrated sugar including candy, desserts, soda, or fruit juices.
  • Gluten – Some researchers and parents report worsening behavior when their child eats gluten, which may indicate sensitivity to the protein found in wheat. Avoid all foods made with wheat such as bread, pasta, and wheat cereal.  Look for gluten-free or even grain-free alternatives.
  • Conventional Dairy – Most cow milk dairy contains A1 casein that can trigger a similar reaction as gluten and therefore should be eliminated. If problematic symptoms arise after eating dairy, discontinue use. Goat’s milk however does not contain the protein, and is a better option for many individuals with ADD/ADHD.
  • Food Coloring and Dyes – Children with ADHD can be sensitive to a variety of food dyes and colorings, therefore all processed foods should be avoided. Coloring and dyes appear in nearly every commercially processed food. Food dyes can be found in sports drinks, candy, cake mixes, chewable vitamins, and even toothpaste! Most of these are banned in countries outside of the US.
  • Caffeine – While some studies have shown that caffeine may help with some ADHD symptoms, it is wise to minimize or avoid caffeine, as these studies have not been validated. In addition, the side effects of caffeine, including anxiety, and nervousness, can contribute to the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.
  • MSG and HVP (hydrolyzed vegetable protein) – These two additives are believed to decrease dopamine levels in both children and adults. Dopamine is associated with the brain’s pleasure and reward systems. For individuals suffering with ADD/ADHD, balanced levels of dopamine are essential.
  • Nitrites – Commonly found in lunchmeat, canned foods and many processed foods, nitrites are linked to an increase of childhood Type 1 Diabetes, certain types of cancer, and IBS. In addition, it can cause rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing, and restlessness which worsen ADHD symptoms.
  • Artificial Sweeteners – Artificial sweeteners are just bad for your health, but for those living with ADHD, the side effects can be devastating. Artificial sweeteners create biochemical changes in the body, some of which can harm cognitive function and emotional balance. They are basically poison to the brain
  • Soy – Soy is a common food allergen and can disrupt hormones that cause ADHD.
  • Personal Food Sensitivities/Allergens – Eliminate the top 7 allergens, including soy, wheat, and conventional dairy mentioned above, as well as peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and shellfish. In addition, eliminate any foods or beverages that are personal allergens. This might include papaya, avocados, bananas, and kiwis (for those with latex allergies), and/or coriander, caraway, or fennel (all from the same family), and/or chocolate.

#2: History of IBS

The first question I ask patients both adults and children is not what their diet is like, or their family history, but have they ever had any digestive problems: acid reflux, a gut infection,  Crohns Disease, constipation.  This is so common. You must think of your gut as your second brain or as an extension of your brain, as whatever is going on in the gut will affect your brain, it really is that simple.

Certain gut infections like candida or clostridia (like food poisoning, colitis etc) actually block the formation of neurotransmitters in the brain, I see this all the time in practice. A patient will come in with a focus problem, but fix the constipation problem and the focus returns.

#3 Genetic

One of the ways by which our bodies make our neurotransmitters is through a process called Methylation. Methylation is also how our bodies get rid of toxins in the body also. ADHD has been linked to people who do not methylate properly, and therefore have a build up of toxicity within the brain and also an reduced capability to make their brain hormones. The MTHFR mutation may be responsible for this, appropriate testing for this is recommended, but is seen on your blood work as an elevated Homocysteine level. Appropriate intervention is through methyalated B12 and methylfolate, which has shown great results.

#4 Heavy Metal Poisoning

Toxicity testing has shown elevated amounts of heavy metals such as mercury and arsenic for people with this condition. It is also one of the reasons why vaccinations have been linked to ADHD and autism due to their mercury content. But there are also plenty of heavy metals within our processed food supply, fluoride in toothpastes, chlorine in tap water, bromine in bread that, without proper dietary intervention , we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Hair analysis is a very simple way to test for this. Then a simple chelation therapy that rids our bodies of heavy metals can see remarkable changes in mood and focus. Essential oils like “metals out”  along with Miraclay, a clay that absorbs toxins and metals, are also extremely effective.

The most common treatment of ADD/ADHD today is using medications such as Ritalin and Adderall both of which have been linked to suicidal thoughts and personality changes. Ritalin is a central nervous system stimulant that can cause nervousness, agitation, anxiety, insomnia, vomiting, an increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and even psychosis.

Adderall is an amphetamine that is highly addictive with prolonged use. Side effects include tremors, hallucinations, muscle twitches, high blood pressure, fast or irregular heartbeats, and extreme mood swings.

With these side effects, it is easy to see why so many people are seeking effective natural cures. The good news is there are natural remedies for ADD/ADHD that are both effective and without the scary side effects of prescription medications.

 Top Foods for ADHD

  • Additive-free, Unprocessed Foods –-Due to the toxic nature of food additives, it is best to eat unprocessed, whole foods. Additives including artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and colorings may be especially problematic for those with ADD/ADHD.
  • Foods High in B-Vitamins –-B vitamins help maintain a healthy nervous system. Make sure to include organic wild animal products and lots of green leafy vegetables in your diet. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Vitamin B-6 is needed for the body to make and use essential brain chemicals including serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. In fact, one preliminary study has found that B-6 is slightly more effective than Ritalin in improving behavior!(6) Incorporate wild tuna, bananas, wild salmon, grass-fed beef, and other foods rich in Vitamin B-6 for the improvement of ADHD.
  • Poultry –-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that helps the body to synthesize proteins and aid in the production of serotonin. Serotonin plays significant roles in sleep, inflammation, emotional moods, and much more. In many individuals suffering from ADD/ADHD, imbalances in serotonin levels have been indicated according to the University of Michigan Health System.  Serotonin is related to impulse control, and aggression, two of the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Serotonin is a gut hormone, so any child with a history of digestive disorders will have this underlying issue.
  • Eat Breakfast –-For some people, and especially those with ADHD, breakfast helps the body properly regulate blood sugar and stabilize hormone fluctuations. Eat a breakfast that contains at least 20 grams of protein. Try my Thin Mint Protein Smoothie that has 20 grams of protein from whey. It is a tasty and filling way to “break the fast”.
  • Wild Caught Salmon and Tuna –-Not only are they rich with Vitamin B-6, they are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, a clinical trial indicated that lower levels of Omega-3 fatty acids had more learning and behavioral problems (like those associated with ADHD) than boys with normal levels of Omega 3s. Individuals, including children, should consume wild salmon or tuna at least twice per week.

 Top 5 Natural Remedies for ADHD

#1 Fish Oil (1,000mg daily) – The EPA/DHA in fish oil are critical for brain function and are anti-inflammatory. Supplementation has been shown to reduce symptoms and improve learning.

#2 B-Complex (50 mg daily) – Children with ADHD may need more B-vitamins to help with the formation of serotonin, especially Vitamin B6.

#3 Multi-Mineral Supplement (including zinc, magnesium, and calcium)  – 500 mg calcium, 250 mg of magnesium, and 5 mg zinc 2x daily.  All play a role in relaxing the nervous system and a deficiency may exacerbate symptoms.

#4 Probiotic (25-50 billion units daily) – ADHD may be connected to digestive issues, therefore taking a good quality probiotic daily will help maintain intestinal health.

#5 GABA (250 mg 2x daily) – A calming amino acid, ask your doctor before taking GABA as it can interact with other medications.


 ADD/ADHD Remedy

Rhodiola Rosea has been proven effective at improving the focus of both adults and children. It works by increasing the sensitivity in the neurological and nervous system that produces serotonin and dopamine, which are both essential for effective ADHD symptom control.

Essential Oils for ADHD

According to a study published in the American Medical Association Journal, essential oils of vetiver and cedarwood are very effective in improving focus and calming down children with ADHD.

For memory and concentration, rosemary and peppermint oils have been shown to improve alertness while enhancing memory.

For a calming effect,  Ylang Ylang  and lavender are proven effective, while Frankincense brings emotional wellness, clarity, and heightened cognitive function.

Lifestyle Changes for Children with ADHD:

Exercise is really the best lifestyle activity anybody can do to relieve symptoms of ADHD. Get Active!

My FAVORITE Essential Oils for ADHD

I want to talk about something else I think is incredible — essential oils for ADHD.  In fact, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that Vetiver oil had a 100 percent effective rating on treating ADHD and Cedarwood oil an 83 percent effective rating. The most effective essential oils are

Vetiver and  Cedarwood: Take two drops of vetiver oil, two drops of cedarwood oil, and just rub them on a child’s neck or your own neck and then up around the temple area. If you need to dilute it a little bit, you could use some coconut oil; rub that on the area, and that’s going to help improve focus as well.

Lavender: 2-3 drops on wrists or neck will calm the child

Peppermint : 2-3 drops on wrists. It has a tendency to give energy but also heal

Rosemary  which improves  memory: 2-3 drops on solar plexus

Ylang Ylang:  Rub 2-3 drops on your heart or thymus. Your mood will improve immediately.

Frankincense: 2-3 drops on ankles or  rub under your feet for emotional wellness.

Miraclay: Absorbs toxins and metals, and is suitable for chelation.

  • If you feel that you have been helped by this article but are still unsure how to proceed and how to get the proper testing please feel free to sign up for a free 15 minute consult. at [email protected], visit my website at  fabinforty.com

Disclaimer: The information in this handout is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician.


September 2015

Using oils to Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety, and Sharpen Your Mind, for Living Healthy Series,

by Dr. Stewart Gillespie*, Osteopath, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive

100 million, or one-in-three, Americans struggling through life with a “broken brain?” Right now in America, there is a rising tide of “broken brains.” And traditional medicine cannot cure it.

This epidemic includes conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychosis, attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease, as well as more subtle

symptoms like mood swings, sleep problems, poor concentration, and brain fog.

One in ten Americans today uses antidepressants, while more than eight million children are taking stimulants like Ritalin.

Is something wrong with this picture?

Are we defectively designed so that we cannot be happy, or concentrate, or remember things without pills? I think not, but each one of us may answer this question differently. But are ADHD, Alzheimer’s really a medication deficiency?  A medication that we have to be on for the rest of our lives? If it really was “curing” us, what happens when we come off these drugs? Usually we get worse as drugs like antidepressants don’t cure the disease, they just mask the symptoms.

These “diseases” in reality do not exist. At least not in the way we think they do. Let me explain. Let’s say you have chronic feelings of sadness and despair. Conventional doctors might say you have a disease called “depression.” But depression is not the cause of your sadness and despair. It’s just a name we use to group people together for the purpose of giving them all the same drug therapy. You feel sad and despairing? You have “depression” and need an “antidepressant!”

Think of arthritis, again it is just a named disease, telling us we have inflammation of a joint, BUT not what is causing that inflammation. So we take an anti-inflammatory that takes away the pain but not the problem.

You and the person sitting next to you could both have chronic symptoms we call a “headache,” but maybe your pain is caused by drinking too much wine every night, while his pain is the result of being hit on the head with the empty bottle every night. As you can imagine, these two chronic headaches can’t be cured in the same way, because their root causes are different. But that approach is exactly the one the current medical community is taking!  They give the same treatment for diseases with the same name, even though the cause of that disease may be radically different from person to person.

We don’t need to continue using these same drug treatments that don’t work, make things worse with side effects, or at best give partial relief. There is a proven, medical alternative and it is called Functional Medicine and it offers the promise to heal all of our broken brains and all chronic illness.

What this branch of medicine basically states is that we are not looking to treat the disease by evaluating someone’s symptoms. They help to give us warnings that something is going on systemically, and only a thorough evaluation of the whole body can we hope to fix something going on in the brain, as they are not separate but integrated, and what goes on in our bodies will affect the brain and vice versa.

So the questions we ask, and the ones you need to ask yourself are:

But do we know the reason for these symptoms?

Do we know the causes? Are they even the same from one person to another?

Do you have other things going on in the body that might be related to your depression?

I ask these questions of you in every evaluation, as without a thorough history how can we evaluate

your causes: ”you are here today based on where you have been.”

Your mood problems, your memory problems, your trouble focusing, your ADD and depression are …




What you will find is that it is rarely just one thing that caused your brain to break, but the accumulation of many things. Evaluate these core systems in the body to understand the real causes of disease:

1. Balance your hormones: for longer lasting and greater effects.

2. Cool off inflammation: inflammation is systemic

3. Fix your digestion: Toxic gut is a toxic brain.

4. Enhance detoxification: we cause toxins and accrue toxins daily, got to get rid of them effectively.

5. Boost Immunity: Autoimmunity is the fastest growing epidemic at the moment, our health and

disease state is based upon how well we can fight off illness.

6. Calm your mind: our negative thoughts are our greatest source of inflammation!

Imbalances in these keys are the underlying causes of all illness.

You see, not only are your joint pains, skin rashes, gastrointestinal distress, and depression all connected, but the only way to find your way out of this mess of chronic disease (including the epidemic of broken brains) is by using a new map — one that allows us to see how everything is connected.

This new map is the basis of Functional Medicine. It is a rich new method, a fundamental change in our thinking, a whole different paradigm. It changes our approach to the very way we think about illness and the human body and brain.

The truth is that you can’t treat mental illness effectively by using ONLY drugs or psychotherapy. You need an integrative approach that can include these therapies if needed. You need to treat the body, because the body and brain are one interconnected system. What you do to your body, you do to your brain. Treat your body and you treat your brain. ONLY when you fix your body will you fix your broken brain.

“Where you go tomorrow is dependent on what you do now”

My Favorite oils for depression:

Joy blend 3-4 drops on solar plexus,

St John’s Wort , MZ Maceration: 4-5 drops to penetrate on 3rd chakra

Anxiety Out blend: St John’s Wort, Rosewood, Clary Sage- 3-4 drops on solar plexus  You can add a drop of Roman Chamomile  to quiet down.

Divine Feminine or Creative Power, because of their high content in Bergamot, 2 drops on 3rd chakra

Lavender, as it will quiet your mind 3-5 drops on solar plexus, or temples

Balsam Fir that brings so much joy at Christmas time: 3-4 drops wherever

Ylang Ylang, it feels so good, it will bring a smile on your face : 2-3 drops on solar plexus

But also  Moondrops, a concentrated Quantum Humic Acid with Super-Safe trademarked PQE Zeolite.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician.


August 2015


How to Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease Without Using Drugs, for Living Healthy Series
By Dr. Stewart Gillespie*, Osteopath, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive

Some of the facts about Heart disease are shocking to read. Almost half of all Americans now have heart disease.  800,000 people die in the US alone each year. But what is even more shocking is that what used to be thought of as a disease of aging, has been proved to be no longer the case as:

60% of people between 15-19 years old now  have atherosclerosis or plaquing of the coronary arteries, and even found in kids as young as 2.

So it’s important to realize that it does not matter how old you are.  This is a lifestyle disease not a degenerative disease. What is also important to understand is that knowing this gives you the solution, which gives you the power to change, and to reverse and to prevent this.

I rarely like to single out a disease, as I do not treat disease but underlying causes in order to prevent disease. But as this is the number 1 killer in the Western world, and fast becoming the number one killer in the Far East, something has to be said, as this is one of the most preventable diseases in humans. But don’t take my word for it, this information is out there, and even in some renowned Medical Journals.

The INTERHEART study, published in the Lancet in 2004, followed 30 000 people and found that changing lifestyle could prevent at least 90% of all heart disease.”
What Lifestyle Changes:

The research clearly shows that changing how we live is a much more powerful intervention for preventing heart disease than any medication. The “EPIC” study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine studied 23,000 people’s adherence to 4 simple behaviors:

 1. not smoking,

2. exercising 3.5 hours a week,

3. eating a healthy diet [fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and limited amounts of meat], and

4. maintaining a healthy weight [BMI <30] = Body Mass Index).

In those adhering to these behaviors, 93% of diabetes, 81% of heart attacks, 50% of strokes, and 36% of all cancers were prevented.

This is very powerful stuff, but so simple.

Knowing we have a disease can be paralyzing sometimes, especially as we are often told by traditional medicine that disease is genetic, or irreversible, or from unknown causes. But there are solutions, and for those people who are trying to reverse rather than prevent, there are also some very powerful substances in nature that we are going to talk about in this article.

It is because lifestyle doesn’t only reduce risk factors such as high blood pressure, blood sugar, or cholesterol. Our lifestyle changes our internal environment that actually influences the fundamental causes and biological mechanisms leading to disease: including changes in gene expression, which modulate inflammation, oxidative stress (free radical/toxin build up), and metabolic (hormone) dysfunction. Those are the real reasons we are sick.

So here are the action steps you need to take in order to reverse and prevent this disease.

1. Change the way you think about this disease

Our current thinking about how to treat and prevent heart disease is at best misguided, and at worst harmful. We believe we are treating the causes of heart disease by lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar with medication. But the real question is what causes high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar in the first place.  It is certainly not a medication deficiency, but a sign that we have an underlying inflammatory process going on. Cholesterol** is the substance that our body uses to calm inflammation and repair damage arteries, like spackle on a crack in the wall. Imagine treating a crack in the wall by giving you a drug that reduces the spackle. Do you really think that the crack is going away by doing that? That is akin to treating heart disease with a cholesterol lowering drug.

2. Change the way we test for heart disease

50% of men and 65% of women who suddenly died of heart disease had showed no symptoms of heart disease and had “normal” cholesterol on their blood work.

In other words we are not looking for the right things. Our focus on cholesterol has taken our eye off the real cause of heart disease which is inflammation.  Therefore a basic cholesterol panel is not going to cut it if you are trying to evaluate your real risk of heart disease. These tests below can be asked for, dare I say demanded for, if you feel you are at risk.

3. Genetics is a factor only in a small percentage of cases

If you say your genes are responsible, you are mostly wrong. It is the environment working on your genes that determines your risk, and changes your genetic expression, not the genes themselves. In other words, it is the way you eat, how much you exercise, how you deal with stress and the effects of environmental toxins, that are the underlying causes of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. That is what determines your risk of heart disease.

4. Rule out other underlying causes

Infection which causes inflammation and toxin overload.

Stress: #1 cause of high blood pressure.

Heavy metal exposure: particularly lead and mercury.

5. Dietary Recommendations to Help Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

The first step in preventing heart disease is to eat a healthy diet. Increase your consumption of whole foods rich in phytonutrients, like plant molecules that give your body the nutrients it needs. Here are some practical tips:

·         To avoid the blood sugar imbalances that increase your risk for heart disease, eat protein with every meal, even at breakfast. This will help you to avoid sudden increases in your blood sugar.

·         Use lean animal protein like fish, turkey, chicken, lean cuts of lamb, and even vegetable protein such as nuts, beans, and tofu.

·         Combine protein, fat, and carbohydrates in every meal. Never eat carbohydrates alone. For the same reasons, avoid white flour and sugar.

·         Eat high-fiber foods, ideally at least 50 grams per day. Beans, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruit all contain beneficial fiber.

·         Avoid all processed junk food, including sodas, juices, and diet drinks, which impact sugar and lipid metabolism. Liquid sugar calories are the biggest contributors to obesity and diabetes and heart disease.

·         Increase omega-3 fatty acids by eating cold-water wild salmon, sardines, herring, flaxseeds, and even seaweed.

·         Reduce saturated fat and use more grass-fed or organic beef or animal products, which contain less saturated fat.

·         Eliminate all hydrogenated fat, which is found in margarine, shortening, and processed oils, as well as many baked goods and processed foods.

·         Instead use healthy oils, such as olive (especially extra virgin olive oil), cold pressed sesame, and other nut oils.

·         Avoid or reduce alcohol, which can increase triglycerides and fat in the liver and create blood sugar imbalances.

·         Don’t allow yourself to get hungry. Graze — don’t gorge — by eating every three to four hours to keep your insulin and blood sugar normal.

·         Try not to eat three hours before bed.

·         Have a good protein breakfast every day. You can start with a protein shake or may use eggs. Some suppliers offer omega-3 eggs, which are ideal.

·         Include flaxseeds by using two to four tablespoons of ground flaxseeds every day in your food. This can lower cholesterol by 18 percent. Flax is tasty in shakes or sprinkled on salads or whole grain cereal.

·         Drink green tea, which can help lower cholesterol.

·         Use soy foods such as soymilk, edamame, soy nuts, tempeh, and tofu, which can help lower cholesterol by 10 percent, as long as you do not have high estrogens or hormonal imbalance.

·         Eat at least eight to ten servings of colorful fruits and vegetables a day, which contain disease fighting vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory molecules.

6. Incorporate essential oils

In order to have profound and lasting effects on a cellular level, there is nothing more complete than essential oils.

The oils I am recommending for heart disease have profound anti-inflammatory effects, and are now being used in some hospitals, to prevent heart disease.

Circulation blend is my favorite as it combines Red Pine which strengthens the heart, Cypress, that improves circulation, reduces varicose veins, lifts confidence, and St John’s wort, to reduce the stress. Also Eucalyptus for anti-inflammation – Apply 3 drops on ankles.

Anxiety Out: with St John’s wort  to reduce anxiety often related to heart disease.

Goldenrod: very effective in treating heart conditions, acting on the muscles of the heart, as well as the arteries. Apply 3-5 drops topically through the skin.

Lavendin super which reduces stress: massage 4 to 5 drops wherever it is needed.

Ginger: add a few drop to your massage oil

*So if you would like to know more about testing please email me at [email protected], visit my website at  fabinforty.com

** See my previous article on cholesterol   http://alchemistoils.com/dr-gillespie/end-cholesterol-confusion



April 2015

OUR NEW PRINT CATALOGUE is out (and on the web) and there are new oils and some price changes. We added the 13 Dragons and Menopause and removed a few oils.

We also adjusted the price of the 4 ml to $23 (did not do it for the last 2 times) and reduced some of them. We will include the new catalogs in your orders until you tell us otherwise. We realize that you pass the catalogs onto friends and associates and we love knowing they are in circulation and are happy to make them available.

The current catalog is dated 04/04/2015 and you are able to download it.



March 2015

Living Healthy series with Essential oils: Auto-immune disease- How to stop attacking yourself
By Dr. Stewart Gillespie*, Osteopath, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive

Good Day everyone.  I was in the middle of writing the third article about the three root causes of disease. The first being Stress or adrenal fatigue, as most people I see report stress as there number 1 trigger of ill health. The second was the last article on poor gut health being the root of all inflammation.  My third was going to be on poor detoxification pathways, or simply the inability to rid yourself of toxins.  But we, Marie, Rusen and myself, have been asked a lot about auto-immunity, and what we can do about it. That third article will be up soon.

So here is an article on auto-immunity. First I will make you aware of this epidemic in society today, why it is so prevalent, and lastly how you can heal yourself from this terrible disease.

Autoimmune disease is a category of illness that affects 50 million Americans according to the Center of Disease Control, and includes rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and more.

Autoimmune disease is one of the top ten causes of death in women under the age of 65, it is the second highest cause of chronic illness, and is the top cause of morbidity in women in the United States. Additionally, autoimmune diseases have been reported to be on the rise in the U.S. and around the world, making this poorly understood category of disease a public health crisis at levels comparable to heart disease and cancer, costing this country $100 billion.

Autoimmune disease can affect various tissues in the body, making it difficult to diagnose. Autoimmune Disease Symptoms can vary widely based on which organ is being attacked and the severity of the attack. Unfortunately, as we have talked about, it takes quite a bit of damage at a cellular level for abnormalities to show up in lab work or imaging studies, leading to a delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis.

Physicians  are then trained to shut off inflammation with aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication such as Advil or Motrin, steroids, and increasingly more powerful immune suppressing medication with serious side effects. But we are not trained to find and treat the underlying causes of inflammation in chronic disease. Hidden allergens, infections, environmental toxins, an inflammatory diet, and stress are the real causes of these inflammatory conditions.

These are often addressed by powerful immune suppressing medication and not by addressing the cause. That’s like taking a lot of aspirin while you are standing on a nail. The treatment is not more aspirin or a strong immune suppressant, but removing the nail. If you want to cool off inflammation in the body, you must find the source. Treat the fire, not the smoke.

Functional medicine is a different way of thinking about disease that helps us understand and treat the real causes of inflammation instead of finding clever ways to shut it down. Medicine as it is practiced today is like taking the battery out of a smoke detector while a fire burns down your house!  In other words even auto-immunity is a SYMPTOM of an underlying problem. Find the WHY!

So what are the underlying causes or triggers?

Causes of Autoimmune Disease

The development of autoimmune requires a triad of variables. These are:

1. Genetic predisposition or family history

2. Leaky Gut Syndrome: triggering your immune response

3.  A trigger:

Estrogen or hormonal imbalance

Gluten and Dairy



Stress- see adrenal fatigue article (http://alchemistoils.com/dr-gillespie/adrenals)

So yes most people have a genetic predisposition to autoimmunity but whether those genes manifest or not are down to the health of your gut, and the removal of triggers.

The gut barrier: the gatekeeper that decide what gets in and what stays out

Have you ever considered the fact that the contents of the gut are technically outside the body? The gut is a hollow tube that passes from the mouth to the anus. Anything that goes in the mouth and isn’t digested will pass right out the other end. This is, in fact, one of the most important functions of the gut: to prevent foreign substances from entering the body. Therefore your body is smart and is designed to prevent this from happening. Where is 80% of your immune system?   — IN THE GUT!

When the intestinal barrier becomes permeable (i.e. “leaky gut syndrome”), large protein molecules escape into the bloodstream. Since these proteins don’t belong outside of the gut, the body mounts an immune response, produces antibodies and attacks them. Studies show that these attacks play a role in the development of autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s and type 1 diabetes, among others.

All autoimmune conditions, and at their root they are connected by one central biochemical process: a runaway immune response also known as systemic inflammation that results in your body attacking its own tissues.

Your immune system is your defense against invaders. It is your internal army and has to clearly distinguish friend from foe — to know you from others. Autoimmunity occurs when your immune system gets confused and your own tissues get caught in friendly cross-fire.  To combat autoimmunity you have to repair the gut, go to the source.

Your body is fighting something — an infection, a toxin, an allergen, a food or the stress response — and somehow it redirects its hostile attack on your joints, your brain, your thyroid, your gut, your skin, or sometimes your whole body, fibromyalgia. Trouble is we go after where the problem is presenting, not where it is coming from.

Also many of the conventional treatments available can make you feel worse. Anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil, steroids, immune suppressants like methotrexate, and the new TNF-alpha blockers like Enbrel or Remicade can lead to intestinal bleeding, kidney failure, depression, psychosis, osteoporosis, muscle loss, and diabetes, not to mention overwhelming infection and cancer.

Let me give you a case study to try and understand this issue:

A young lady came to see me with skin rash all over her body, pain in her right side and fatigue and IBS. Her Doctors ran a conventional blood test that was “normal “of course, with the exception of a borderline high TSH indicating a possible thyroid disorder. But she had just given birth to her third child, so this stress as discussed in previous articles often affects the thyroid.  Without further evaluation or testing she was put on Synthroid or synthetic thyroid medication, and then promptly developed a skin rash and started to lose her hair, and then came to see me.

She did not have much money to order a lot of tests, but as 90% of my diagnosis comes from a proper history and evaluation I let her know that I was not going to not help her if she could not afford it. What sort of a Doctor turns someone away through inability to pay?

Her diet was not the best, but she was not overweight. But IBS was in her history (so many people have this), so I suspected a leaky gut scenario setting off her immune system causing the rash. Thorough testing would reveal this but money was low, but at least a simple test to reveal antibodies was important here. So I sent her to get a full thyroid panel including a test called TPO Ab, which assesses whether the body is producing antibodies to the thyroid gland.

A few days later her test came back positive for antibodies, she had a full blown autoimmune Hashimotos Thyroiditis and a urinary tract infection. Here is the thing though. This is not a thyroid problem, but an immune problem caused by an infection in the gut most probably due to her history of IBS and UTI (yes most UTIs are caused by a gut infection not a bladder infection).

I advised her to come off Synthroid and follow an immune and gut infection protocol. Within a week she felt more energized and her rash disappeared. After 40 days there was no symptomology and on retesting her antibodies were almost down to normal levels. Change of diet and lifestyle modifications are now in place to prevent this re-occuring. This would have been the same result had she presented with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis or even rosacea, as they all would have come with the same source. Her family history of thyroid disease made her predisposed to this, but stress and poor diet were the triggers that made it manifest. This is a simple story but hugely profound in how we look and manage disease. Her results simply reflect the application of a new model of thinking about problems called functional medicine — it’s a way to get to the root of health problems and treat the underlying causes of what ails you instead of suppressing symptoms with medications.

If you have an autoimmune disease, here is what you need to think about and do.

Steps to Treating Autoimmune Disease:

–          Check for hidden infections — yeast, viruses, bacteria, Lyme, etc. — with the help of a doctor, and treat them, using oils and herbal remedies I will list below.

–          Check for hidden food allergens with IgG food testing or just try to follow an elimination Diet, which is designed to eliminate most food allergens.

–          Get tested for celiac disease, which is a blood test that any doctor can do.

–          Get checked for heavy metal toxicity. Mercury and other metals can cause autoimmunity.

–          Fix your gut especially with any history of irritable bowel syndrome.

–          Exercise regularly — it’s a natural anti-inflammatory.

–          Practice deep relaxation like yoga, deep breathing, biofeedback, or massage, because stress worsens the immune response.


Adrenals blend – 2-4 drops/day on the adrenals for 2 to 3 months

Immune up blend –2-3 drops/day on the wrists or stomach

Black Spruce oil, 2-4 drops/day on the adrenals for 2  months

Lavender oil, 2-3 drops/day on the wrists

Oregano oil, 2 drops on stomach

Galbanum oil, and Toxins Out for heavy metals detox.

*If you feel that you have been helped by this article but are still unsure how to proceed and how to get the proper testing please feel free to sign up for a free 15 minute consult on my website fabinforty.com or email me at [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician.


February 2015

GUTS Essential oils for Living Healthy Series
By Dr. Stewart Gillespie*, Osteopath, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive

Digestive Health

I often get asked if I would take anything what would it be, or Doc what are you taking I need some of that. My answer “it depends!” There is no magic supplement or magic pill, or even magic essential oil out there to make things miraculously better. We have to get away from that idea and instead focus on whole body systems and take an integrative approach to health. Your body works as a whole and is not made up of separate systems. I do not understand why we need to see a separate Doctor for heart problems, or joint pain or allergies etc as if what happens in our hearts does not affect our joints or digestive system or brain, of course it does. But this reductionist approach to health means we take something for heart, something for digestion, hormonal control, cholesterol diabetes etc, etc, etc. But if we take a Functional Medicine approach and look for underlying causes, rather than symptoms, we stop chasing multiple areas of pain and disease.  So to answer  the original question, I would say you have to focus on 3 main areas of the body that I believe are the roots of all evil or stress or inflammation within the body.

  1. Adrenals and hormonal imbalance
  2. Gut Infections
  3. Detoxification pathways and brain

Our previous article was about the adrenals and stress (http://alchemistoils.com/dr-gillespie), as almost everyone I see relates their problem with some kind of stressful event, whether it’s emotional or physical or environmental. So without question adrenals are our first focus, and we talked about what to look for, and how to test and then what oil protocols to use. This article will focus on gut health.


MEDICAL DOCTORS ARE TRAINED TO IDENTIFY DISEASES by where they are located. If you have asthma, it’s considered a lung problem; if you have rheumatoid arthritis, it must be a joint problem; if you have acne, doctors see it as a skin problem; if you are overweight, you must have a metabolism problem; if you have allergies, immune imbalance is blamed. Doctors who understand health this way are both right and wrong. Sometimes the causes of your symptoms do have some relationship to their location, but that’s far from the whole story.

As we come to understand disease in the 21st century, our old ways of defining illness based on symptoms is not very useful. Instead, by understanding the origins of disease and the way in which the body operates as one, whole, integrated ecosystem, we now know that symptoms appearing in one area of the body may be caused by imbalances in an entirely different system.

If your skin is bad or you have allergies, can’t seem to lose weight, suffer from an autoimmune disease or allergies, struggle with fibromyalgia, or have recurring headaches, the real reason may be that your gut is unhealthy. This may be true even if you have NEVER had any digestive complaints.

There are many other possible imbalances in your body’s operating system that may drive illness, as well. These include problems with hormones, immune function, detoxification, energy production, and more. But for now, let’s take a deeper look at the gut and why it may be at the root of your chronic symptoms.


Symptoms  Throughout the Body Are Resolved By Treating the Gut

Many today do have digestive problems including reflux or heartburn, irritable bowel, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and colitis. In fact, belly problems account for over 200 million doctor’s visits and billions in health care costs annually. But gut problems cause disease far beyond the gut.  In School I learned that patients with colitis could also have inflamed joints and eyes and that patients with liver failure could be cured of delirium by taking antibiotics that killed the toxin-producing bacteria in their gut. Could it be that when things are not quite right down below, it affects the health of our entire body and many diseases we haven’t linked before to imbalances in the digestive system?


The answer is a resounding yes. Normalizing gut function is one of the most important things I do for patients, and it’s so simple. The “side effects” of treating the gut are quite extraordinary. Many patients find relief from allergies, acne, arthritis, headaches, autoimmune disease, depression, attention deficit, and more—often after years or decades of suffering. From elimination of small bacterial overgrowth, giardia, candida (yeast), worms, etc

These are not miracle cures but common results that occur when you normalize gut function and flora through improved diet, increased fiber intake, daily probiotic supplementation, enzyme therapy, the use of nutrients that repair the gut lining, and the direct treatment of bad bugs in the gut with herbs or oils.

In the West, our increased use of vaccinations and antibiotics and enhancements in hygiene have lead to health improvements for many. Yet these same factors have dramatically changed the ecosystem of bugs in our gut, and this has a broad impact on health that is still largely unrecognized.

There are trillions of bacteria in your gut, and they collectively contain at least 100 times as many genes as you do. The bacterial DNA in your gut outnumbers your own DNA by a very large margin. This bacterial DNA controls immune function, regulates digestion and intestinal function, protects against infections, and even produces vitamins and nutrients. Also toxins, metabolic by-products, and inflammatory molecules produced by these unfriendly bacteria can all adversely affect the brain.

Conversely, when the balance of bacteria in your gut is optimal, this DNA works for you to great effect. For example, some good bacteria produce short chain fatty acids (like Omega 3). These healthy fats reduce inflammation and modulate your immune system. Bad bugs, on the other hand, produce fats that promote allergy and asthma, eczema, and inflammation throughout your body. Simply by looking at the by-products of their intestinal bacteria (which are excreted in the urine—a test called organic acids testing), researchers could distinguish between autistic and normal children.

Even obesity has been linked to changes in our gut ecosystem that are the result of a high-fat, processed, inflammatory diet. Bad bugs produce toxins called lipopolysaccardies (LPS) that trigger inflammation and insulin resistance or pre-diabetes and thus promote weight gain. It seems remarkable, but the little critters living inside of you have been linked to everything from autism to obesity, from allergy to autoimmunity, from fibromyalgia to restless leg syndrome, from delirium to eczema to asthma. In fact, the links between chronic illness and gut bacteria keep growing every day.


So what can you do to keep your gut flora balanced and your gut healthy, and thus overcome or avoid these health problems? Follow these five simple steps to begin re-balancing your gut flora:

1. Eat a fiber–rich, whole foods diet

It should be rich in beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, all of which feed good bugs.

2. Limit sugar, processed foods, bad grain fed animal fats, and bad grain fed animal protein

These provide food for unhealthy bugs.

3. Avoid the use of antibiotics, acid blockers, and anti-inflammatories

They change gut flora for the worse.

4. Take probiotics daily

These healthy,  friendly flora can improve your digestive health and reduce inflammation and allergy.

5. Consider specialized testing

Such as organic acid testing, stool testing (new tests can look at the DNA of the bacteria in your gut), and others to help assess your gut function. You will likely have to work with a functional medicine practitioner to effectively test and treat imbalances in your gut, if you have chronic illness  even without digestive symptoms.

6. My Favorite oil protocols

Digestive1 drop internally before a meal, or rub 2 drops on the guts after

Parasites out: 2 drops in water or in a spoon of honey

Oregano  & Thyme oil or take combination in Red Dragon on a piece of bread

*So if you would like to know more about testing please email me at [email protected], visit my website at  fabinforty.com

January 2015


Essential oils and Stress/Adrenals for Living Healthy Series
By Dr. Stewart Gillespie*, Osteopath, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive

This is probably the most important article I have written to date.

Your adrenal glands, sit right on top of the kidneys, hence their name. They are each no bigger than a walnut and weigh less than a grape, yet are responsible for one of the most important functions in your body: managing your stress. Who does not have stress? It presents physically with pain and fatigue, emotionally with life problems, and environmentally in the form of toxins or allergies and food sensitivities. When stressed these glands often refer pain to the back, or the inside of your knees, and even give you that feeling of a “knot within your stomach.”

When your adrenal glands are overtaxed, a condition known as adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion sets in, which in turn can set a cascade of disease processes into motion. There are several tell-tale signs of adrenal burnout. One of the most common is inflammation anywhere in the body. This may manifest as inflammation of the gut as in ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease; of the skin as in Rosacea, hives or eczema; the joints and sinus as  arthritis and sinusitis respectively; also fibromyalgia, the unknown process of pain throughout the body, with no trauma, and no evidence on xrays or MRIs. Quite often we look at where the pain presents rather than where the problem is coming from.

Other signs are the feeling of chronic fatigued,   problems brought on after an incredibly stressful time both physically and emotionally, low estrogen, thyroid problems, low testosterone(low sex drive), muscle loss, chronic digestion problems, poor immune function, asthma.  Often conventional medicine only treats disease or the “presenting problem” or symptom. For example your blood work might show low estrogen, so the conventional answer might be to give estrogen in the form of hormonal replacement without really investigating why your estrogen is low in the first place. There may be many reasons, and primarily it is from the adrenal gland that actually produces estrogen along with a host of other hormones essential for health.

Typically a person cannot lose weight no matter how clean their diet or how much they exercise. Quite often increasing the amount they exercise actually makes you worse, gain weight around the belly button, and muscle loss in the arms and legs. Please, stop exercising so much; do not get frustrated, this is not your fault, but a hormonal problem caused by adrenal fatigue.

As you can see the adrenals are the foundation to health of almost every single system in the body, but are not tested for in conventional medicine and go untreated for many years and therefore in a bad way when finally diagnosed.

It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of adults experience adrenal fatigue during their lifetimes, yet it remains one of the most under-diagnosed illnesses in the world. The reason that it is undiagnosed is because regular blood screens like a CBC do not test for adrenal gland dysfunction. The best way to test adrenal dysfunction is through saliva or urine samples.

I am an expert in Functional Medicine which integrates scientific testing with natural health solution, including diet, lifestyle changes, nutrition and essential oils to heal your adrenals and restore their normal function.

Unfortunately, while many conventional health practitioners have started testing adrenal function, many are still unaware of the protocols for solving adrenal dysfunction. I am passionate about getting the message out that such protocols do exist, and are profoundly effective—capable of restoring health in most individuals in as little as six to 12 months.

The basis of adrenal fatigue or burnout is stress, which over time can tax your adrenal glands to the point of causing other health problems, such as: Sleep disorders, Weight gain, Fatigue, Depression

The precipitating event for most people is a period of intense emotional stress. Approximately 95 percent of my patients report having experienced major emotional or physical stress around the time their health began to falter. For example, divorce, a severe infection, thyroid problems after pregnancy, post-surgery, post corticosteroid shots, severe injury.

How to Test Your Adrenal Function

Conventionally, you’d see an endocrinologist who would evaluate your adrenal glands, or perhaps a doctor of internal medicine. Unfortunately, they tend to primarily test for specific diseases like Addison’s disease or Cushing’s disease, both of which are relatively rare.

In the conventional medical context, when they think about the adrenal glands, they really only think about these extreme medical conditions that are not going to be what most suffer from. They do a conventional medical test to determine whether you have one of these rare endocrine disorders or not.

In the conventional medical world, they’re really not aware of the kinds of lab tests called a functional adrenal stress profile. It means that we’re not worried about the disease processes as an endocrinologist would be, but we’re really looking at functional problems.

Those are problems that are not going to send people to the hospital, but are more of disrupting your day-to-day life. These would be fatigue, depression, problems with weight gain, and problems with sleep.

Those types of issues – the functional adrenal problems – that aren’t severe disease processes, are determined better by either salivary testing, or some doctors who also use urine samples.

Functional Medicine calls for testing your adrenal function by taking four saliva (or urine) samples over the course of a day. These map out your circadian rhythm, showing how your cortisol levels rise and fall throughout your day. Saliva is collected at approximately four-hour intervals: first thing in the morning upon waking, then at noon, late afternoon, and again at night before going to bed.

What we find is that if we just restore what’s missing in the person for a period of six months or maybe at the most 12 months, the adrenal glands and the internal production of these hormones comes back. So, we’re actually restoring the normal production of these hormones in the body. The treatments, therefore, are relatively short-term: six months to a year. The only way we’ve found to do this real repair process is to use these really low dosages of DHEA and pregnenolone over a period of time. DHEA and Pregnelonone are both adrenal hormones that are very important precursors to essential hormones such as estrogen, testosterone and adrenaline. Under stress your body converts pregnelonone into cortisol at the expense of estrogen progesterone and testosterone, which is why you test low for these hormones. But rather than exogenous hormone replacement of these hormones that have had reported side effects of cancer and stroke, let’s get to underlying cause and support  the adrenal gland in order to stimulate our own endogenous production of these hormones. Much safer too!

Another helpful test that can be used is hair analysis. A nutritionist friend of mine has been using this for many years. According to the theory on hair analysis, the ratio of certain minerals can also be strongly suggestive of adrenal function, specifically the sodium to magnesium ratio.

This makes sense as your adrenal glands control so many different body functions, some of which involve minerals. Calcium and magnesium can have an impact on your adrenal function as stress tends to make your body use these minerals up at a higher rate, for example. This is also true for sodium and potassium.

These are like general indicators of how much stress a person is under, which is a great “screening tool.” And then you can get more specific with the four-times-a-day testing, so you can see exactly what’s happening on a given day.

The Three Stages of Adrenal Burnout

Adrenal issues are divided into three general categories. In a stage one pattern, your cortisol levels are very high, and you’re under a lot of stress. But it’s usually an enjoyable type of stress. Perhaps you’re a student or a new parent, which is stressful, yet you’re enjoying yourself and you feel more charged and alive than anything else. You need that excitement. Your body requires it. It’s somewhat like exercise. But the key is to have the adaptability and the resiliency to absorb that stress, enjoy it, benefit from it, and then dissipate it.

If you don’t sufficiently rest and recharge, your adrenals will get overtaxed, causing your cortisol levels to drop, and this is where most people notice there’s a problem.
If you stay in this high-cortisol state for long enough – at stage one – you eventually go to stage two which means that the cortisol levels are now starting to fail. This is when people start to gain weight. This is when people start to not be able to sleep. This is when your sex drive starts to go away. This is when people just know that there’s some health problem.

If you stay at stage two long enough and you fail to change your lifestyle to address your failing adrenals such as not eating right, not resting, and not exercising, you eventually enter stage three. Here, your adrenals are actually burned out and your cortisol levels are low all the time, causing you to feel chronically fatigued and unable to recover your energy despite resting.

Think about cortisol like units of energy. In the morning, you’re supposed to wake up with around 20 units of energy. When you go to bed, it should be down around two. That normal fall of cortisol is what creates that feeling of a “normal” day that ends restfully. But many are waking up with reduced cortisol levels, which translate to feeling exhausted despite having just slept. And many are going to bed with dramatically elevated cortisol levels, making it virtually impossible to shut down your brain and fall asleep.
This natural rhythm you’re hardwired for is based on your exposure to light and day. When the sun comes up, cortisol goes up. When the sun is down, cortisol is low… You pretty much have to fall in line with this rhythm in order to be healthy… Now, when we do the labs, we’re analyzing where you’re at and then restoring you back to this normal rhythm. That’s the point of the testing.

There are three main reasons for adrenal fatigue and dysfunction:

1. Emotional stress, typically related to grief or loss

2. Poor diet: Eating too many carbs can disrupt cortisol and a certain group of corticosteroids (a blood pressure-stabilizing hormone), and the Standard American Diet is a perfect recipe for destroying your adrenal glands. One of the most important things that cortisol does is regulating secretory IgA in your gut. What this means is that the immune response in your gut is controlled by cortisol. Hence, if you’re stressed, the immune response in your gut suffers, the gut tissue becomes damaged, and good bacteria give way to bad bacteria, causing immune dysregulation that is centered in and around your gut.
Two important components to address this problem are to 1) regularly eat fermented foods, which will dramatically increase the beneficial bacteria in your body (which automatically will help decrease pathogenic bacteria), and 2) to eat a diet low in sugars and carbs, as that will also promote a healthy gut flora.

3. Chronic inflammation in your body: Inflammation is the hallmark of virtually every disease you can think of, from diabetes to cancer, and when chronic, it stresses your system, including your adrenals.

One little-known strategy to counter inflammation is grounding or earthing, which requires nothing more than taking off your shoes and walking barefoot outside, ideally on dewy grass or on the beach. Connecting your soles to the earth will massively increase the influx of free electrons into your body, which helps dissipate inflammation due to their potent anti-inflammatory action.
Another common hormonal cause of adrenal fatigue is hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid. Thyroid function is diagnosed by a blood test, but there’s some controversy over what is normal and what’s not. Many alternative doctors feel the conventional reference ranges are far too broad, and opt to treat people exhibiting sub-clinical thyroid symptoms. (see my article http://alchemistoils.com/dr-gillespie/dr-gillespie-on-inflammation)

What’s interesting about the thyroid and the adrenals is that as the cortisol levels go up, one of the normal body mechanisms is to down regulate or switch off the thyroid.

This is why we typically see thyroid type symptoms after stressful occurrences. I often see this in practice after women giving birth, fatigue, depression, hair loss are common  post partum, in fact post partum thyroiditis is now a named condition. As there are no direct adrenal markers on a regular blood screen, the thyroid is often seen as a cause of this, when in fact it is the symptom of the stress caused by carrying a baby for 9 months.  So, most everybody with high cortisol is going to have lower than ideal thyroid hormone levels. At that point, it becomes a decision as to if you want to work on the adrenals, work on thyroid or work on both together…

More than 90 percent of the time, the adrenal program is enough to restore thyroid function. The biggest reason for doing the adrenals first is that when you start taking thyroid hormones your internal production of thyroid hormones drop. With the adrenal glands, it’s the opposite. When you start to take these adrenal-support products, your internal production of adrenal hormones comes back. If you can restore adrenal function, you can save the person from having to be on thyroid medications potentially for the rest of their life.

So this is a lengthy article, but I hope I have shown you the importance of treating underlying causes rather than symptoms, and the biggest underlying cause of most chronic disease is stress or adrenal fatigue.

Here are my favorite oils to support the adrenals:

Adrenals: Apply 2-3 drops on adrenals and back of the neck (occiput, to be absorbed by Medula Oblangata) at least twice a day

Red Dragon: Apply 2 drops on adrenals in the morning and around lunch time.

Immune up: Apply 2-3 drops on wrists or belly bottom at least twice a day

Black Spruce: 2-3 drops on adrenals anytime.

Stress out:  Apply 2-3 drops on wrists at bed time if sleep is an issue

Eucalyptus: 3 drops on the bottom of feet when you have an asthma attack.

*So if you would like to know more about testing please email me at [email protected], visit my website at  www.fabinforty.com

December, 2014

The 13 DRAGONS influence AND are very much a part of Creation.  They hold many positions of influence, guidance, and direction in what goes on in ALL of Creation.  

However, they are the Representatives of ONE, and everything they are involved in is not of their own personal endeavor, it is the will of ONE.  They don’t control anything. The very reason they sit in a ring is because no one is greater than another.  They are all Equal, as we all are, they merely have more Experience, and thus Wisdom.  

They are entrusted by ONE, because of their immense LOVE and breadth of Wisdom to make choices for Creation.  They make these choices based on the feedback they receive from ALL of Creation and the Quantum Realm.  They can read the Vibration Level of the Beings involved, for instance, Humans on Earth.  They also look at all of the potential timelines, and all other factors involved before making choices, based on the will of ONE, for the Highest Good of ALL.  It is a very complex process that is done at the Quantum Level.

Creation is influenced by, guided by, looked after by ArchAngels, Dragons, Galactics, Quantums, Devics, The Divine Realm and so on.  Nothing in Creation is controlled by anything else.  ALL is ONE. Period.

Blue Dragon: Blue Spruce, Verbena, Blue Chamomile

The Blue Dragon is connected to the color blue: water, sky, peaceful…as well as the Throat Chakra which is blue and represents your Spirit/Love/Truth. Hence, we ‘speak our truth’.  It connects us first to the Divine Realm, then to the Quantum Realm.  It is the center of creativity. The Blue Dragon could help you find and Speak your Truth, with Love, from your Spirit. It is to re-calibrate the blue dragon in the Quantum field and achieve balance.Dragon energy is coming forth by connecting us to the fairies. It is getting us ready for transition.

Apply 2 drops on throat chakra

Testimonial: “it created a quantum field on the throat” RG

White Dragon: White Spruce, Rosemary, White Fir, C Tsuga, Eucalyptus, Hyssop, White Angelica, Yarrow

The White Dragon represents all the other 11 colors combined, thus she is the 12th Dragon and sits at the 12 position in the Faerie ring.  She is the most Experienced and has Mastered all of the other levels of the Dragon Realm. She is humble, and doesn’t think herself any higher than the others, yet she has all the Experience and Mastery of the other Dragons combined.  She is Motherly in Nature.  Some say she is Mother Nature and she creates Magic with the other Dragons as well as the Faeries, and the Elementals, for the good of ONE.

Apply 3 drops to palm of your hands, rub them, smell them and brush your aura with your hands.

Testimonial: “The White Dragon reminds me of the forest.  It’s ONEderful!” DL

Red Dragon II:
Clove, Oregano, Thyme, Cinnamon, Coriander

Helps with chronic challenges.

Green Dragon: Rosewood, Howood, Blue Spruce, Oregano, Ravintsara, Bulgarian Rose

The Green Dragon represents Balance in Creation. It is the Energy of the Heart Chakra which is where the portal to Love is. The Heart Chakra represents Balance between the 7 Chakras and therefore sits in the middle. Positioned between the lower and the higher Chakras, it is the gateway from our Soul to our Spirit and connection to the Higher Realms

Apply 2 drops to heart chakra and penetrate them.

Silver Dragon: Camphor, C. Tansy, Spearmint, Silver

The Silver Dragon is full of wisdom and it sits inside the ring, opposite the Gold Dragon.


MORE to come…

October, 2014

Living Healthy Series :  A Holistic Approach to Arthritis

By Dr. Stewart Gillespie*, Osteopath, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical  Intuitive

What is Arthritis? What are some of the causes associated with Arthritis? What can I do to prevent and/or treat Arthritis? Arthritis is a general term that refers to a condition that causes pain, swelling or inflammation in any single or a group of joints in the body. Anytime you see- it is at the end of a word, it refers to inflammation. So arthritis basically means inflammation within a joint.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) an estimated 46 million adults in the United States reported their doctor diagnosed them with some form of arthritis. By 2030, an estimated 67 million Americans will have been diagnosed with arthritis by a doctor as reported by the Arthritis & Rheumatism journal.

Despite the classification of arthritis into broad categories, Western Medicine is still unsure of the cause.

Common types of Arthritis are:

is a
degenerative joint disease or basically the wear and tear form of arthritis that is usually caused by sudden trauma or chronic postural problems. Here we have a mechanical problem which is usually resolved through manual and physical therapy. The pain experienced here is almost certainly coming from within the joint itself and from neighboring tissues. Exercises to get the joints moving again, build strength as muscle imbalance is associated with this. Joint manipulation, massage, deep tissue work and stretching is extremely beneficial, as movement is key to prevent further deterioration, and in extreme cases surgical intervention.

2-Rheumatoid arthritis
is an inflammatory disease in which the body’s immune system attacks healthy tissue, commonly referred to as autoimmune.. Here we have a completely different problem to osteoarthritis, so why try and solve a different problem the same way? I hope you can see this makes no sense. Here manual therapy can sometimes aggravate an inflammatory situation thereby making a situation worse. It is imperative you find out where the inflammation is coming from. Is it viral, bacterial infection, gut infection, hormonal imbalance, food allergy/sensitivity like gluten, nutrient deficiency or imbalance within your immune system.

This as you can see is a much more complicated problem that requires a greater understanding of how the whole body interacts. In these particular cases where you feel the pain is not necessarily where the pain is coming from, which is why surgical intervention can sometimes prove ineffective, it is not as simple as replacing a joint. It is going after the symptom rather than the root of the problem. Typically patients come in with all over body joint pain, or joint pain that tends to migrate or move around, indicating a central or systemic issue rather than multiple joint issues. But essentially we have an inflammatory condition causing a weakened immune system. If you do not assist the immune system you will never resolve the problem. Alternative therapies that are less aggressive and  treat the body as a whole like aromatherapy or acupuncture works extremely well in these cases.

usually affecting small joints in the hands and feet,  particular form of inflammatory arthritis. Here pain relief is key at the local or acute level, but dietary intervention is essential to prevent the problem from returning.

The primary objective of traditional medicine is temporary relief of pain and dysfunction via pharmaceutical agents. These come in the form of corticosteroids and NSAIDS, which bring about short term relief but never get to the root cause of the problem. Patients end up returning to their Doctors who either increase the dosage or order further exploratory testing like Xrays and MRIs to establish how bad the joint is. Then if it’s deemed bad enough surgical intervention is required. Most of the time patients are told to come back after a certain period of time as the situation is not bad enough to conduct surgery.  But I hope you realize that this is a non-preventative way of dealing with the problem. Why wait till the joint becomes so bad that surgery is the only option can help prevent further deterioration.

Pain relievers such as acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen (e.g., Advil) are commonly used to control pain and inflammation. However, these treatments can potentially cause multiple side effects such as stomach ulcers, infections such as shingles, pneumonia and rashes, liver and kidney dysfunction, clot formation, osteoporosis, fatigue and malaise to name a few. Interestingly, long term use of anti-inflammatory drugs can hasten joint destruction, as they take the cue of pain your body has sent to alert you of harm and silence it.

A functional/holistic medicine approach to arthritis by examining the core clinical imbalances that underlie various disease conditions. Through a series of tests, I will be able to determine what type of arthritis you have, and then develop a plan to help you heal.  Eliminate infections, replace nutrients, balance hormones, detoxify your body and teach you, which oils will work for your particular case, a lifestyle of proper nutrition and stress management.

Potential causes and contributing factors of various types of arthritis can include: obesity, free radicals, imbalanced hormones(adrenal hormones), nutrient deficiencies particularly fatty acid imbalance, Diet and food allergies, biomechanical changes, and insulin resistance/deficiency, gut infections, or poor gut flora, and a weakened immune system.

Oil Protocols:

Osteoarthritis:  Spinal Cleanse, Pain ease, Scar tissue: massage 4/5 drops x 2 day over pain areas.

If hormonal imbalance: Adrenals or Stress out
If weakened immune system: immune up (2 drops on wrist x2/day), digestive

If toxin build up: spleen 2 drops under left last rib, detox oil (see http://alchemistoils.com/dr-gillespie/detox-to-rejuvenate-ii)

Gout: Digestive, Fennel (2 drops under tongue before each meal) and Anti-inflammatory diet.

Dr. Gillespie
(*[email protected])

Obligatory Disclaimer: The information in this handout is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products and techniques mentioned here are not intended to diagnose treat, cure or prevent any disease. . However when you give the body what it needs then the body can heal itself as the universe intended it to.

Monthly Specials 10% off for the following oils:

Spinal Cleanse

Pain ease

– Scar Tissue

– Adrenals

– Spleen

– Digestive

– Fennel

– Stress Out


September, 2014

Living Healthy Series: Essential Oils for a healthy Blood pressure
By Dr. Stewart Gillespie*, Osteopath, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive

As a student, one of the first things we were taught at Osteopathic school was that there was nothing more variable than blood pressure. It changes depending on time of day, what position you might be when you take your blood pressure, whether you are in pain, haven’t slept, stressed,  exercised, eaten, taken medications etc. etc. etc. In my day we used to have to write essays for exams, and one of the favorite topics, was blood pressure, and what you would do if a patient came in to see you with high blood pressure, or hypertension. The reason why it was a favorite is that so many things affect blood pressure, so it was a good lesson for us to understand that the body is very complicated, and connected. Multiple organs and factors affect blood pressure, so just assuming that blood pressure is just a heart thing, take this medication, or this nutrient and you will be fine would be a mistake. So when I am assessing someone with blood pressure, so many questions need to be asked as you try and unlock the underlying problem, and in some cases there may be more than one problem and completely unrelated to the heart too.

What Is High Blood Pressure (HBP) and Why Is It Dangerous?

Blood pressure is the force your blood exerts on your arteries as it flows through your body. If you have high blood pressure it means that your blood is exerting too much force on your arteries and is making your heart’s job–pumping blood–more difficult than it should be.

Now, your heart is a powerful and efficient muscle, but if it’s forced to work too hard for too long it can enlarge, wear out or fail, causing a heart attack, stroke, aneurysm… and an early death.

When you have your blood pressure taken, you’re given two numbers referred to as your Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure.

Your Systolic blood pressure is the measurement of the pressure your blood exerts on your arteries when your heart beats, while your Diastolic blood pressure is the measurement of the pressure your blood exerts on your arteries when your heart is at rest.

What’s The Difference Between Normal Blood Pressure and High Blood Pressure?

For an average adult:

Blood Pressure Stage            Systolic             Diastolic

Normal                   <120                    <80

Pre-Hypertension                   120-139           80-99

Stage One Hypertension         140-159           90-99

Stage Two Hypertension         160+                  100+

If your blood pressure consistently reads in the Hypertension or Pre-hypertension categories, then you need to take immediate and lasting action if you want to live a long and healthy life.

According to the American Heart Association, about 65 Million Americans over the age of 20 have high blood pressure. That’s about one in three adults.

In 2003 more than 52,000 Americans died from complications related to high blood pressure. Between 1993 and 2004 the rate of death from high blood pressure rose nearly 30 percent. These numbers are growing faster in the Far East.

Essentially there are a few points I would like you to take away from this article. First of all High blood pressure is reversible, just like high blood sugar and does not mean you necessarily have a heart problem.

Taking medication every day for the rest of your life based on one reading of blood pressure is a mistake, especially if you have not figured out why your blood pressure is high in the first place. If you took my blood pressure after some of the high intensity workouts I do it would be in the 200/100 range. Your body can cope with elevated blood pressure at times, it has to, but prolonged chronic high blood pressure is what we need to monitor.

Also take a look at the body as a whole to figure out what is going on. Sometimes cleaning up someone’s digestive system in some cases has dramatically reduced blood pressure, resolving a sleep issue, eliminating pain.

Lastly, just as when we looked at high cholesterol issues, high blood pressure is more dangerous when the integrity of your blood vessels are compromised.  Blood vessels dilate ( eg aortic aneurysms), when the blood vessel structure is weak and therefore cannot absorb a dramatic increase in blood pressure. Blood vessels are also prone to tearing and damage, if there is inflammation within arteries, as in the case of persistent high blood sugar.

So typical signs and symptoms to look for when figuring out underlying causes are these.

–          Evaluate stress in your life both physical and emotional as this is a huge factor in blood pressure. Physical stressors can be pain and dysfunction, emotional stressors are multiple, ranging from change, financial troubles, divorce, work and depression to name just a few.  But stress stimulates the sympathetic and adrenal systems, that can raise your blood pressure abruptly in times of acute stress. This is beneficial for you in times when you need to react and think quickly, when being chased. But what happens when you can’t switch that response off. You have a body that is permanently pressing the gas, when you need to hit the brakes.

–          Chronic stress produces a condition known as adrenal fatigue, which means your body is slow to react to stresses and changes. This happens when you get dizzy when you go from a lying to a standing position. Your adrenals react to that increased demand that is required but when they cant you suffer from too low blood pressure, and not enough oxygen to the brain and body. A simple in office test we perform is taking your blood pressure lying down and then again when you stand up. Your blood pressure should go up, if it goes down it is a sign of adrenal fatigue, and can be confirmed by saliva tests. In these circumstances stress out or adrenal oils are essential to bring blood pressure down or up: Adrenals, 2-3 drops on adrenal points on the back directly and stress out 3 drops on the wrists.

–          Inability to remove toxins, thicken the blood. When this happens your heart has to work harder to push blood around the body. Improving detoxification pathways helps to thin the blood and improve circulation. Signs that you are not detoxifying very well are dryness and itchy skin, poor complexion, recurrent infections, poor gut mobility. Essential oils that help with this are . Also refer to an earlier article of mine about healthy detoxification.

–          Poor digestive system means we are unable to absorb nutrients and water. Nutrient deficiencies particularly potassium can lead to hbp. Dehydration is another cause for hbp, patients often complain of a distended stomach or bloating. Essential oil protocols to improve gut function are essential here.

–          Hormonal Imbalance can lead to hbp. The organs responsible for hormonal control of blood pressure are the kidneys and adrenals. Typical signs and symptoms of kidney problems are lower back pain, puffiness, water retention around the eyes, pre diabetes, fluid retention or edema in legs, particularly if one side is worse than the other.

Oils to help are Kidneys and adrenals

Sleep: Sleep well and/or stress out 2/3 drops on wrists or your thymus

Pain: Pain Ease Massage 4/5 drops where it hurts

Inflammation: sunflower or safflower oil, Black spruce as it is an excellent anti-inflammatory and has some diuretic properties to reduce blood pressure in those cases. Add some goldenrod and a few drops of red pine.

Lavendin on my feet (heart point) and wrist

“ The combination I use the most is to put 3 drops each of Lavender, Marjoram, and Ylang Ylang in my left palm, mix clockwise 3 times and then apply to the soles of both feet. Sometimes I put a little of the oil left on my hand to the insides of my wrists as well.” This is especially good at bedtime. Other people might apply it to the neck/carotid artery area as well.

Dr. Gillespie
(*[email protected])

Obligatory Disclaimer: The information in this handout is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products and techniques mentioned here are not intended to diagnose treat, cure or prevent any disease. . However when you give the body what it needs then the body can heal itself as the universe intended it to.

Monthly Specials 10% off for the following oils:



Sleep well

Stress out

Pain ease

Black spruce


Lavendin super

July 2014

Living Healthy Series: Essential Oils for a healthy thyroid
By Dr. Stewart Gillespie*, Osteopath, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive

There has been much interest about the thyroid so we had to include it in our series of health and essential oils.  Did you know that over 40 Percent of the US population suffers from underactive thyroid conditions? This is alarming as every cell in the body requires thyroid hormone which is why with an underactive thyroid, your symptoms can be overwhelming and felt over most of the body.  When you gain weight you tend to gain weight all over. The thyroid gland is also an extremely sensitive organ that is susceptible to endocrine disruptors such as pesticides, insecticides, hormone laden meats, heavy metals in our food and water supply, chemical and environmental toxins, and stress. This is why when you evaluate a thyroid condition your personal history is extremely important when coming up with, the initial cause of the problem, as so many events can affect it. It is also why there can be many different solutions to a thyroid problem.

Alarmingly for most of these people, their blood tests are normal when looked at on a regular blood screen. How can this be so when you know something is wrong and you exhibit most of the symptoms of an underactive thyroid? In this article I am going to tell you what specific blood tests to order to look at the whole picture. Why thyroid symptoms do not necessarily mean you have a thyroid problem, but are a symptom of an underlying condition. What are some of the underlying causes?
Then specific oil protocols to treat symptoms initially, but also the underlying cause so the problem does not come back. Remember we never treat a disease/symptom. We never treat an organ independently as it does not work that way within the body. You may have to take multiple oils depending on what your underlying conditions are to attain full health, not just absence of symptoms.

What are the Signs of Hypoactive Thyroid?

Lack of energy-due to slow metabolism

Weight gain over the entire body-not just the tummy or legs but all over

Yeast infections (Candida)-look for white/yellow coated tongue

Swollen tongue-due to poor vitamin absorption, look for scalloped ridges on side of tongue.

Reduced immune function -due to stress, acute adrenal fatigue.

Poor resistance to disease

Recurring infection

Hair loss

High Cholesterol -Thyroid hormones are required to assimilate cholesterol within body. When someone comes into my office with high cholesterol I always check for a thyroid condition.

Low blood sugar

Ridged nails-poor protein metabolism


How Do I know If My Thyroid is Hypoactive/hyperactive?

Your regular blood test does not go far enough when evaluating the thyroid. Objectively ask your Doctor to order a full thyroid panel that includes these specific tests

-TSH, Free T3/T4, Reverse T3, TPO Antibody (tests specifically for Hashimotos), TBG, T3 uptake

Most laboratory tests only look at your TSH levels which are only a small piece of the puzzle. If you need help interpreting your lab test please email Dr. G. at [email protected]  for assistance.

Check out these home thyroid tests to help determine if your thyroid is underactive or overactive!

Daily temperature test for 7 days. Upon rising take your sublingual temperature. Should be between 97.6F and 98.2F. Track this for 7 days. If you are seeing fluctuations in body temperature over the 7 days then it is probably an adrenal problem. If the temperature is constant and low, then we are looking at hypothyroid. If high and constant it is hyperthyroid. Remember this is not an exact science and should be backed up by the lab testing above.

If you find that your temperatures are fluctuating there is another test you can take if you have a blood pressure cuff and monitor your blood pressure. Take your pressure sitting down, then stand up and take your pressure again. Your pressure should go up 6-10 points when you stand up, otherwise you may get dizzy. This is controlled by your adrenal glands and does not indicate a cardiac issue. If the blood pressure does not go up or goes down even then we are looking at an adrenal problem rather than a thyroid problem.

So basically from your symptoms, your home tests, objective laboratory testing, you can get a full picture of the entire body.

 What Essential Oils Should I Use For Hypothyroid?

Here are the oils to use for underactive thyroid: Thyro balance and Endocrine blends are the foundation of any thyroid protocol. Take 2-3 drops of each per day.

You then take additional oils depending on what particular symptoms or history you have.

Equate your history with your symptoms to find some underlying causes to assist which protocol is for you. For example: you may have a history of irritable bowel problems, bloating, gas, edema in your legs and joints, a white coated tongue. For this you know that your digestion is playing a role in your thyroid problem, therefore follow the digestive protocol with your thyroid protocol.  Add digestive (2-3 drops in the mouth) with thyroid protocol.

Yeast Out (2-3 drops), -when you have a white colored tongue

Hashimoto’s which accounts for about 90% of all thyroid problems is an autoimmune problem.  As 80% of your immune system is in your gut, you have to clean the digestive system, take immune up for the autoimmune as well as your thyroid protocol.  Add Digestive (2-3 drops) and Immune up (2-3 drops on the wrists 2xday).

If physical and emotional stress have played a role in your life or you have joint pain at end of day, poor sleep, blood pressure problems, recurrent infections or allergies, then certainly your adrenals will be fatigued to some degree. You cannot fix a thyroid problem without addressing the adrenals in this particular case. Add Adrenal  or  Stress out (3-4 drops),

If you have high cholesterol  too, even though you exercise and eat correctly, take some lemongrass as part of your thyroid protocol.

If you have a history of being around toxic chemicals or heavy metals, add Heavy metal blend (2-3 drops),

If brain fog is one of your symptoms , add St John’s Wort to address a neurotransmitter imbalance, or Toxins out.

As you can see the body is extremely complex. We cannot treat the thyroid as an independent gland. It interacts with every single cell in the body.  Therefore you can present with one or multiple symptoms/causes. As it is extremely complex it cannot be treated piecemeal but as a whole.

We have to get away from the idea of taking one thing for this and one thing for that. Everyone is different too, therefore require different solutions.

Dr Gillespie

Obligatory Disclaimer: The information in this handout is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician.

Monthly Specials 10% off for the following oils:

   – Digestive

   – Immune up

   – Adrenals

   – Stress out

   – St. John Wort

   – Toxins Out

   – Lemongrass

   – Endocrine

   – Thyro Balance


June 2014


mbaCherry1 - Copy12 Constellation/Astrology blends

Father God announced recently that the EARTH is moving from the far end of the Milky Way Galaxy to the center of the multiverse,  and it is doing so very fast. As we re-created our constellation oils, we are able to honor them and celebrate with them. Here is the list of their content and a suggestion on how to use them:

ARIES: Balsam Fir, Basil and blue Chamomile

To let go of the fear of success and enjoy the moment. – Apply 2 drops on the forehead.

TAURUS: Balsam Fir, Red Pine, Grapefruit, Patchouli

To unify with mother earth and express joy and gratitude. — Apply 2 drops on the neck.

GEMINI: Bergamot, Lavendula Vera, Lavendin Super, Clary Sage, Sage Officinalis

To connect with the universal wisdom. — Add 2 drops to spray on the lung and back.

CANCER: Rosemary, Rosewood, Thyme Linalol

To give confidence and nurture yourself. – Apply 2 drops under the sole of the feet.

LEO: Geranium R, Rosewood; Bulgarian Rose

To feel united with the whole, establishing unity in diversity. – Rub 2 drops on the heart area.

VIRGO: Virginia Cedar, Juniper, White Pine, White Spruce, Neroli

To let go and retrieve confidence and trust. — Rub 3 to 4 drops on stomach.

LIBRA: Canadian Tsuga, Clary Sage, Lavendula Vera, Spike Lavender, Lavendin R, Arborvitae, Neroli, Rosemary, Black Spruce

To find an equilibrium between the kidney and the upper kidney and to reach a balance of the body by adjusting the adrenals and the pancreas. –Apply 4-5 drops in the kidney/adrenals area.

SCORPIO: Petitgrain, Orange, Nutmeg, Cinnamon

To be reassured, to feel protected, to have confidence. –Apply 1 drop under the sole of your feet or on lower back each day.

SAGITTARIUS: Grapefruit, Red Pine, Palmarosa

For getting the right guidance for your path. – Apply 1-2 drops on your lower back.

CAPRICORN: Lavendula Vera, Rosemary, Spearmint, Carvi

To freely express emotions and protect the heart. – Apply 2-3 drops a day on the 5th chakra area, as needed.

AQUARIUS: Eucalyptus, Laurel, Vetiver, Spearmint

To reach new consciousness for yourself and others. –Rub 2 drops on hands, breathe in, then massage the soles of your feet.

PISCES: White Pine, Black Spruce, Canadian Tsuga, Nard

To reconnect with the creative side and to help master the emotions. – Apply 2 drops on the heart area.

Prices for each 4ml is $22; 10ml-$31; 15ml-$38; 30ml-$53

And a few pictures of the garden during the wonderful Spring we had in Virginia

IMG_2266web junephoto 5











 May 2014

Essential oils and Diabetes for Living Healthy Series
By Dr. Stewart Gillespie*, Osteopath, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive

                Diabetes is a disease marked by chronic exposure to high levels of sugar in the blood. It is a disease that is markedly on the rise, with the children and adolescents group showing the most rapid rate of increase. It is also rapidly increasing in parts of the world like China, Japan and the Middle East as they adopt a more fast food “westernized” diet.  In this article we are going to discuss some of the myths about sugar, how the body copes with sugar and why it breaks down with heavy exposure and explain why certain sugars are essential as our most vital organs like the brain and heart run on sugar. Then we will discuss oil protocols to help assist with diabetes. Essentially if you can master the hormone insulin, the hormone that the body produces to cope with sugar, you can slow down the process of aging, get extra energy, and reduce inflammation which is the underlying cause of all chronic disease in the body.

Some of the most common symptoms of diabetes include blurred vision, an increased need to drink and urinate, feeling hungry, numbness or tingling in the feet, mental fatigue and sometimes weight loss initially followed by stubborn weight gain. Diabetes can lead to additional complications including heart disease, kidney failure, strokes and more. With chronic exposure to the disease gangrene, ulcerations, blindness and amputations have been reported. So this is a serious problem and on the rise. It is detected by a normal blood test, HbA1c levels, and also by conducting a routine urinalysis.

To understand diabetes, it is important to first understand the normal process by which food is broken down into glucose, stored by the body and then used by the body for energy. If you understand this process you can then understand better the solution that I am going to give you. First of all glucose is essential for the normal functioning of the brain, heart and all of your muscles within the body. Without certain types of sugar your body would not survive. In fact in times of low exposure to sugar, (starvation or low carbohydrate diets) your body will break itself down in order to get it.

Here is the dilemma though. Glucose in the blood is inflammatory. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas to take glucose out of the blood and store it in your muscles, heart and liver as glycogen, a much more stable compound than glucose. Again the problem is that your body can only store a certain amount of glucose in this form, enough to last you 24 hours. After that any excess glucose has nowhere to go.

Excess glucose in the blood now becomes inflammatory, causing muscle pains, joint pains, fatigue, thirst and eventually gets converted to triglycerides and stored as fat. It is excess sugar that breaks down your nerve cells to give you the numbness in diabetic neuropathy. It is excess sugar that breaks down your small blood vessels in your eye that gives you diabetic retinopathy that can lead to blindness.

To combat this inflammatory effect of glucose the body produces cholesterol that protects the body against inflammation. So high cholesterol is not an indicator of atherosclerosis or the product of a high fat diet as we are led to believe, but the warning that we have inflammation in the body, usually as a result of too much SUGAR in the diet.  So reducing sugar not only helps lower your blood sugar but also lowers your cholesterol.

If we continually have carbohydrates or sugars at every meal our cells become chronically “bathed” in insulin. Once we get chronically exposed to anything we become desensitized to its presence. This is the case with insulin resistance. Our bodies become so used to it that we get a lot of diminishing returns whenever we are exposed to it. There is only so much water we can drink if we are thirsty. This is why most diabetics have normal or elevated insulin levels but still have high blood sugar. In other words their insulin is not working as their cells just ignore it. What makes matters worse is that in some cases what is administered to patients like this is not less insulin but MORE of it!  So what happens is that we are taken on a blood sugar roller coaster of too much blood sugar followed by too little blood sugar and so on. We never fix the problem we just manage it as we deteriorate further over time. But this process is reversible. We have the ability to directly control how much or how little insulin we produce. We can master our insulin, and once we master it we are not controlled by it.

People with diabetes have high blood sugar because:

•Their pancreas does not make enough insulin. Certain specialized cells are sensitive to sugar in blood and once detected, are instructed to produce insulin. In Type 1 Diabetes, which typically occurs in childhood, but now becoming more prevalent in adults, the cells that produce insulin are being destroyed by the body, either through an autoimmune disease, virus or a genetic predisposition. In this particular case if you do not treat the blood sugar you treat the immune system.

•Their muscle, fat, and liver cells do not respond to insulin normally: as in the case above with insulin resistance, or Type 2 diabetes. This is the most common type of diabetes, making up 90 to 95% of people diagnosed with diabetes.  In this particular case you have to reset the system, by eliminating sugars from the diet for a certain period of time to allow the cells to forget insulin for a while, and then respond accordingly when it required. Some essential oils are recommended for assisting the body in utilizing the glucose available in the bloodstream. Follow the 10 day reset diet along with the oil protocol. Follow a daily exercise walking regimen.

•Gestational diabetes is high blood glucose that develops at any time during pregnancy in a woman who does not have diabetes. Women who have gestational diabetes are at high risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease later in life.

Diabetes affects more than 20 million Americans. Over 40 million Americans have pre-diabetes (early type 2 diabetes).

Risk Factors: Over 45, family history, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, not getting enough exercise, ovary diseases, and poor diet.

Type 1 Diabetes

Let’s do something that is rarely done with this disease conventionally, treat the immune system!

So as you have read in previous articles* most of your immune system is within the gut. So resolving digestive issues is paramount. Follow the autoimmune digestive diet when on this protocol for best results.

2-3 drops of Digestive internally before each meal

2-3 drops of immune up on wrists to boost the immune system 2 times a day

2-3 drops of stress out to avoid suppression of the immune system 3 times a day


Type 2 Diabetes

•Take 3-5 drops each of Coriander Oil, Cinnamon Oil and Lemongrass Oil in 12oz water, 2-3 times daily

•    Take 4-5 drops of Beautiful  in 1 liter bottle and drink it all day

•    rub Frankincense Oil on back of neck or on bottom of feet if feeling light headed, usually as a result of low blood sugar following an insulin surge.

•    rub  Cypress oil  on bottoms of feet, each morning

•    rub Lavender on the feet at night


Eat a diet full of  green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, 100% whole grains and foods rich in zinc such as fresh oysters,  ginger root,  lamb,  split peas, egg yolk, rye, beef liver, lima beans, sardines, chicken, and buckwheat.

Many people have reported success with balancing their insulin levels by using the very potent and effective, digestive enzyme. These are enzymes made by the pancreas to help digest foods. These allow the fatigued pancreas to take a break.

You can email Dr. G. at:  [email protected]  if you need assistance.

*previous articles:  Inflammation

 Disclaimer: The information in this handout is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician.


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April 2014

Osteoporosis: The Toxic Metal Effect

By Dr. Stewart Gillespie*, Osteopath, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive

Continuing our series of articles on common diseases and complaints, I want to stress that our theme is to look for underlying causes, getting to the root of a problem, as opposed to treating diseases or looking for cures. At the root of every diagnosis there is a nutrient or oil deficiency, or a toxin that has not been released from the system or all of the above. Also everybody is different, so we cannot always give the same solution. Treat the PERSON not the disease.

Millions of Americans have been led to believe that osteoporosis is simply a deficiency of the common drugs, Boniva, Evista, Actonel, or Fosamax. Many are prescribed the “knee-jerk” recommendation of 1500 mgs of calcium a day to prevent osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

It is important to know that you can take these drugs like an ideal patient and will not gain the benefit of a “real” improvement for osteoporosis.

In fact, many have “not” been told that these drugs only improve bone by about 2% a year for a couple of years and then the benefit dwindles or ceases.  The best you can expect is a “temporary” improvement in bone density but this will be short-lived because the underlying root cause of the problem has been overlooked or ignored.

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March 2014

End Cholesterol Confusion

By Dr. Stewart Gillespie*, Osteopath, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Intuitive

Recently I did a seminar on cholesterol and cardiovascular disease which was well received. I definitely said some things that were difficult to digest as it went against the mainstream message from the media, your MD, drug companies, the low fat food industry and even the American heart association. But my voice on this is not the only voice, what I am about to tell you is well chronicled, and based on fact, but is drowned out by the cholesterol chorus organized by the above institutions. So we are left in a sea of confusion and the patient becomes worse of and is the loser in the situation.

Here’s the problem, cardiovascular disease is on the rise and is still the number one killer in the United States, even though we have adopted many of the strategies borne out of discovering cholesterol plaques in arteries following open heart surgeries in the 60’s. Heart attacks are still rising, and 50% of them go unnoticed as our laboratory results show that we have normal cholesterol. Low fat/cholesterol /no red meat high grain diets have not worked. What we know now about cholesterol and how to test for cardiovascular risk, what strategies to implement to prevent it, is light years ahead of what we knew then. But we are still implementing old school solutions, based on studies that have now shown to be flawed. Any Doctor who assesses heart attack risk based on total cholesterol alone is just burying their head in the sand.

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Oil Protocols



            Red Pine

            Lymph Nodes



           Spinal Cleanse

            Blue Spruce


           Scar Tissue

           Spinal Cleanse



February 2014

Featured Alchemist Oils Blends  10% Off


Immune Up
 Let Go
Stress Out
Spinal Cleanse
Pain Ease

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December 2013

  Featured Alchemist Oils Blends for the Holidays 10% Off

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images-8Alchemist Oils Laquered Gift Boxes

Alchemist Oils Signature Lacquered Storage Boxes are beautifully crafted giving your gift of Alchemist Oils a sacred home to be treasured in a special place in your home or the homes of those with whom you might gift these high grade essential oils. 

The lacquered boxes are a great value for $25 and come in two sizes. This month we are featuring oils that you can use to create yummy desserts or to simply add a festive air to the different rooms in your home. We have recipes to help bring the medicinal and uplifting qualities of Alchemist Oils into your every day life.



 In December’s Alchemist Journal newsletter you will find Delicious holiday food recipes and other recipes for creating a festive and inspiring environment for the holidays!

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November 2013

GRATITUDE… in times of growing stress, chaos, breakdown and change, staying connected to the goodness in our lives keeps our hearts open and strengthens us. We are grateful to you, our customers of Alchemist Oils as we celebrate 15 years of bringing these beautiful handcrafted blends of MZ Alchemist Oils to you. Today, as we reached for the Immune Up to boost our bodies capacity to shift with the seasons, we are grateful for these healing intelligences of nature.This month, we are offering savings on several of blends and introducing a new oil that encompasses the essence of being ~ Inner Temple.Visit the Monthly Specials tab to SAVE on select Alchemist Oil Blends.Featured this month are blends to support you and your family as the weather changes and reduce stress in your daily lives:

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October 2013

Fall is a perfect time to cleanse the Kidneys! Detoxing is becoming a necessity for optimal living due to the toxic environment we now live in. This month, we are featuring our custom blend for supporting the Kidneys and key oils to assist in removing the toxins quickly. This detoxification is helpful for all of us as we find our environment compromised by radiation and other atmospheric pollutants dumped into our environment.

  • Kidney II: direct support for cleansing the kidney, upper kidneys, adrenals and pancreas
  • Juniper: is a diuretic that helps circulation through the kidneys and supports the bladder; supports the body to eliminate kidney stones and bladder infections; also great for sagging skin and healing of wounds and scars.
  • Circulation: helps to flush toxins out quickly as you detox the kidneys and help bring warmth to cold hands and feet
  • Ginger: warming essence, anti-inflammatory, analgesic that is excellent for inflammation, heart strokes, nausea, indigestion, respiratory system,
  • Cinnamon: warming essence, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-tumor; helps to regulate blood sugar,
  • Immune Up: A basic essential oil that is excellent for daily use in keeping your immune system strong

As we detox, remember our negative thoughts and acts of aggression need to be cleansed as well. It takes peace on the inner and the outer for our changes to have an enduring effect. We begin where we are and strive to grow more kind and honest in relationship with ourself and with others.September 2013


Let us bring the PEACE that is always present fully into our lives?

In September, the world community turns its attention toward PEACE. Here at Alchemist Oils we are focusing on how we can bring the Peace that we all cherish into our lives.images-5We feel quite privileged at Alchemist Oils to have a cornucopia of nature’s most precious essential oils curated by Mikael Zayat at our disposal. So many of these oils assist in lifting us out of melancholy states of mind that dull our mind and zap our energy. During this month — where we have the opportunity to choose peace and join others in being peace that we look into our alchemical chest to bring our favorite essences for creating and celebrating our great human capacity for love and peace.Any discussion of PEACE really begins with that which engenders a relaxed state of consciousness. An elevated state of consciousness that allows us to connect with Source. If that sounds like an invitation to joy and living with passion – you are right! Our Pineal gland when activated induces theta brain waves that makes our access to these states of higher consciousness much more facile. This state is often referred to as Theta Consciousness (signup for our newsletter to read more about Theta Consciousness and the other tools we have to help you achieve that state) and we now carry the Sacred Flame Master Hologram for Theta Consciousness at our sister site, www.4dshift.com. So this month we are featuring nature’s antidote for supporting the Pineal, deepening your relaxation response and lifting your moods and sense of well-being. This month, we encourage you to venture out and bring more essences into your life.Singles **Click Here Order Now


  • PEACE: Tangerine, Mandarin, Orange, Goldenrod, Marjoram, Canadian Tsuga
  • Joy: Balsam Fir, Lemongrass, Rosewood – Attuned to High Joy, Transcendent Peace
  • OM: Canadian Tsuga, Sandalwood, Nard, Jasmine – Luminosity, Connection to Source, High Joy, Divine Creation
  • Pineal: Balsam Fir, Myrtle, White Spruce, Canadian Tsuga, Clary Sage – Nourishes Pineal, dissolves calcification of the pineal

August 2013

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During this last month of summer, Alchemist oils is focusing on Joy-filled living and the healing of our oceans of the earth and the fluids within our bodies. In a holographic universe, whatwe do on the inner to clean up and remove toxins within our bodies can aid the clean up of toxins in our outer world.We were inspired by a customer who called us to tell us that a friend gave her a bottle of our gum tonic and it worked. She said she had proof from her dentist that the Alchemist Oils Gum Tonic reversed the gum disease and receding gums that was evident three months prior. Naturally, she was on the phone to order a larger size bottle and to report her good news. The effectiveness of therapeutic-grade essential oils for supporting healthy gums and teeth is mounting. It seems this month, everywhere I looked I ran into ads with dentist promoting products that feature essential oils or a new study on how essential oils are used to reduce anxiety during office visits. Some dental offices are diffusing essential oils into the atmosphere to keep their patients calm.Several days ago, I purchased a protective cap for my toothbrush with a patch inside immersed in essential oils to prevent bacterial buildup from accumulating on the toothbrush. This is truly critical as linkages to a toxic mouth and heart disease are no longer debated and has caused a systemic change in patient care — now hospitals take precautions to clean the teeth of their patients and swab the mouth as a protocol to protect the heart and other organs from the effects of toxins originating from the mouth.Our greatest portal to the fluids of our body is our mouth and throat.
Click Here Order NowYou can gargle with GUM TONIC to support the health and vitality of your mouth. It can as be used to reduce pain as well. A little goes a long way and the best value is to purchase are 30ml bottles for your home bathroom. I like to keep a 10ml in my purse to rinse with following meals.Just days ago, scientist reported that the radiation flowing into the oceans from Fukishima is worse than expected. They have declared the problem an emergency. We have several products at www.4dshift.com to help support the subtle body and the healing of the Gaia’s waters – her oceans, lakes and rivers. In fact, in the August newsletter, we are featuring a full healing technology of over 25 Sacred Flame Master Holograms based on color and geometry. We are also featuring our zeolite product that can help to draw toxins from the body called MOONDROPS. These Aquarian tools were promised by the wisdom beings over the Aeons and we are grateful to be able to bring them to you as they return to the earth for our use.




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In Summer, our normal rhythms change as we seek out opportunities to vacation, free ourselves from our daily routines and enjoy beautiful, pristine natural environments, visit family far flung and rejuvenate ourselves. In truth, some of us return from vacation exhausted. In many ways, travel, managing various relationships, travel with children and exposure to different foods and environments can throw our immune systems into overdrive and this can place a strain on our organs.When we asked our resident health practitioner, Dr. Stewart Gillespie, which organs are most affected during summer time his answer was immediate: the skin and the kidneys.So we have added to our seasonal handcrafted Travel Kits essential oils that will nourish and soothe your skin and support your kidneys. You will now find several different sets of oils to help you stay well nurtured as you travel:

Travel set of 7 Must Have Oils = $119

  • Clear, zaps away odors and kills bacteria in any space you feel is compromised. Lemon Verbena is sooo wonderful and the Balsam Fir clears bacteria)
  • Digestive, helps to settle a queasy stomach;
  • Immune Up helps to restore your immune system depleted by air travel. Also good for cold and flu systems;
  • Kidney, the kidneys are burdened when we go into dehydration and when we become sleep deprived; rub this oil directly on the lower back area or on the kidney points on the bottom of your feet to support the kidney. Stay hydrated!
  • Moskito keeps insects at a distance;
  • Pain Ease great for any pain, especially your feet, legs and knees, if you have hiking, walking, skating, etc. in your vacation plans;
  • Beautifull has a combination of refreshing citrus essential oils that you can add to your water to refresh and repair with the antioxidant power of citrus that supports our largest organ – our skin.

Set of 10 (set of 7 oils above + 3 additional oils) = $169

  • Lavender use in your bath to prepare for a good nights rest or just to switch gears after travel or a busy day; lavender is a true mood lifter so keep handy for those moments when simply smelling Lavender or placing a drop on your wrist will help bring calm;
  • Spell Out for protection against unwanted energies, it protects your space;
  • Stress Out when things don’t go exactly as you planned!

Set of 12 (set of 10 oils above + 2 additional oils) = $206

  • Energy, when you need a gentle boost in energy
  • Breathing, when you feel congested and short of breath; changing altitudes

Other options

  • Sinus, if you tend to be sensitive to sinus headaches and congestion, $22, 4ml
  • Karosa, shea butter and Rose essential oil, $20, 25ml; for dry skin, lips and face
  • Rejuvenate, deep moisture for the skin, $22, 4ml
  • Facial Toning Mists in Rose or Neroli to help keep this skin cool and hydrated, $16

June 2013Marie in Lilac, BromontJUNE is here and so are the last weeks of spring or winter depending upon where on this beautiful earth you live. Here my gardens are bursting with herbs, flowers and the vegetables are gorgeous and tasty. With the weather warming up, we are staying cool with essential oils and a super recipe to share with you in our latest newsletter. In fact, when the weather gets hot we have two blends that we use in our summer drinks. They are excellent to keep in your purse, backpack or suitcase when traveling, attending conferences or anytime you might find yourself away from the conveniences of home and want to drink something refreshing that will benefit your health, refresh and energize you without turning to sugary soft drinks and lemonades.Try these two favorite Summer blends:

And while you are picking up a blend for keeping you cool inside, you might also like our Toning Mist with the precious oil of Neroli or Rose. Refrigerate your toning mist and then carry it with you to spray gently on your face to refresh. Not only will you feel uplifted, everyone around you will feel the subtle uplifting effects of these precious oil Toning Mist in the air.There are a few other essential oils that are popular (we never travel without these basics, by the way) for those who find themselves besieged with allergies, colds and stuffy sinuses between seasons:To Stay Well during the change of seasons, try:

Remember, to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter. JUST go to the homepage, scroll down the page and look for our subscribe window on the left side of the page, then type in your email address to subscribe. In the JUNE Newsletter, you will find a discount code for 50% off of shipping, a recipe for a cool summer drink and links to a video discussion with Marie and Mikael Zayat…
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 May 2013In May, many countries observe Mother’s Day and for many, many the spirit of Mother’s Day is everyday!At Alchemist Oils, we feel Mothers are indeed special. We have several personal care products, single oils and Alchemist blends that just might add to the specialness of celebrating the Mothers near and dear to you.Here are a few recommendations to get you started:Alchemist Blends

  • Divine Feminine
  • Rejuvenate
  • Beautifull
  • Love
  • Self-Love
  • Spots Be Gone (facial scarring, brown spots)

Alchemist Personal Care Products

  • Toning Mist in Rose or Neroli
  • Karosa: Shea Butter, Rose, Geranium, Palmaro

Precious Oil

  • Bulgarian Rosa Steam Distilled
  • Bulgarian Rosa Absolute – Budget Friendly Alternative
  • Neroli

Essential Oils for our Shifting TimesSome of you have asked, “What oils can help keep you from becoming discouraged with the violence, misdeeds and crazy behavior seemingly on the rise these days.” Through the intelligence of plants and the distinct qualities of each plant essences, we can find support for our shifting moods. With 2013’s five eclipses, the solar flares cycle underway and the seven Uranus square Pluto configurations influencing life on earth from 2012 to 2015, we are in for intense and sudden changes. We recommend the following oils during this time:To lift your mood and restore calm:

  • Single oils in the citrus family such as: Bergamot, Mandarin, Tangerine, Sweet Orange, and Lemon sniffed or brushed through your aura will help lighten your mood.
  • Popular Alchemist blends that can immediately uplift you are: Joy, 5Dshift, Consciousness, Energy, White Light,
  • Popular Alchemist blends that can help reduce anxious feelings and relaxation: Anxiety out, Stress Out, Clear, Let Go, Fearless II

To lighten the energies in your work space and home, we recommend diffusing an essential oil such as clear or conifer. If you feel keeping the environments where you and your loved ones spend a great deal of time, a diffuser may work well for you. We have just a few diffusers remaining. Visit the Discounted Items to purchase a diffuser before supplies run out.We encourage putting together a kit of 10 or 12 oils of our most popular therapeutic blend oils. You can select your favorite oils and purchase a beautiful wooden box to store the oils in for $25.00.April 2013With Spring, it is time to cleanse our bodies and boost our immune systems to help our bodies cope with the various allergens we encounter from tree pollens, grasses and flowering plants. And at the same time reduce the stressors in our lives that make us more susceptible to allergens.We have several favorite essential oils perfect for supporting us in the Spring that you might considering adding to your spring wellness kit:

FEATURING ~ Two Products to Restore your Skin’s Glow Alchemist Oils features a Natural Toner in a soothing, refreshing mist that helps bring your skin back to perfect balance. It can soothe sensitive skin, improve the appearance of your skin, as well as reduce the size of pores. Each use brings you closer to complete harmony, inside and out. Our Toning Mists come embued with the skin nurturing properties of our Neroli Toning Mist and/or Rose Toning Mist. Both are great for all skin types.Use it often to: Balance your natural oils, Soothe your sensitive skin, Minimize enlarged pores. Save 10% SPRING CLEANING AT ALCHEMIST OILS We are cleaning house and discontinuing some of our blends to make room for the NEW BLENDS: Creative Power, Anna, Grandmother, Evolve and more to come.The following discontinued oils are available while supplies last: