Inner and Outer Detox

JapanRadiation in Our Bodies and the Earth

We now know that Fukushima continues to leak radiation into the waters, air and land of the earth at levels harmful to life.

How fortunate we are that the earth has incredible resources for helping humanity heal and recover from our misdeeds in the world. Radiation is no exception.

It is time to get smart and utilize the power we each have to tap into the healing resources of the earth, tap into the healing power of the spiritual realms and the healing modalities at our disposal to eliminate the effects of radiation from this spill.

At 4DSHIFT, we carry a Zeolite product that is known for pulling toxins out of the bloodstream and tissues. That product is Moondrops/Toxins Out. The key to the success of this product’s strong cleansing ability is to drink plenty of pure water to insure that the toxins extracted from the blood and tissues exit the body quickly to avoid the reintroduction of toxins into the bloodstream or auto-intoxication. The testimonials for Moondrops/Toxins Out are quite strong for healing some of the toughest illnesses.


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Radiation in effect is an assault of free-radicals in our body. Anti-oxidants are needed to address radiation exposure. The sources of anti-oxidants are many and there are many studies under way to uncover the best sources. We are paying attention to the reports citing specific therapeutic grade essential oils and find the testimonies encouraging. There seems to be an emphasis on akalizing the blood in the studies so far. We highly encourage the use of therapeutic grade essential oils to protect and clear our bodies from radiation.

This month we are featuring therapeutic grade essential oils that will help you flush your kidneys as you detox. See our Monthly Special for details.

Arcturian-Divine-ProtectionThe Orgone technology and the Sacred Flames can be used to clear radiation from the environment, rivers, oceans, forest and air. If your environment is threatened by radiation, these tools can be placed upon the earth, buried inside the land or in the waters of the earth to clear and protect each. Naturally, many people use the tools in their homes, offices, automobiles and community gathering places.

A few Sacred Flame suggestions:

  • Arcturian: Safety and Thriving – Protection and Clearing from harmful radiation
  • Nature Holograms – there are six Nature Holograms for specific aspects of nature that include the elements, animals and the plants
  • DNA – to restore the health and vitality of each unique person’s cellular DNA

The Sacred Flame Master Holograms are living technologies and can be used daily. The sacred flames work well with Orgone Harmonizers, essential oils and the flower of life jewelry to help us focus the healing power of the earth and creation into our material world. Both technologies help us to tap into the powers of creation to change the conditions in our world. These are in essence a modern version of tools used in ancient Lemuria and Atlantis, these Aquarian tools are returning to Earth at this time. As we use them, we remember how to return to the full spectrum of divine love and wisdom that is available to us from the oneness in the form of color, light, sound and geometry.

There is no question that placing our bare feet on the earth floods our body with anti-oxidants and that pristine environments where the air is clean lifts our spirits immediately enlisting a powerful healing response. Many enjoy using the sacred flames during meditation while in nature. It is perhaps the best way to utilize these technologies.

We also know that many find working with an image of a map showing the land where healing is needed as a way to use prayer and the technologies to envision the healed state. For example, many have set up a place on their altar with a map of Japan where they use the Nature Holograms for healing the Waters of the Earth. There are so many ways to use these technologies.

Get acquainted with these potent tools for the new era! Let’s reverse the harmful effects of radiation in our bodies, in our homes, in our communities and the earth.