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November 2019, trip to Hawaii

WHAT A WONDERFUL TRIP TO HAWAII for thanksgiving with Na Pali catamaran trip on the wild coast,  a  9 acres botanical garden visit in the north and the remarkable “grand Canyon” of Kawai: Waimea Canyon State Park on the west side, also plenty of waterfalls (my last trip they were all dry) and good weather for photos!

This year we outdid ourselves with 3 amazing trips (see photos below): on the 3 boat tour on pacific west , we saw 2 different pods of wild dolphins that are rarely seen, totally happy, jumping around our catamaran; wild tortugas, seal,  etc, no  whales yet as they just started to arrive to raise their babies then 3 hours walk (up and down)  slippery trails in a 9 acres Princeville estate with colorful trees and flowers, (Royal palms, Ulu Breadfruit, chocolate grove, African nutmeg, pride of burma, aphelandra, BAT flowers,  noni (excellent medicine). A 4,000 year old palm tree  and … others  with interesting rainbow barks, or a huge flower that blooms every 4 years and die immediately after, countless orchids. We stopped a bit to learn about chocolate; yes they have and mix different kinds. My favorite was from Madagascar.

We also climbed 4,000 feet to watch the famous Waimea Canyon State Park, much much larger than grand canyon. Everyday we went to farmers market, small and huge where I found my papaya, pineapple, banana, lemon (huge and juicy), purple fruits, macademia farms

And we experienced traffic jams in some areas, but nobody tute their horn. They are cool. What a way to live!!  But tons of rain or shower this year, usually lasting 5 to 10’, which explains the extremely luxuriant vegetation.  For next trip I would like to visit The Allerton Garden (808.742.2623)  and do a Wailua River Cruise and more in that paradise island.


Not only 3 weeks of Sun, Sea, Breeze and Palm trees, but full relax, walks on the beach, fantastic mangos as they were ripe and falling everywhere. Sasonya enjoyed them fully – her password is Mango!— But Papayas, pineapples, avocados were also pure delight.

I did visit Dominica’s Orphanage and saw 2 new projects finished: an enclosed place where Dominica can feed 400 kids/day whether it rains or not – organized by Stephen Kisiel and his church- and a new second floor in the back, above the classes for the small children, where Dominica has lovely classrooms for music, drawings etc.

So Dominica now has classes morning AND afternoons for 515 children. Wow, I never realized when I started to help 22 years ago that Dominica would grow so much and help so many children. All it took was  to start and open my mouth! 

I don’t believe Dominica can expand some more, soooo … I now have a project to build a technical community college for Dominica in 2 years, instead of 4 where adolescents can learn a skill,  tool, profession, to easily find a job. By the way, enterprises, employers told Dominica:” tell us when you have new students, as we love to hire the children you trained, as they are so responsible and polite”!

The new project will cost about $2.5 to 4 millions. When the money is available, one of Dominica’s dreams will be realized. Lets all visualize it.

 Alain has volunteered to help and already drew the plan. Alleluia!!!

Enjoy more photos HERE

May 2018,

Mikael came to Charlottesville at the end of April for a 2 day “playshop” in a fabulous 30 acres in the forest. See photos.

He was funny, intuitive, informative, and we walked through the conifers, enjoyed the first days of Spring. He also played the flute and created some personalized oils for our group, and watching how he put it together always fascinates me.

Then he gave a workshop in Lorton, VA where a 12 year old was surprised to learn so much while having so much fun, talking about the education system, the Native American method of divination, smelling different varieties of Lavenders, Pines, Thymes and their properties. Name it, we did it.

He created a group personalized oil, and some private ones like LET BE and GO SLOW to support our Ascension when the time comes.

Here is a testimonial from Carole describing very well his classes:

“It is always a privilege to be in The presence of Mikael. I got to meet him about 6 years ago through various workshops and have been using his oils for over 13 years. I find him to be a true treasure of pure love, knowledge and limitless wisdom. Every experience I’ve had with him have brought me to a higher level of understanding, guidance and consciousness. His beautiful oils are just a reflection of who he is and what he embodies.”

Dominican Republic, March 2018

Once a year my body really needs a splash of sun to stay happy  and my favorite place is Dominican Republic where I find beauty, fun and very kind Dominicans. Beaches and breeze are everywhere, and music, dancing and/or sometimes very QUIET places.

I buy my fruits and honey from Manuel and his wife who looked great thanks to the clay I gave her last year for her health challenge.

It is easier to go around the island thanks to excellent highways: what took me 4 hours to go from La Romana to Punta Cana 4 years ago, takes now less than an hour. So we were able to visit waterfalls close to the orphanage.

If you add flowers, rum and passion fruits everywhere, blue sky and breeze you get an idea. We even celebrate the full moon with a ceremony in the water at sunrise with 13 offerings. This period is a very good time to visit. Enjoy the beauty and why 6 million tourists visit the island every year.

BLUE SPRUCE, my new favorite

Blue Spruce –Picea Pungens– is distilled  around Colorado/Idaho and Canada. This incredible oil contains high percentages of alpha-pinene and limonene.   Its main benefits are (1) to balance  testosterone level, –the Power Hormone—and (2) increase frequency, spiritual awareness, intuition since it  has a higher frequency than the  rose!
Other benefits: It reduces  muscle pain and nerve pain; it has natural antiviral and antibacterial properties; it assists with weight loss, and heal pineal gland (1 drop). It is high in d-limonene which is known to fight cancer and can release emotional blockages’

Where testosterone is produced is dependent on age and whether you have had surgery to remove the ovaries or not. In males and females under the age of 40/50 years old most of our production occurs in the testes and ovaries respectively. But at some point that emphasis shifts towards the adrenal glands. This shift is the main reason why our hormone production drops and is the reason for menopause and andropause. Therefore which oils to take is dependent on what age you are and what level of stress you are under. As our adrenals react to stress and inflammation in the body, the more stress and inflammation we have, the  lower our ability to produce estrogen and testosterone from the adrenals. But rather than take hormone replacement therapy because our hormones are low, you should support the adrenal glands that produce our hormones -much safer than hormone replacement and much  longer lasting as you fix the root of the problem.

Therefore before the age of 40:

Blue Spruce and Pituitary oils are strongly recommended to increase testosterone directly.
After the age of 40 or during menopause and andropause:

Take our Adrenals blend. The main ingredient is blue Spruce but the additional ingredients also have the benefit of stimulating the adrenals which help with balancing all our hormones (estrogen. progesterone and testosterone) to combat fatigue, migraines, pain, blood pressure problems, weight  and lack of sleep.

Testosterone levels are also connected to the female low libido, depression, obesity or osteoporosis.  For men, low dose of testosterone cause headaches, or even migraines.
Pour 5-6 drops in a capsule or rub the sole of your feet with 2-3 drops, once a day for 2 weeks. Results could reach an increase of 30%.

Apply 1 drop of Blue Spruce over Pituitary Gland for cleansing purposes. It is especially effective to enhance the sensing of energy and increase intuition during meditation or  healing work.

You can also add Balsam Fir and/or Copaiba, especially if you have chronic stress.

Personal Experiences: “ I have used essential oil for over 15 years.  I have used the main stream oils, and luckily found the “” website.  These oils have a very pure vibration, making them very potent, yet safe.  I have been using a combination of Blue Spruce and Balsam Fir and  my testosterone levels have gone up quickly (after using it for six weeks now).  I am aware of this as my energy levels, libido, and lean muscle tissue have increased noticeably. The level of customer care provided by Marie is excellent.  Her level of service matches the high level of product quality offered by” Gerry G,  Toronto Ontario

“With 2 drops of Blue Spruce on my lower back and adrenals, I could feel the immediate boost of energy.” Marie

And for your enjoyment, here are a few of my flowers this spring!  Just gorgeous!




3 weeks in Hawaii in December is the right thing to do
The Big island was very interesting with all the flowers everywhere and a crater experience. Plus snorkeling with the dolphins and sunset on a cruise. It is quite developed next to Molokai which has so many beaches with practically no one on them.  Just by the house, there is a 3 mile long beach with practically no one.

I woke up with the guineas and the peacocks asking for food, later on I would see the deers, 50 to 70 of them, less than 100 yards away! Then visit of an artist who creates giant peacocks, dragon sculptures and this year a leo and a giraffe, grandeur nature, made with local wood!

My eyes are still filled with the colors of the Pacific and the sunsets, and I am unconsciously looking for the fresh dry air and winds of the island.

Now I jumped from 70-80 to 30F.
What a life!

All my best wishes for 2017. Keep the good work. Lots of Love





With the coming of Fall, many experience gum challenges. Gum Tonic: was created to alleviate gum related issues. This exquisite blend combines Lemon, St. John’s Wort, Cinnamon and Aniseed.

Lemon: was used to prevent scurvy by our ancestors who traveled the seas.  It is known to refresh and uplift, to cleanse the body or to disinfect. It balances the nervous system but may cause skin sensitivity to the sun or irritate sensitive skin.  It may relieve bitter resentment, distrust, irrational thinking.
St John Wort  is used for massage as it makes a wonderful carrier oil. A few drops mixed with honey or on a piece of bread may help you fight depression and may be an energy booster. It also helps with burns, cuts and bruises etc. If it hurts somewhere, go get your bottle of SJW. I recommend everyone have some at home for emergencies.

Cinnamon  is used for tooth and gum care, warts, poor circulation, arthritis, anorexia, diarrhea, intestinal infection, sluggish digestion,  childbirth (to stimulate contractions), frigidity, colds, flu, infections, nervous exhaustion, stress conditions.

Aniseed is a stimulant which helps digestion, circulation and respiration and is used for food flavoring.

Rub 2 – 3 drops on your gums. It tastes delicious. Or put a couple drops on your tooth brush! You can also use a pipette, as it is easier to pour.

Personal Experiences: “Gum Tonic was part of a program that rescued my gums from severe dental disease.” Jan Z   — “It took care of the infection in my gums and saved me many $$$.” Deb — Gum Tonic has been a great help with several bouts of gum infections. Great taste.” R Tomita

June 2016

Just wanted to share with you photos of a Spring with tons of flowers, and a magnificent rhododendron, even though we had lots of rain.
Summer arrived with tons of roses and lilies, so you know I am in heaven.




photo 5

April 2016

 Cherry Blossom pictures







March 2016

My visit to Dominica Orphanage

Dominica is still unbelievable with incredible energy and always there when there is an emergency.  This year she has 19 kids in the dormitory and a 2 year old is having frequent epilepsy seizures.

My heart sang when I was able to see Pena/junior in such a good shape as he is in his second year with the Dominican  Airforce. He was able to come twice for the week end. In a year he will make a decent salary and wants to continue his education. I have known Junior since he was 3 years old and watch him grow and become wise. He is wearing a white t shirt.

I also found Penni Sue who is now 18 and is finishing high school and wants to become a pediatrician, yes 8 years of study. She was with me many times and I often thought about her as she was with me, 6, when her father got killed for a Christmas bonus check of $200.  She wears a red top and is with her sister Elena. I will sleep better as I often wondered about her.

8 children came the last night with drawings to thank the many donors (like Donna and Mehdi) who help them with food, education, doctors bills etc.

dominica_school3_1 dominica_school5_1 doninica_school4_1
dominica_school6_1 dominica_scholl2_1 dr_10
dr_8 dr_4 dr_9
dr_7 dr_6 marie_dr8
dr_1 dr_2 marie_dr19

August 2015

Nayumi brought again a japanese group to attend a workshop with Mikael in Bromont, Quebec.

They thoroughly enjoyed it: we touch the conifers and picked up St John Wort (yellow) to put in a jar with sunflower for 2 months. We clipped  Arborvitae then crush them before distillation, while enjoying GOOD food, walked his labyrinth, or danced like ISIS in a gold outfit.  And we all experienced a personal blend created by the Alchemist.

It was fun, fun, fun as Nayumi kept them laughing.

Here are some pictures from the Workshop in Bromont – Quebec – Canada with Mikael Zayat

canada11 canada25 canada5
canada20 canada22 canada4
canada7 canada3 canada16
canada26 canada29 canada14
 canada34  canada18  canada10

July 2015

I JUST CAME BACK  from France to improve my walking.

What a nice treat to be back with family and friends.

 I got to see Lilou on stage 4 times.

 I enjoyed of course the food (the millefeuille aux fruits rouges was incredible), the flowers (peonies time), markets, walks around a huge lake in Normandy, an old estate in Beaujolais and chateau Gaillard near Monet museum.

but also experience taxis strike in Paris, going fishing close to the Seine, and got to wear costumes from La Comedie Francaise for Solstice.

 It was a bit cold in May and too hot at the end of June

See more pictures in

Marie_flowers Melisa_1 Lilou & I_1
Hassan remember my birthday_1 2 canes around lake_1 Normandy home_1
Swan on the Lake_1 High Priestess of the past_1 delicious cake_1
Lilou gets ready_1 cousins home_1 cousins gathering_1
LE Millefeuille tasted great_final Arc de triomphe_1

April 2015

Marie have been pretty busy this year, she spent three weeks in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Those were a well deserve vacations, and much needed.

As part of the trip, she invite to the beach some of the kids from Dominica Orphanage, an Organization that she has been supporting,  and helping  for 19 years. Here are some pictures from the trip.



 marie_3-1  marie_3-2  marie_3-3
 marie_3-4  marie_4  marie_4-1
 marie_6  marie_5  marie_7
marie_9 marie_11 marie_10

January 2015

13 Dragons

The 13 DRAGONS influence, and are very much a part of Creation.  They hold many positions of influence, guidance, and direction in what goes on in ALL of Creation. 

However, they are the Representatives of ONE, and everything they are involved in is not of their own personal endeavor, it is the will of ONE.  They don’t control anything. The very reason they sit in a ring is because no one is greater than another.  They are all Equal, as we all are, they merely have more Experience, and thus Wisdom.

They are entrusted by ONE, because of their immense LOVE and breadth of Wisdom to make choices for Creation.  They make these choices based on the feedback they receive from ALL of Creation and the Quantum Realm.  They can read the Vibration Level of the Beings involved, for instance, Humans on Earth.  They also look at all of the potential timelines, and all other factors involved before making choices, based on the will of ONE, for the Highest Good of ALL.  It is a very complex process that is done at the Quantum Level.

Creation is influenced by, guided by, looked after by ArchAngels, Dragons, Galactics, Quantums, Devics, The Divine Realm and so on.  Nothing in Creation is controlled by anything else.  ALL is ONE. Period.

Those first 6 dragons are a way to prepare, get ready. The next 6 are looking to take us into action, to come into play and go to next plateau. Then the 13th Dragon brings enlightment and will stimulate it.

DRAGONS come from the Star people. They are magical because they have knowledge of all times, wisdom. Fairies –little people for the Amerindians- are the observers.

Archangel Azrael works with the 1st set of Dragons. And Raguel with the second set.

BLUE DRAGON: Blue Spruce, Verbena, Blue Chamomile

The Blue Dragon is connected to the color blue: water, sky, peaceful,  …as well as the Throat Chakra which is blue and represents your Spirit/Love/Truth.  Hence, we ‘speak our truth’.  It connects us first to the Divine Realm, then to the Quantum Realm.  It is the center of creativity. It brings fire, strength, purification. It stimulates good things, hope and joy. It stabilizes the left brain.

The Blue Dragon could help you find and speak your Truth, with Love, from your Spirit. It is to re-calibrate the blue dragon in the Quantum field and achieve balance.

Dragon energy is coming forth by connecting us to the fairies. It is getting us ready for transition.

Apply 2 drops on throat chakra.

Testimonial: “it created a quantum field on the throat” RG  $22/33/40/56—4ml/10/15/30=1oz

CRYSTAL DRAGONVerbena, Grapefruit, Birch, Geranium, Mandarin, Myrrh

Myrrh removes sadness.
Apply 2 drops on 3rd chakra, by the belly bottom to celebrate.


GOLD DRAGON StonaromaWhite fir, Laurel,  Marigold, Lemon Eucalyptus, Bulgaria Rose, gold

It evokes gentleness, peacefulness, it brings about the feminine. It is grounding;  You feel it through the feet to the crown chakra. You feel the connection between Mother Earth and the creation.

Apply 2 drops to heart chakra and rub so they penetrate.

$24/35/44/58—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

GREEN DRAGONRosewood, Howood, Blue Spruce, Ravintsara, Oregano, Bulgarian Rose

The Green Dragon  represents balance in Creation.  It is the Energy of the Heart Chakra which is where the portal to Love is.  The Heart Chakra represents Balance between the 7 Chakras and therefore sits in the middle.  Positionned between the lower and higher Chakras, it is the Gateway from our Soul to our Spirit and connection to the Higher Realms.

It opens the Heart, Mind and Spirit: body is gentle and balance; mind is peaceful as it stimulates the thought process in a balance way and it elevates the spirit. Good for spiritual growth and development. Rosewood facilitates the flow of the spirit to the body, and gives the courage to open our heart without fear.

Our true source is spiritual. It will elevate our vibration. We draw to us all things of higher vibration.

Apply 1 drop only to the 3rd eye in a clockwise manner. Repeat 3 times. Then spread it out. It will open you up.

Testimonial: “This is my absolute favorite”  Jean Reddeman  + PO

$23/34/42/57—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

INDIGO DRAGON: Lavendin , Ylang Ylang, Blue Spruce, Cypress Jasmine, Blue Chamomile, Tansy & Yarrow

Ylang-Ylang creates a feeling of peace and dispels anger.
Rub  2 drops on third eye.

$24/35/44/58—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

ORANGE DRAGON: Orange, Petitgrain, Frankincense, Lime, Clove,  Cinnamon

Add a drop or 2 to 8 oz of water and sip it.


PINK (QUANTUM) LOVE  DRAGONBlue Spruce, Palmarosa , Jasmine, Frankincense,  Bulgarian Rose, Myrrh, Nard , Cinnamon Bark

The combination of the 12 dragons creates the 13th one.

Blue Spruce has higher vibration than the rose; Nard helps attain a sacred space within and deep inner peace.

Rub 2 drops in your hands and brush your aura while enjoying all the precious oils.
$25/36/44/59—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

Bergamot, Mandarin, Howood , Frankincense, Cinnamon B&C

Bergamot uplifts, calms, and brings joy. Rosewood facilitates spiritual flow to the body and reconnects to life.
Put 2 drops in your hands and rub them, then touch something you want to prosper.


PURPLE DRAGON: Lavender Spike ,  Petitgrain, Lavendula Vera,  Laurel, Grapefruit, Neroli

And Lavender helps us to embrace love and peace at the deepest level. Petitgrain facilitates the exchange between Heaven and Earth, and establishes self-love and self-nurturing.

Apply 2 drops on your crown chakra.

$23/34/42/57—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

RED DRAGON II: Clove, Oregano, Thyme, Cinnamon, Coriander

When you breathe it in, it will go to clear the bacteria, viruses, imbalances. And your energy level will go up. Then the mind feels solid; it will strengthen your thought process and get you to do it. So it tunes first into the physical, then create a blood/brain barrier. It helps with chronic challenges like MS, Lyme disease.  Good to use when you need extra strong energy.

Apply 2 drops on the back of the neck.

Testimonial: “it took me back to Ireland, to the fairies.” CS       $22/33/40/56—4ml/10/15/30

SILVER DRAGON Stonaroma:   Camphor, Tansy, Spearmint, Silver

Full of wisdom, it sits inside the ring, opposite the Gold Dragon.  Spearmint is uplifting, clears the mind and opens the vision.

Apply 2 drops on 6th chakra

$23/34/42/57—4ml/10/15/30= 1oz

WHITE DRAGONWhite Spruce, Rosemary, White Fir, Canadian Tsuga, Eucalyptus, Hyssop, White Angelica, Yarrow

The White Dragon represents all the other 11 colors combined, thus she is the 12th Dragon and sits at the 12 position in the Faerie ring.  She is the most Experienced and has Mastered all of the other levels of the Dragon Realm. She is humble, and doesn’t think herself any higher than the others, yet she has all the Experience and Mastery of the other Dragons combined.  She is Motherly in Nature.  Some say she is Mother Nature and she creates Magic with the other Dragons as well as the Faeries, and the Elementals, for the good of ONE.

White works on the body and realigns it.  Yarrow is a beautiful wild flower.

Apply 3 drops to palm of your hands, rub them, smell them and brush your aura with your hands.

Testimonials: “The White Dragon reminds me of the forest.  It’s ONEderful!” DL

“My neck realigned itself immediately.” JR


YELLOW DRAGONTangerine, Lemon, Laurel, Goldenrod, Neroli, Frankincense, Marigold

Laurel helps raise consciousness and liberates us from old trauma.

Rub 3 drops into your hands, and inhale them, then apply to your solar plexus
4ml/10/15/30= 1oz


TESTIMONIALS “All of The 13 Dragons emanate a surprising softness  “JB

“With the help of those blends, take action to move you in the direction of your higher purpose.” mba


The set of 13 x4ml in a box = $333

The set of 11x4ml in a box =  $ 289

October 2014

My trip to Hawaii

hawaii_oct14_1 hawaii_oct14_17 hawaii_oct14_18 hawaii_oct14_13 hawaii_oct14_14 hawaii_oct14_12 hawaii_oct14_10 hawaii_oct14_9 hawaii_oct14_16

September 2014

I love September  as my 6 night blooming plants give me between 80 and 150 blooms at night over a 3 month period.

Look at the pure white and delicate flowers. You will only miss the incredible scent.

One day I hope to capture that essence to enjoy it all year around!

This wondrous and magical flower which opens at 8 PM FOR 1 NIGHT ONLY also soothes my soul and heals many people.  What a glorious time we live in. I had a page to honor this plant on my old website and need to bring it back here.

DSCN3939105_0025DSCN4083105_0009DSCN4098DSCN4073DSCN3909105_0027 DSCN4107

July 2014

And here are more photos of the wedding and the 6 children’s eyes when their dad try to cut evenly the tarts! By the way, they won the contest to transform some of the old towers of the castle (Chateau de Vair) into 20 bed and breakfast rooms.

Food, flowers EVERYWHERE, beauty and Indian summer weather rejoice me every time. I feel French again!


February 2014

Toxins Out ~ For Removal of Environmental Toxins

We carry a product whose testimonies we cannot fully share. However, it is important that we share with you that two customers, one with late stage metastasized disease, and the other with hepatitis have written about their recoveries using this product.

It is a Zeolite product that pulls toxins out of the body, balances PH, and removes heavy metal toxins. It is not an essential oil, however we do carry it at both of ourAlchemistOils and at 4Dshift and want all of our customers to know about.

Click here to read more…

Alchemist Oils

Tell us, what do you want to feel and experience more in 2014?

Let us know on Facebook…post your messages of Health, Joy and Abundance on our website…

Display Images,

Are you looking for sacred Flower of Life Jewelry, earth harmonizing Orgone technologies or the Sacred Flame Holograms to assist you with the shift into the New Era? You can find all those items at

Thank you for your patronage and continued blessings to you allMarie


 January 2014 – Remembering the Gifts of Nature

In December, many of my friends and family rush out to fill their homes with trees and wreaths to celebrate the holidays. One of the most popular trees used is the Balsam Fir. This year, I bought a tree to celebrate the arrival of the young Melissa.

In the season of gratitude and celebration of true meaning of life, it is a perfect time to honor the power and beauty of this tree. At Alchemist Oils, the essential oil of these majestic and beloved Balsam Fir trees can be found within our most popular basic blends. It is a favorite of Mikael Zayat – the globally recognized 7th generation, Egpytian alchemist behind our quality oils. They are:


FUNGUS is extraordinary for improving the health of fingernails and toenails. Our customers are passionate about this oil for clearing up the effects of fungus under toenails. CLEAR is an all time favorite for eliminating mold, mildew and toxins in the air. It can easily be used as a non-toxic all-purpose cleaning solution around the home.  If you own a diffuser — this is one of the best oil blends to diffuse along with CONIFER another favorite. The therapeutic properties of BALSAM FIR are well established and that says a great deal about their effectiveness.

Here is a quick list of the BALSAM FIR special healing S-balsam-fir-10mlgifts:

  • Painkiller or analgesic
  • Antiseptic
  • Salve to heal wounds, cuts, abrasions, burns, ulcers and cracked hands and feet
  • Bronchitis, cough, tuberculosis, sore throat
  • Inflammation of the mucous membrane
  • Colds and Flu
  • Dysentery
  • Earaches
  • Urogenital disease (gonorrhea and vaginal infections)
  • Heart disease
  • Pain in muscles and joints
  • Scurvy

December 2013 – Diffusing

Shoot-2-black-3-250x250Our New all wood Diffusers are now in stock. I particularly love the natural stained wood base of this diffuser. The diffuser is very nice in the deep stained wood and comes equipped with a timer as well. People are finding this to be a wonderful gift and an easy way to shift the energy in your home or office.

Over the years, I have diffused Alchemist Oils to help shift the energy in a room. I keep a Diffuser in my massage room, one in the basement area to remove toxins and mold in the air and in the meditation room to support the healing prayers for friends and the world. It is one of the most useful ways to introduce the power of essential oils into your home.

The new Diffuser is featured in our latest catalog. Click HERE to read all the details in our new online catalog. We are happy to report that this diffuser comes with several different nebulizer options.

This month, be sure to subscribe to our Alchemist Journal Newsletter where we have added great recipes for oils you can use in your diffusers to add a festive aroma for your holiday celebrations.

If you check out our Monthly Specials you will find a quick list of oils featured in the food and room refresher recipes for your holidays. You give a gift of health this season with a recipe for the holidays!

November 2013 – TAKE TIME


October 2013 – FULL OF LIFE…

MariebromonttipiSeptember is now behind us and there is plenty of work on my plate. It looks like the world chose PEACE and sent the message that we want to give peace a chance out to world leaders in a loud and clear voice. We need to remember to bring kindness, understanding and peace into our everyday lives to help peace take root in our culture over conflict, argument and war.

Earlier in the month, friend of Alchemist Oils, Donna Cercone did a radio interview discussing the Return of the Sacred Flames on GAIAFIELD Radio. It was highly compelling. You can still listen to the show. I highly recommend it.

I spent several wonderful days with Native-American friends and teachers Jean and Roy Reddemann. In addition to teachings on the Medicine Wheel, Jean spoke of the value of essential oils reinforcing the way nature can support us. As long as I have worked with the essential oils and learned from Mikael, it is always nice to learn more from others.

This month, we are keeping it simple. Fall is a good time to detox the kidneys. We have therapeutic grade oils that can support your kidneys during your detox, improve your circulation to aid releases of toxins, and strengthen your immune system. It is helpful to support the kidneys before going into the cold of winter. The kidneys like to stay warm – so don’t forget the usefulness of warming herbs and essential oils such as: ginger, cinnamon and cayenne.

Read more about the oils to support your detox on the Monthly Special page.

In October’s issue of Alchemist Oils Journal, we are featuring all of the tools we have at 4DSHIFT to help with radiation in the environment from Fukushima.

Even though, I fully own and operate a full time business, I find time to enjoy the outdoors and alternative health care. Slowly, slowly it all pays off and I am feeling much stronger. I wish the same for all. Many of you receive my emails on news worthy articles, videos and interview on how to live well through the transition into the 5th dimension and beyond. If you are not on my list and want to be – send me an email at [email protected] Put in the subject line: “I want news from Marie” and I will add you to my list.

October is a good month to try our essential oil products and 4dshift tools.

Enjoy the beauty of Fall…

 August 2013 – I am Living my Joy and Passion!

MarieNormandyMy trip to France was short and filled with rich moments with family and friends. I just loved it. It was great to spend some time in Paris and in the countryside of Normandy in a natural setting that suits me so beautifully. On July 29th, I made a vow to live my joy and passion and things have really stepped up. I have been to the beach and back and now France seems so long ago. I truly loved being on the beachfront and enjoyed the friends that came to enjoy it with me. I could not imagine the choice of cleaning house as opposed to being on the beach soaking up all that radiant energy and beauty that the ocean provides. Lots of great crab meals were a bonus. On the way back home, I filled my car with some of the most colorful gladiolas you can imagine! I finished reading, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong while on the shore and began reading the sequel, The Voice of the Magdalenes. Just reading Anna’s story increased my gratitude. What a difference from the story that I was given as child. I am headed back to the beach. There is no question that the beach brings me joy. We are moving through a major activation of the Green Ray ~ Emerald Flame. I want to be where I am most alive and joy-filled. This activation is being led by Archangel Metatron beginning with the Perseid Meteor Showers on August 12 and ending on August 21st. According to James Tyberonn this is the activation that will allow us to fully enter into conscious communication with the New Earth and all the wisdom beings of this planetary sphere. Now that is news that makes me happy. I am growing into more Joy and Passion and am using every tool that has come into my life to help me receive and share the blessings of this activation. Sacred Flame of Joy and Fulfillment Sacred FlamesJoy and FulfillmentIt seems, our latest tools at 4dShift have arrived just in time for this key activation. We now have new Sacred Flames coming in almost daily. Stop by to see our new additions. Here are the tools that I will use and take with me to the beach…

    • Alchemist Oils Archangel Metatron essential oil – it will be on my bedside table so that I smell it when I wake up and before I go to bed. I want to stay attuned to the frequencies of the New Earth.
    • Emerald Flame Orgone — It will be elevated on my altar and will go with me to the beach
    • Sacred Flames — There are now 26 Sacred Flames – these are the latest tools to help us transition into the New Era and a New Earth. POTENT…
    • My joy is to share the 30 or more Night Blooming Cereus flowers with others from my garden. See this great video of these gorgeous flowers opening in seconds…

  • Things are moving so fast and furious, we may issue two newsletters this month. Sign up today to have a front row seat as we learn of new ways to live in the New Earth. Let’s remember together what Anna and the Magdalenes knew more 2,000 years ago ~ how to live with an open joyous heart.


July 2013 – Abundance, Summer Solstice, Angelic Friends and Packing for France

It is summertime for a portion of the world and in my slice of this wonderful earth that means a garden in full bloom. I am having such a joyous time looking over the balcony into my garden to see which flowers are smiling into the sunshine or intoxicated from drinking in the rains that fall from summer thunderstorms. Melissa2This summer, I have had fun sharing my love of roses and the many floral delights that Mother Earth brings to us through the eyes of a little friend of mine – Melissa. She is a great companion in the garden and is learning how to appreciate being in the garden and how to approach the flowers and the devas with love and care. Our summer solstice celebration was lead by Dorinda Adams and held around the fire ring in my garden. Such a joy to be able to take time out to notice these celestial events and attune to the shifting seasonal energies. We had a fabulous feast and all who came enjoyed the Eggplant dish made by friend, restaurant owner and chef, Anthony of Pan e Vino Restaurant. I am packing my bags once again for a trip to my native home of France. We have a family wedding and so I have been busy preparing for this joyous event. The secret is out — I learned that my family count on me to bring happiness and lots of color to our gatherings and this year will be no exception. Check back in August to see my photos from my travels there. As anyone who knows me will no doubt confirm, wherever I go, a good portion of my suitcase is dedicated to Alchemist Oils. When I travel, I go with the basic popular set. There is an oil that can address just about anything that may prevent me from feeling my best. The oils help keep me healthy, happy and energized on the road. And at 70 plus years I place a high value on happiness and feeling good! Now I must confess, that friends and family have put in their order for oils – so I am carrying quite a load. I was shocked by how many ordered Stress Out. It is very revealing — people are living challenging lives. I am proud of each of them for recognizing the power of essential oils. They are learning…we do not need to medicate ourselves. Nature can and does support us beautifully, if we will allow. In this month’s Monthly Special, we are featuring the oils that are great to have on hand when you travel and suggestions on when and how to use the oils. I highly recommend taking a basic set of oils in a ziplock bag on the plane. We carry custom made boxes that are superb for travel. The box protects your 4ml bottles beautifully and make it so easy to share with others. Believe me, when I am on the plane and notice someone sniffing, sneezing, coughing or suffering from a headache or a tummy ache, I offer a remedy from my basic kit. Melissa helped take a few photos to show you the oils I am packing into my bags.  Alchemical Oil Set Far better than using antibacterial soaps on your hands — I prefer using a drop of Immune Up or Virus Out to support the bodies natural defenses. And for cleaning up oil based stains, we just cleared up glass stained with sticky oils using a small amount of Balsam Fir and it cleared away the sticky stain around the inner rim of the glass instantly. Most of all, I try to make the best use of my time in the air so I am throwing in a few good books into my bag. Flying gives me time to meditate, read, connect with other people and share what I love. Enjoy your July!

May 30, 2013 ~ Workshop with Mikael, Another Birthday, First Harvest from the Garden and 50% off on Shipping…

Marie BDay LeDiplomateMay has been lovely! Today, May 30, I celebrate another solar return surrounded by friends, good health and abundance of all kinds. So grateful to all of you for your friendship and support over the years! Just days ago, I returned from Montreal, Canada where I joined our favorite Alchemist Mikael Zayat, in a Playshop filled with new adventures in distilling essential oils. We built teepees, played with sound, had lessons in Aromatherapy and enjoyed healthy food catered for us each day.  It was a special honor to be with a group of twenty or so new friends from Japan and a dear friend of Alchemist Oils and 4dshift, Nayumi Takashima. We had a fun evening with the Orgones and Sacred Flames that we feature on our other website, . It was a great joy for me to see the flames this month going to Africa to help end the slaughter of the elephants and with my new Japanese friends to help restore the harm done by radiation from Fukishima’s nuclear plant disaster. The sacred flames can be used in many, many ways. Myra tells me she has used them successfully in various meetings she has participated in where challenging topics were discussed. She used the Nature hologram and Divine Integrity and Wholeness. The weather in Montreal was somewhat cool yet sunny most days – a perfect complement for our play. We all had such a fun time. Mikael was characteristically living in the moment and very much in tune with whatever was right in front of him. Together with Mikael, special blends were created and the elegant and masterful Nayumi shared her gift of intuitive insight by giving readings that helped each person understand what the oil brought to their lives.  We are curating one of Mikael’s new blends developed during the workshop. Chantal,MarieI especially enjoyed Mikael’s special sound healing table. Be sure to check out the photos from the trip. By the way, several people have asked for more workshops with Mikael and on the Sacred Flames. This year, is an important year to sign up for our newsletter as there may be an opportunity for a workshop with Mikael in the US or elsewhere in the world. If one is scheduled you will hear about it in our newsletter and on our website. Another nice outcome was the interview with Mikael assisted by Yuki Ishii and Nayumi Takashima. To view the video interview click HERE. DID YOU KNOW…that we are publishing a newsletter with special discounts on shipping, news and descriptions of new oil blends, testimonials for those who are having success with the oils and all of the new information we are learning about the intelligence of life here on Mother Earth. We can cooperate with nature to live well through these transformational times? Don’t delay. Subscribe to the newsletter to get your code for half off on your shipping and handling costs and stay in touch as we all live and love together…

April 2013 ~We Launched Two New Websites and More Change is Underway

Our Primary website suffered a shopping cart crash due to the bankruptcy of Usight Gateway services and that incident put us on a fast-track to implement changes already underway as we worked feverishly to put all of our product information back in place now that the shopping cart is up and running. So please be patient as we work daily to get all of the information you are accustomed to seeing on the website in place for you while making room for the bustling growth in our various product lines. For the distributors, we are going to assign you an account so that you can place your orders online and receive your discount. OUR NEW PRINT CATALOGUE is out (and on the web) and there are new oils and some price changes. We will include the new catalogs in your orders until you tell us otherwise. We realize that you pass the catalogs onto friends and associates and we love knowing they are in circulation and are happy to make them available. We replaced the Moroccan rose with an absolute Bulgarian rose which is more affordable because it uses 100 kgs of rose petals instead of 330 kgs to produce 10 kgs if you steam distill them. So if you are a rose fan, you will appreciate this price friendly alternative. In mid-May, I am headed to Quebec to attend Mikael’s workshop with 20 essential oil enthusiasts from Japan. Mikael will demonstrate distillation, so everyone is excited to be apart of this rare workshop experience. We will post photos of the trip, so stop by to enjoy them. Rusen will take care of you until I return! If you have any questions or need our help placing an order, call them at 1-888-320-6610 or write to [email protected]

Thank you for your business and your patience!