Draft :July: From Marie’s Desk


Marie529It is summertime for a portion of the world and in my slice of this wonderful earth that means a garden in full bloom. I am having such a joyous time looking over the balcony into my garden to see which flowers are smiling into the sunshine or intoxicated from drinking in the rains that fall from summer thunderstorms. This summer, I have had fun sharing my love of roses and the many floral delights that Mother Earth brings to us through the eyes of a little friend of mine – Melissa. She is a great companion in the garden and is learning how to appreciate being in the garden and how to approach the flowers and the devas with love and care.

Melissa2Our summer solstice celebration was lead by Dorinda Adams and held around the fire ring in my garden. Such a joy to be able to take time out to notice these celestial events and attune to the shifting seasonal energies. We had a fabulous feast and all who came enjoyed the Eggplant dish made by friend, restaurant owner and chef, Anthony of Pan e Vino Restaurant. [insert photo of solstice gathering if all goes well]

I am packing my bags once again for a trip to my native home of France. We have a family wedding and so I have been busy preparing for this joyous event. The secret is out — I learned that my family count on me to bring happiness and lots of color to our gatherings and this year will be no exception. Check back in August to see my photos from my travels there.

As anyone who knows me will no doubt confirm, wherever I go, a good portion of my suitcase is dedicated to Alchemist Oils. When I travel, I go with the basic popular set. There is an oil that can address just about anything that may prevent me from feeling my best. The oils help keep me healthy, happy and energized on the road. And at 70 plus years I place a high value on happiness and feeling good!

Now I must confess, that friends and family have put in their order for oils – so I am carrying quite a load. I was shocked by how many ordered Stress Out. It is very revealing — people are living challenging lives. I am proud of each of them for recognizing the power of essential oils. They are learning…we do not need to medicate ourselves. Nature can and does support us beautifully, if we will allow.

In this month’s Monthly Special, we are featuring the oils that are great to have on hand when you travel and suggestions on when and how to use the oils. I highly recommend taking a basic set of oils in a ziplock bag on the plane.

MelissaSetsWe carry custom made boxes that are superb for travel. The box protects your 4ml bottles beautifully and make it so easy to share with others. Believe me, when I am on the plane and notice someone sniffing, sneezing, coughing or suffering from a headache or a tummy ache, I offer a remedy from my basic kit. Melissa helped take a few photos to show you the oils I am packing into my bags.

Far better than using antibacterial soaps on your hands — I prefer using a drop of Immune Up or Virus Out to support the bodies natural defenses. And for cleaning up oil based stains, we just cleared up glass stained with sticky oils using a small amount of Balsam Fir and it cleared away the sticky stain around the inner rim of the glass instantly.

Most of all, I try to make the best use of my time in the air so I am throwing in a few good books into my bag. Flying gives me time to meditate, read, connect with other people and share what I love. Enjoy your July!