Detox to Rejuvenate I

Detoxification Part I: Cleanse and Purify with Essential Oils in 2013

by Dr. Stewart Gillespie, DC, Osteopath, Diplomate of Nutrition*

It is no surprise that we are living in a toxic world. The question is: How can we help our body rid itself of the harmful toxins that bombard our bodies every day and prevent chronic suffering?

An effective way to eliminate harmful toxins from your body and prevent chronic suffering is through detoxification. I have put together a basic protocol that anyone can follow regardless of their current state of health utilizing the healing power of essential oils.

The key to a healthy mind – is a healthy digestive tract. This purification program is a safe and effective method of cleansing your entire body of these unwanted toxins and supporting better health. Using the benefits of essential oils, this program can help optimize whole body detoxification and purify the body to promote a healthy digestive tract. Best of all, this program is gentle and easy to follow.

An effective purification program usually lasts 14-30 days, which is enough time to create healthier long-term habits. A well-designed program will eliminate offending foods, increase the intake of healthy and nourishing foods and include a gentle exercise regimen as well. Other support nutrients may include fiber, essential fats and alkalizing vegetable-based drinks. This customized protocol can have an extremely beneficial impact on many systems in the body. By assisting the body in eliminating these harmful toxins, you can substantially improve overall health and rid the body of symptoms such as:

• Chronic Fatigue

• Headaches or Migraines

• Gas, Bloating, Heartburn

• Bad breath and Body Odors

• Skin rashes or Itchy Skin

• Constipation or Diarrhea

• Joint pain and Arthritis

• Poor Concentration, Memory and Focus

• Allergic Reactions

This purification program can help increase your productivity, slow down the aging process, assist in weight loss and promote clearer, brighter skin. If you are looking to address a chronic health problem or looking for a kick-start to a healthier lifestyle, a customized purification program with essential oils may be a step in the right direction.

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the volatile liquids in plants that contain oxygenating molecules which transport nutrients to the cells of the body. Without oxygen, nutrients cannot be assimilated, leaving us nutritionally depleted and more vulnerable to toxins in our environment. For this reason, essential oils can be used to effectively detoxify and purify.

Essential Oils Detoxification Protocol

Time of the Day

Essential Oil



Meal Options/Notes

 Upon Waking Beautifull   4-5 drops   Place drops in a liter of pure water that may be warm or cold. Drink it throughout the day.   This is an excellent year round drink that beautifies your body inside and out.
 Mid-Morning Liver   1-3 drops   Massage 1-3 drops of Liver on the area on the right of the body over the liver organ.   Drink an 8oz minimum of fresh green vegetable juice filled with enzymes to assist the liver detox.
 Mid Morning Spleen   2-3 drops   Massage 2-3 drops of Spleen on the Spleen area on the right of the body.
Lunch Digestive Kidney II   2 drops under the tongue at meal time Apply 1-3 drops directly on the kidneys   Digestive will assist digestion and avoid bloating. Massage Kidney region below the base of the ribs on both sides, on the back.   Select any protein and vegetables/salad prepared as you like. Add a healthy fat such as coconut oil to your salad dressing or cooking process.
Dinner Digestive Kidney II   2 drops under the tongue at meal time 1-3 drops   Massage Kidney region below the base of the ribs on both sides, on the back.   The same as lunch. For dessert add a glass of organic red wine, or 2-3 pieces organic dark chocolate (at least 80% dark cacao), or a cup of frozen berries of your choice blended with almond or coconut milk (delicious).

This is a rejuvenation program enhanced by essential oils. Detoxification takes energy and the energy comes from calories in the foods you consume. It is important to deeply nourish your body as you detoxify with a variety of electron-rich, organic vegetables, healthy fats in addition to modest amounts of other food groups.

When you detoxify, it is important to eliminate the toxins efficiently. Drinking plenty of hydrating liquids throughout the day, dry skin brushing, tongue scraping, moderate exercise and enemas are extremely helpful.

Essential oils can be used to alleviate some of symptoms associated with detoxification. Use the following essential oils, if you are experiencing the following:

•White Coated Tongue: Spleen, 2-3 drops with a meal, once per day.

•Known Parasites: Parasite Out, 1-2 drops in your vegetable juice

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