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                                                  ALCHEMIST OILS

1. Alchemist Oils distributes therapeutic grade essential oils (aromatic essences) created by our Egyptian alchemist, Mikael Zayat, a Clinical Aromatherapist for 30 years. He distills and creates in Bromont, Quebec, Canada. Examples of our blends are Energy, Adrenals, Calming, Fearless II; the Emotions, Archangels, Alchemy or Dragon sets and many more…

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2. The Flower of Life Jewelry represents a very old symbol containing hidden information based on sacred geometry. By wearing it, you help yourself and those around you to co-create with God!  More information on Flower of Life Jewelry and take a look at the Flower of Life Slideshow.

3. Sacred Flames Master Holograms are the Master Powers of Life. It is these Powers that the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Cosmic Beings of Divine Light and Angels work with all the time and it is also our birthright.

4.a) Moondrops/Toxins Out to help with aging and failing MEMORY

4.b) PetForce to help your dog, cat etc. regain vitality.

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