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Cherry Blossom 2016

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WE distribute products to support humanity’s SHIFT into the fourth and fifth dimensions and share information on what we can do to take care of ourselves and each other as we go through the changes.

Our purpose is to make tools available to reach the fifth and higher dimensions and help us adjust to the tremendous changes occurring. Marie now forwards articles on the subject, and from time-to-time publishes interviews with Mikael Zayat and Drunvalo Melchizedek.

1. Alchemist Oils distributes therapeutic grade essential oils (aromatic essences) created by our Egyptian alchemist, Mikael Zayat, a Clinical Aromatherapist for 30 years. He distills and creates in Bromont, Quebec, Canada. Examples of our blends are Energy, Adrenals, Calming, Fearless II; the Emotions, Archangels, Alchemy or Dragon sets and many more…

Go check our 100+ Blends.

2. The Flower of Life Jewelry represents a very old symbol containing hidden information based on sacred geometry. By wearing it, you help yourself and those around you to co-create with God!  More information on Flower of Life Jewelry and take a look at the Flower of Life Slideshow.

3. Sacred Flames Master Holograms are the Master Powers of Life. It is these Powers that the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Cosmic Beings of Divine Light and Angels work with all the time and it is also our birthright.

4.a) Moondrops/Toxins Out to help with aging and failing MEMORY

4.b) PetForce to help your dog, cat etc. regain vitality.

We invite you to visit and volunteer at our orphanage in Santo Domingo. 15 percent (15%) of our profits go to Dominica’s Orphanage to help feed and educate 189 children from ages 2 to 15. We built a school where 514 children attend. We need help for the 3rd floor. A computer classroom is functioning but needs 200 newer computers or laptops and volunteers. If you want more information and photos or would like to visit the orphanage to help, go to: www.Dominicaorphanage.com

Thank you for being here. We hope you will come back frequently.



Marie B. Allizon is a native of France, now living in the US as a citizen for more than 40 years. She began her career as a journalist, with 8 years of experience at Paris-Match Magazine and 13 yea20141128_143454rs with Inter Newsletter Africa. She has always been an avid consumer of information and loves disseminating it, especially spiritual information. Marie’s interests expanded beyond Africa to the world, the universe, and the galaxies. She entered the world of metaphysics 40 years ago and little by little has integrated the healing of body, mind and spirit into her daily life. She has been 20 years in Aromatherapy (this life) and found her passion. She feels sharing all the good aromas, news about the shift we are going through and making those aromatic essences available might make the transition a little bit easier.


 photo 4Rusen handles the full back office operation for Alchemist Oils and 4Dshift and insures your orders are sent to you timely and accurately.

If you want to order any of our products, contact Marie Allizon @ (703) 847-6147 or by email to [email protected] or Rusen at [email protected]

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