Anna, Grandmother of Yeshua


Anna, Grandmother of Yeshua
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Anna: Aniseed, Borage, Jasmine, Rosewood, White Pine

Little is known of Anna’s story, yet in Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong, her story is now available to us. Her life spanned across many hundreds of years. As the Grandmother of Yeshua, shreds of her memory linger. A full initiate of Isis, Anna with the women and men who lived in conscious community at Mount Carmel and in the diaspora across lands far from the known biblical geography were aware of the gateways to consciousness they were here to open through the times of the Christed drama to our present time. Now as we leave behind the Piscean Era and live in the final vestiges of the Kali Yuga, the Golden Era stands ready to be born into our world. There we find Anna and the Magdalenes with us as guardians at the threshold of the new era emerging in stride with the cosmic evolutionary forces at play.

As Anna’s streaming consciousness met with that of Claire Heartsong in the unveiling of her story, we often found Anna in the fields lingering among the aromatic essences filling the air from the wild flowers in the hills she frequented. And, oh, how she loved the scent of pine!

In the creation of these blended aromatic essences, Anna’s presence was palpable and much to our surprise, Borage along with many of the aromas she adores were presented to us. The alchemy of this collaboration brought forth one of the most stable and unique oils at Alchemist Oils. We are honored with the early beginnings of our exploration with Anna’s wisdom as shared in her story.

Anna understood how to work with these essences to support her in the Rites of the Sepulchre she practiced to rejuvenate her body. The essences of herbs, trees and flowers were a supportive dimension of the practice that allowed Anna to remain on the earth in a fit body of a woman in child-bearing years for more than 600 years.

Is this a time, when we will recover the knowledge  of such rites to ensure humanity’s passage into the next fold of time? Explore this essence and see what awakens in you.

We feel a special honor to live in a time of the remembering…



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